Creation Science Monday – The Human Family Tree: Homo Floresiensis

Today, dear friends, we are going to continue our series on our family tree. I certainly hope this post finds you all doing well! I’m admittedly too excited about today’s topic. Homo Floresiensis is simply put, my favorite member of the tree. There are two reasons for that, how the bones were found, and the obvious bias shown by the evolutionary community. Before we did into what h. Floresiensis is, in case you missed the previous post you can find a link to it here.

Answers In Genesis

Homo Floresiensis is a small group of skeletons found on the Indonesian island of Flore. These were found around the remains of an elephant barbecue! That has to be the oddest setting for paleontologists to discover. These remains were surrounded by advanced tools and what was a pretty epic meal. While not as small as originally touted, though most publications still use the erroneous numbers from early reports, LB1 is still uniquely smaller than the Homo Sapiens fossils it was found with. Oddly, while there have been other fossils found, and reports of their being small as well, I couldn’t find them. Anywhere. No picture, no articles, no labels, nothing. Considering how long ago these fossils were found I find it frustrating that there is no research anywhere on anything but the original fossils.

There are currently major debates happening between secular communities about these smaller bones. Anyone who disagrees with creating a new line in the family tree for floresiensis has actually been refused access to the fossils. Some suggest that LB1 had down syndrome, others malnutrition, or that this is simply a smaller subset of h. Sapiens. There is even some disagreement within the Creationist community. Of course, if you disagree with evolutionism altogether, regardless of your educational achievements, you’ll also be refused access. This, in my opinion, shows the lengths to which evolutionists will go to protect their beliefs. When you’re using speculation and storytelling in place of science, it’s much easier to be refuted. Thus, fewer voices not more will aid their cause.

Either way, the coin is flipped, h. Floresiensis is not a missing link. We’re not surprised by the underhanded behavior by those who push evolution, it is after all what they get paid to do. Next week, Lord willing, we’ll move on to the next supposed ancestor in our family tree. As I said last week, dear ones, this is a subject that we can learn about to segue into the Gospel with. Most people are completely unaware that these fossils are fragmented, debated, and even sometimes tampered with. When we point these things out, we open a dialogue that allows us to share Good News! I pray that this series will continue to encourage and edify you. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Wednesday Testimony – Heartcry Missionary Society: India Update

Hello again! I hope this post has found you all doing well. This update below is actually brother Washer interviewing one of Heartcry Missionary Societies employees that recently visited India. Within is the testimony of a man who was so dramatically changed by God that his murderous intentions were stopped, his heart was made new, and his desires were suddenly for Gods will. There is a lot here in this short video, much to pray for, and much to praise God for. I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me. As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday – The Pearl of Great Price

If you, my friends, have ever sat under man-centered preaching you’ve no doubt heard repeatedly how great you are in God’s eyes. Although this is the exact opposite of what Christ preached during His Earthly ministry, and all of Scripture agrees, it doesn’t seem to sell as well. As many of you know, I spent a fair amount of time in the Word of Faith movement, more than a decade. God saved me out of that by His grace, and while I’ll never understand that as a wretch completely deserving of Hell, I will be eternally grateful to my Lord! It still catches me off guard when in my studies, or devotional time, I find a verse that was often taken out of context. This is what has happened with Matthew 13:44-46.

First I want to clear something up that’s very important. The reason Jesus gives for teaching in parables is completely different than the reason often given today. While I researched this I found several groups, including LDS, teaching that Christ was speaking in parables to reach His listeners. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus was doing. Having been rejected by the Jewish leaders and accused of casting out demons by the power of Satan, He spoke in parables so that they would not understand. He then explained them to His disciples privately. He tells us this prior to the parable in question, back in verse 13 of the same chapter. It’s also written in Luke 8:10 and Mark 4:12, and is a fulfillment of the Old Testament Scriptures.

Back to the parable itself, I can clearly remember being told that the man in this parable is Jesus, and of course, we’re the treasure He bought at a great price. While it’s true that our salvation came at a great price, that’s not what these verses are referring to. Over and over again, while I researched the different views of these parables attempting to find where the disconnect started, I found this same error. We’re the treasure in the field, Christ left heaven to purchase us. We’re the pearl of great price, Christ paid it all to redeem us. But a clear reading of the parables shows a very obvious picture. The kingdom of heaven is the treasure, we’re the ones that must count the cost. Ligioneer Ministries does an excellent job of fleshing this one out in this devotional here.

Mankind seems obsessed with bringing God lower and elevating man’s position higher. We love to hear how important we are, we feed on the twisting of Scripture with itching ears, so long as it builds up our inflated egos. Scripture is clear throughout, God is the only one who deserves glory, honor, and praise. Christ did not come to die for us because we are so great, but because our sins are so great. He is loving, kind, and merciful. He is also just, righteous, and holy. It would be entirely just for God to save none of the rebellious, God-hating, sinners on this Earth. It is an extreme example of His endless kindness that He saves some. The kingdom of God is of inestimable value, and when we consider this we willingly sell all that we have and follow Christ.

Please understand, dear ones, this does not mean that we need to be homeless and give everything away. It means the kingdom is worth turning our back on the worldly sins we once loved, like speaking wealth and fame. It’s worth humbling ourselves, casting aside pride, destroying the ego, and bowing our knee to the one true Savior. We must love Christ more than husband or wife, mother or father, son or daughter, because His kingdom is of endless value, and He is worthy! If you have repented and put your faith in Christ, then you have been saved, and adopted into His kingdom. That is a true treasure, that is what is of great price! It also does not mean that you are not loved. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him may not die but have everlasting life. But this text is not about us, it doesn’t give us any glory, there is nothing here for us to boast in.

We couldn’t even make our own heartbeat without Gods sovereign will continuing the electrical pulse pushing and pulling inside you. If you think that’s not true, go and search for the men and women who’s heart stops with no warning. We don’t even own the air we breathe, it’s borrowed from the One who created it. You, oh man, you think you are high and lifted up? Do you think you are of an inestimable price? What could we possibly offer God? Nothing. Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to the cross I cling. God has saved us, not because of our worth, but because He is merciful. This man-centered preaching is designed to draw men in, make them feel good about themselves, and give them the impression that the man standing on the stage is such a good and kind man. For love of self, men preach falsehood! They want to be liked, they want to be adored, to hear their name spoken well of. Who is deserving of all honor, praise, and glory? The thrice holy God, or a hireling that calls himself an undershepherd? When the wolves come, and they will come, these men flee!

Let us avoid man-centered preaching and teaching, and rather take God’s Word seriously enough to read it in its context. If you have been saved you have no need of bolstering, you’ve already received enough kindness and mercy to carry you through eternity. We must spend our days here glorifying God and making Him known to the lost. We will give an account to God for every idle word spoken, every word my beloved friends! God is great, He is kind, He is worthy, but even our righteousness is as filthy rags! How can we ever consider ourselves to be pearls of great price? No, dear ones, humble yourselves before such a great God, and give Him all the glory! As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Sixth Commandment

Today, my friends, we have a heavy subject. I actually had three separate posts floating in my head, and I knew this morning around 1:00 am I needed to choose. As this topic happened to coincide with LivingWaters new movie trailer and the early download option, I decided it would be the best fit. I want to discuss murder, in particular, the murder of innocent babies in their mother’s womb, but also the murder of the heart. But first, let me give you some details on the new Ray Comfort movie!

It’s a follow up to the 180 movie and is titled 7 Reasons. The movie will, of course, be free on May 9th and available on YouTube. The trailer dropped today, and also the option to purchase the movie early. It comes with an animated teaching tool and a 26-page booklet for $19.99. They do this before each movie is released on YouTube as a way to raise funds for their next project. Recently I heard from an atheist that Comfort was lining his pockets with money from his foolish followers. It’s true that he could be a millionaire by now, just on book sales, but everything they earn goes back into the not-for-profit ministry. He receives a check from the ministry, lives in the same small house he always has and travels via bike most anywhere he needs to go. I understand that the prosperity hacks make us all nervous, but it’s important that we know the truth about one another before we believe accusations such as that one.

That being said, let’s move on to the topic at hand, which happens to be the same topic as LivingWaters new movie. Abortion has been highlighted in the news early this year, as some states push to further abortion, and others to limit or do away with it. There are a few points I want to make, starting with the idea that it’s not a baby, it’s just a fetus. Fetus is simply Latin for baby, and embryo is Greek for baby. So, when you hear someone use these terms to sound scientific just understand they’re saying ”its not a baby, its a baby.” Scientists, and even most abortion doctors, know exactly what they’re killing, from conception the DNA is uniquely human. As Christians, we know that every baby is made in the image of God, and to kill an image bearer is the break the sixth commandment.

The second point I’d like the make is the most base, hard to type, cold, point that I have. We’re killing our genetic variation. A while ago I wrote a series on genetic mutations and explained that our DNA is mutating at a quick rate, and those mutations are passed down to our children, who create their own and pass it down with ours. It’s a compounded mutation rate, that began at the fall of mankind in the garden. This is why, with each new generation, there are more medical needs. In a hundred years from now, there will be too great a strain on the hospitals. In two hundred years from now, should the Lord tarry, humanity will find it difficult to reproduce, due to genetic mutations. When a group of people remains separated genetic variation is limited, which gives the gene editors in our DNA less to work with. Now we have worldwide travel! It’s a beautiful thing, someone with all the genetic mutations of a small island can meet and marry someone with all the genetic mutations of a big city, and the gene editor will select the healthiest pieces in the genome for their children. I don’t think this is why abortion is wrong, if our genome was perfect abortion would still be wrong. I just wonder why the scientific community isn’t discussing this issue.

The last point I want to make is the reality of the situation. My husband, my hero, is currently working with an OBGYN that takes risky pregnancies. He has kept babies alive far smaller than the ones being killed in abortion mills all over the world. Recently he broke his record for the smallest baby he’d ever intubated. He works nights, the doctor was 20 minutes out, and the baby was crashing. So small, they had to hold the baby and use their thumbs to do compressions. He prayed for God to help him because he had struggled with babies bigger than this one. First try, he was able to intubate and stabilize that beautiful baby. Often times he sees children that were delivered as early as 25 weeks, now coming in for check-ups at age 2, or 3. The parents find him on social media and he gets to watch daily as these little image bearers flourish.

The reality is that worldwide a billion babies have been killed through abortion, making it the number one cause of death. There was a time when Gods people turned to idles and sacrificed their babies on burning hot alters. This is why we read God warning them not to let their babies pass through the fire. We, as Gods people, need to be in deep prayer. We need to pray for those involved in abortions and those performing them. This brings me to the second murder I wanted to discuss. Murder of the heart. Jesus has expressly told us that to hate or be unjustly angry, is murder in Gods eyes. We are devastated by the murder of the innocent, but we must not let that become bitterness towards those in leadership, those doctors, workers, or the mothers involved. For some, that will go without saying, but not for everyone. Many have become frustrated with the continued push towards full-term abortion, and that can lead to hate. I hope the video clips I’ve included are helpful to you all, and I hope you’ll join me in prayer. As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review: Pillars of Grace by Dr. Steve Lawson

Today, my friends, I will review the previously promised book by Dr. Steve Lawson. Pillars of Grace: AD 100-1564 was published in 2011 by Reformation Trust Publishing and contains over 500 pages of church history. As you can see, from the title, it starts at roughly the time of the Patristic Fathers and moves straight through to the Reformation. As you know, if you follow my homeschooling updates, Kayliegh is going backward through time following the lives, testimonies, accomplishments for God, and deaths of these same men. This is the main reason why I decided to bite the bullet and actually spend money on a book. When I complete a lesson plan for homeschoolers I’ll be including references to this book, and Dr. Nathan Businetz lectures through church history. For that reason, I would highly recommend you read this book alongside listening to those lectures. You’ll have your church history down like no one’s business!

Before I proceed with a review of this book I have to confess that I am not an unbiased observer. I have been so blessed by Dr. Lawson’s preaching, teaching, and Men’s Bible Study’s which he, of course, invites women to listen to and learn from. That being said, I found his book very easy to read. Often times history can seem dry, and impersonal, but Dr. Lawson’s humor and passion shine through making this historical book a smooth and interesting read. Specifically, he links the men throughout church history who taught Gods sovereignty, showing that the doctrines of Grace were nothing new to the Reformers. I found this very fascinating and needed in a society that frequently feels disconnected from its history.

We’ve all been told, as Protestants, that church history belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. That’s not only patently false, with clear historical evidence from religious and secular texts, it’s also discouraging to those who desire to know how the church got to where she is today. Who among us hasn’t finished the book of Acts with curiosity? What happened to the men in Paul’s letters who he lifts up as Godly men, what happened to the men taught by Peter, Paul, and John? Where did Timothy go, who did he pass on the knowledge given to him by Paul? If you do a quick Google search you’ll be hard pressed to find any mention of Patristic Fathers that don’t have the title Saint before their name. They do happen to be saints, not because a church centuries later decided so, but because God saved them by His grace. This book will help give a proper, historical, context for where the church has been over the past 1900 years.

This book is actually the second, the first being Foundations of Grace which takes a look at the same topic but throughout the Biblical times, Genesis to Revelation. That one is on my list, and I look forward to reading it in the future. As for the second book, I recommend it for all ages. This book does contain the Gospel, several times detailed by the writer, so this would be a great book for your curious Catholic friends or family members. It’s also great for anyone who wants to take a trip through time to get to know our brothers in Christ already gone to glory, the ones who gave their lives for the Gospel, for the Word, for the truth. The ones who lived their lives as shining examples for us all. The ones who loved the Lord our God as we, ourselves do, imperfectly but with tremendous humility. I pray this review, and the book blesses you all as it blessed me. You can find it in hardcover, Kindle, and audiobook. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday – In Jesus Name

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday, which means I’ve got the misfortune of discussing what is, for believers, a grievous topic. The twisting, misuse, misquoting, or taking of Scripture out of context. Today I want to talk about praying in Jesus name, what it means and what it most certainly doesn’t mean. For a little background into my perspective here, as you all might remember from my testimony, I was raised in a Wiccan household. There were books of spells, crystals, and incense often burning in varies rooms. We had a Bible, and my mother was mixing the two, although mostly it was goddess worship. She has thankfully been saved by grace, or so I hope, I don’t know her heart but can see some fruit. This childhood has given me a unique concern for the ever growing presence of New Agism mixing into the church. It seems to be affecting the way we view John 14:13-15.

Oprah’s Secret, the Word of Faith, and New Age beliefs all teach that you speak things positive to get positive in return. Each group phrases this differently, and many add Christian words to give authority to what they’re saying. This is, at the core, just repackaged Wiccanism. As a witch your words are the power, you speak it and believe it, then it’s supposed to change something within the universe. Nothing is new under the sun. This is how many treat prayer, as if it were an incantation, which has its final deal in the phrase ‘In Jesus Name’. For the Word of Faith in particular, this is how they command things to happen how they want them to happen. When things don’t go as they commanded, somewhere someone didn’t have enough faith. This is obviously not how our Savior intended this text to be interpreted. Anytime we attempt to use prayer, or the ending words to our prayer, as a formula to gain what it is we want, we’ve gotten it wrong.

So, now we know what it’s not, what does it mean? When we pray we are not coming before a genie who is waiting anxiously to hear what our next demand is. We are praying to a God so great that without Christ we could never stand before Him. This God is holy, perfect, just, righteous, and blameless in all His ways. We, as born again believers, come before Him as adopted children, who have been rescued and ransomed from the slavery to sin and death. As new creatures in Christ we should desire the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. As 1 John 5:14 explains, when we ask in His name according to His will He hears us. Scripture makes clear that God is not handing us a blank check needing only to signed In Jesus Name. This is yet another reason why it’s so imperative to take the full counsel of Gods Word, and not pull a verse we like out of context.

Throughout John 14 Jesus is comforting His disciples, who are distressed to hear that they will be without their Lord. He repeats two points more than twice in the chapter. The first is that if we love Him we will obey Him. The second is that the power the disciples would have would come from Christ, and not from them. This was an important point to humble these men who would be used by God to complete the Scripture. We see later in Acts chapter 4 Peter telling the Jewish leaders the very same thing, that they are teaching in the name of Jesus, that is where they receive their authority. In this way we see that ‘In Jesus Name’ is asking for things that are within the will of God, as the name of Christ stands for all that He is in Scripture, and to give God the glory for every answered prayer.

As a side note, to expound upon this a little further, I have many family members still in the WoF movement. They frequently tell of how their prayers healed someone, or how they were given material blessings, after they had prayed for it. This is a really good example of the misunderstandings that revolve around the purpose of prayer. These are people who, though they say the words, are doing anything but praying in the name of Jesus Christ. They’re not asking in His will, but in their own desires. They do not give God the glory, but brag about their own righteousness. Let us be careful not to abuse Scripture, or prayer, but rather to be humbled by Gods provisions. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Creation Science – Humanity’s Family Tree: First Man

Hello, and happy Monday, dear ones! I hope this post finds you all doing well. As you’ll recall, we’re in a new Creation series discussing the evolutionary perspective of mans creation in comparison to Gods Word. Today we’re going to look at what is thought to be the oldest ancestor, and some of the fossils found which are said to be precursors. Briefly, before we begin, I just want to remind you all that the paleontologists date these fossils based on the rock layers they are found it. Rock layers are dated based on the fossils found in them. In other words, the time scale given on fossils is purely arbitrary. We talked about dating methods last Monday, if you missed it you can check it out here.

Some mentionable, but clearly not human, fossil findings include Orrorin tugenensis, Ardipithecus, Australopithecus afarensis, to name a few. All of these, and the rest who are thrown into the family tree have been debated by secular scientists as to whether or not they were just extinct ape kinds. Even the famous Lucy has been removed from her high place, and is now said to be outside of the human lineage. The need to show some sort of missing link has driven many in the scientific community to ignore evidence, and even a few to hide or change it. There is, to date, absolutely no reason to scientifically claim we evolved from these extinct creatures. Many colorful fairytales have been written, but no observable, or repeatable, scientific facts have been found.

That being said, we do see in the fossil record upright, obviously human, people groups. The oldest is believed to be homo erectus, with some argument about whether or not ergaster should be separate or included. For the purpose of this post we’ll just assume the latter. The most frequently used claim to suggest erectus is different than Homo sapiens is the skull size. This is a problem throughout historical science, variations within the kinds. Without having been alive during the time the fossils were its impossible to say for sure why they had smaller skulls. However, what we do know is that the skulls we’ve found are well within the span of skull sizes seen in modern man.

  • There are a host of other fossil fragments said to differ from sapiens, and if you’d like a good deal more information on the subject this article here has much more detail than I can give in this short post. Beyond the variation found within our family tree, there is also the issue of fossils found out of place, or with other so-called homo species. This happens frequently, and shows just how deep the bias within historical science goes. The timeline becomes even more arbitrary as new fossils are found in places they weren’t expected to be, or with fossils they weren’t supposed to be in contact with. This is why, each year, several articles can be found titled ‘evolutionary timeline changed after recent discovery’ or something similar.
  • The long story short is that homo erectus is a fully human people group, they differ from other people groups in the same way many of us differ today. Without any hard data, or scientific evidence, historical science has declared these fossils a completely different kind as other homo species. Due to this, they placed them on a timeline where there was a gap in their evolutionary lineage. With catastrophism on the rise, and many scientists turning their backs on Darwinian Evolution, it’s only a matter of time before the ages of these fossils are revised, again. The creationists of the future will have a far different debate on their hands then the ones we have now. Until then, though, we need to understand how flimsy this house of cards really is. From time to time we can use the articles, and the evidence, to introduce the Gospel to our friends, family, and co-workers by explaining Gods timeline.

    Adam and Eve were created by God in a perfect world. They were disobedient and sinned against God, throwing our universe into a fallen place. Gods plan from the beginning was to redeem this fallen world, and His people. He did this by sending His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Fully man, fully God, Jesus lived a sinless life, and yet died in our place so that we could be forgiven. What we see in the fossil record is death, disease, and decay. It’s not possible to combine the evolutionary worldview with Gods Word, they are incomparable, as God said His creation was very good. Death did not enter His creation until after Adam and Eve fell. I hope these posts help you, and encourage you, to share your faith with the lost who have bought into a bankrupt belief that everything came from nothing. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

    Hymns of the Past – Sovereign Grace has Power Alone by John Newton

    This beautiful hymn was written by John Newton, writer of Amazing Grace. The style and rhythm of this hymn, along side it’s evangelical message, makes it a great one to teach children. I hope it will bless you all, my friends, on this Lords Day! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

    Sovereign grace has power alone
    To subdue a heart of stone;
    And the moment grace is felt,
    Then the hardest heart will melt.

    When the Lord was crucified,
    Two transgressors with Him died;
    One with vile blaspheming tongue,
    Scoffed at Jesus as he hung.

    Thus he spent his wicked breath,
    In the very jaws of death
    Perished, as too many do,
    With the Savior in his view.

    But the other, touched with grace,
    Saw the danger of his case;
    Faith received to own the Lord,
    Whom the scribes and priests abhorred.

    This was wondrous grace indeed,
    Grace vouchsafed in time of need!
    Sinners, trust in Jesus’ name;
    You shall find Him still the same.

    But beware of unbelief,
    Think upon the hardened thief;
    If the Gospel you disdain,
    Christ, to you, will die in vain.

    There’s a Guest in our Home

    Is there anything better, friends, than watching a baby? Of course not! But the only thing that’s close is watching a puppy! This is Apollo and I get to puppysit him, which is just way to exciting. I was going to write a review on one of Dr. Steve Lawson’s books but I’m afraid it’ll have to wait until next Thursday, Lord willing.

    I hope you will all forgive me for being so distracted. I absolutely adore babies of all sorts, but I promise to be more focused when he’s gone. So, until tomorrow beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

    Monday Creation Science – Humanities Family Tree: The Myths

    Hello and happy Monday, dear ones! I hope this post finds you all doing well. As you know, we’re started a new series on the ancestry of mankind last Monday. Today we’re going to take down some of the myths that surround fossilized remains of ancient chimps and humans. Next week, Lord willing, we’ll go through what’s been found about those fossils considered to be the oldest in our family tree. After that we’ll follow the ages assumed by secular scientists until we come to modern man.

    The first myth I’d like to address