Homeschool Update – The Spelling Bee

Hello, and happy Saturday! I’m sorry I missed the MEGA list yesterday. This coming Monday is going to be a very exciting conversation with the Friendly Calvinist. His testimony is God glorifying, but make sure your have tissues handy! Most of our conversation revolves around social media, although he is the first guest we have ever had come prepared with their own Shenanigans, so there are going to be some laughs! Thats pretty much the only update I have for the podcast. So, let’s move on to homeschooling.

Kayliegh is officially entered into her first ever spelling bee! I’ve never seen her study so hard, although she already had a knack for spelling. We replaced our ordinary spelling lists with the lists we were given for the contest. It’s going to happen early in January, so she does have some catching up to do as far as memorization goes. The neat thing I wanted to mention about this spelling bee is that it was set up by an older Homeschooling student! There are adults over-seeing it, of course, but she has personally gone around town collecting prizes from local business. Once a week she hosts a live feed on FaceBook where the students are given a word from their list, which they are instructed to type next to their initials. Not only is this great practice for the words, but it’s also teaching typing! At the end of each live feed every child who participated is entered to win a small prize. Again, this was put together by someone half my age.

This was exciting on two levels, first, and most obvious, is that Kayliegh is participating with other homeschooling families. She’s getting the experience, she’s going to learn the benefit of hard work and study. Second, homeschoolers can do set up events, we’re not limited by keeping our children out of Public School. Not everyone has the ability, or even the option, to homeschool, no parent shaming here. But, for those of us that can, it helps to know what a wonderful world of opportunity there is when we are called home. That’s my only update for you today, but I do have a question. If you homeschool, or were homeschooled, did you do lessons all the way up until Christmas? As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved!

The Importance of Balance in Homeschooling

Instead of an update I want to talk about an issue that I’ve noticed in our own home. For a long time I thought it was just me, until we started participating in homeschooling events and I was able to get to know other parents. A very poorly kept secret is that we all tend to feel as if we’re not getting enough done. I was so blessed to hear believing sisters encouraging one another to push through the bad days. I couldn’t believe it, other parents were struggling like I was! One thing I’ve figured out is that balance is imperative.

What do I mean by balance? Well, for me personally I homeschool, blog, podcast, clean, cook, manage the bank and bills, study, pray, read and research. Do you see a missing component? My marriage is the missing component. This is where the balance was off in our home, I kept trying to tend to other things while spending “time” with my husband. The results were that I felt the weight of the work load without a partner, and my husband had no idea. He’s incredibly helpful, and great at time management. I was ignoring the most important ministry in my life, and everything else was suffering from it. Finding balance in this area meant putting everything aside and giving him my full attention when we have the chance to.

When I did that something really neat happened, I talked to him about all the issues I was having. He sat down with me and helped me with balancing it all, and I’ve had a much easier year of homeschooling. He had some great advice too, that I hope will be a blessing to you all as well. He told me that if I get overwhelmed I need to stop, I’m not going to be able to teach like that anyway. Set up a fun project, something that can give me a moment to calm down and recollect my thoughts. That has been a tremendous help. Spending the extra time with him has also gotten us on the same page with Kayliegh’s lessons.

God has given us a partner in our spouses, what a kindness! I was confusing time together with time alone, or maybe qualify time alone. With a better balance in this area the trickle down affect was amazing, we worked together to get the remaining issues resolved. It’s been a very productive year, and that’s all owed to the grace God has given me in providing me with a partner. Delegation is difficult, nearly as difficult as even admitting we need help, but we need to utilize everything we have at our disposal for teaching our kiddos. That’s why I encourage you all to find other homeschooling groups in your area, yesterday we went to a museum with a group of homeschoolers. We had a blast! What areas do you have trouble balancing in parenting or homeschooling? As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Homeschooling Update: Saturday, November 30th, 2019

Hello dear ones, I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. I know it’s been a long time since I did an update on homeschooling. Hopefully I’ve been able to work my schedule around to where I’ll be able to do these posts more often. There’s been a lot of changes since the last update, so at least that will make for more interesting reading. I also have several links and resources for you all, that I’m very excited about. Let’s start with some updates, shall we?

As you all well know, we’ve moved again, taking a new assignment in ND. I found a successful way of homeschooling while packing and unpacking. We split lessons in half, making sure she was still learning, but not overwhelming her. Moves, even for a family that is always moving, can make little ones uneasy. While she’ll swear up and down that moving is her favorite part, there’s still a sense of excitable anxiety. She gets less sleep, which makes lessons more difficult for her to focus on. I also used this pattern, splitting one days worth of lessons into two days, upping the amount of art and play, during the lead of to the holidays.

For English we’re moving into a stage of more advanced sentence structure. I know most of her generation will rarely use handwriting, but I’d still like her to know the skill if need be. She’s already got such beautiful cursive, now she just needs to improve on putting together functioning, grammatically accurate, sentences. Spell check can only take us so far, after all. We’re still using Khan academy for math, so she happily made it through the unit on division. She’s officially better at math then her mom! For science, we’re going over the Periodic Table. After this we’ll be having some fun with chemistry. In history we’re covering both American history, and doing a global geographical review. For art class we’re using Paul Priestley’s YouTube lessons, now that she’s finished with his beginners drawing, we’re going to be doing his painting lessons.

Some great resources I’ve found helpful are Pastor Jims free lessons on dinosaurs which you can find here. These free lessons from Answers in Genesis Sunday School worksheets. And this great podcast episode from Semper Reformanda Radio explaining where we are legally with public schools, and why homeschooling is so needed. I hope these links, and the update, will be helpful for all my homeschooling readers, and encouraging for those of you whose little ones are not so little anymore. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Tulips & Honey – Episode 4: Homeschooling

Today’s episode on Tulips & Honey you’ll finally get to hear Kayleigh’s discussion with me about homeschooling. Becca also joins me to discuss her childhood in both homeschooling, and public school as well as what she’s learned in college about children’s education. I hope this episode will be fun and edifying at the same time.

For those of you who were praying for the interview today with Ray Comfort, thank you so much! It went great, he was very kind and humble. He answered almost all your questions, so keep your eye out for that interview. You can find all the links to the podcast at my profile, or here at our new website. Don’t forget to subscribe, comment, like and share. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Homeschooling Update: Apologetics, Gardening, and Books

Today, dear ones, I’m excited to have the first few worksheets prepared in what will, Lord willing, be an entire homeschooling unit on apologetics. I’m using Pastor Jim’s three part series on trusting the Old Testament as a guide. This is just the beginning worksheets, with some definitions and scripture reading. I can’t wait to discuss these with Kayliegh, and I hope they’ll be a blessing to other believers as well.

Apologetics for Kids

The garden is doing well, the baby pumpkins we planted are thriving and the tomatoes are going crazy. Our dill, and basil have begun to seed which means they’re done for the season. But the rosemary and thyme are still producing so we’ll have plenty of that. The mint from the greenhouse next door has infiltrated, again, which means we will still have plenty of that as well. Kayliegh’s not interested in the garden now, so many of the plants have stopped producing. She I’m tending to them until the pumpkins come along, I have a feeling that will rekindle some attention.

So long as we’re using Pastor Jim’s Old Testament for lessons, here’s also a reviewed of a child’s book here. It looks like it would be very helpful, and edifying for young people. I’m going to continue to work on the apologetics lessons, please let me know if there is an area of homeschooling studies you’d like to do but are unable to find. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Homeschooling Update: Helpful Blogs and Gardening Update

My eventual goal is to create some lessons for textual criticism with some for younger and older homeschoolers. As I was searching I could not find anything in the area. If you know of something please feel free to let me know. For today I wanted to share a couple great posts that highlight this topic.

Also, while we’re gleaning from brother Jim’s blog posts, this is a great resource as well, for little ones learning Scripture.

We went on vacation for a week, so I left a note asking anyone who might want to partake in the fruit of our greenhouse to please water it while we gone. I’m not sure if my neighbors who kindly watered it were able to get much off our plants, all the broccoli and the lettuce have decided it’s time to seed. A gardener recently explained to me that they stop producing at this point, grow great big, and flower. The tomatoes look great though, and there’s new jalapeños that are almost ready. I hope this short post blesses you all. Lord willing, next Saturday I will have some lessons prepared. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Homeschooling Update: Doctrines and Church Fathers – Free Worksheets

Hello all, I hope this post finds you doing well! Below I’ve attached some lessons on the virgin birth, as apart of the essential doctrines series, and worksheets on Ignatius of Antioch. I’ve also linked to the extant letters from Ignatius in case anyone wants to add the reading to their lessons. I recommend Songs with Saplings to go alongside this lesson as the doctrinal worksheets include catechism questions, and SwS has adorable and instructive music to go with those questions. I hope these lessons will be a blessing, for homeschooling or Sunday school.

Virgin Birth

Ignatius of Antioch

Early Church Letters

Ignatius of Antioch

The garden has produced some more strawberries, and jalapeños, but the tomatoes are still pretty green. We added mini pumpkins, and they’ve already begun to flower! They’re really beautiful flowers, but they don’t last long before they turn into tiny green pumpkins. At this point, pulling weeds and watering them is the most exciting them that happens. Hopefully this stage of gardening will teach Kayleigh patience. It’s certainly teaching me!

Other than that, I don’t have much else to report. There’s only three games left of softball, but we found a baseball league for her age to play in the fall. This will be the first year she’s done that, and I’m excited to see what it will be like! The team of players she began with this summer had mostly never played, and it’s been amazing to watch them grow as a team together learning how to catch, throw, hit, and communicate. I’m very thankful that she’s been able to play and learn through this sport.

As she nears the end of the Little House on the Prairie books, we’re looking for something to replace it. Any and all recommendations are so very helpful! There hasn’t been much change, although Lord willing next week I’ll have a science related update. I hope you have all had a fruitful week. As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved!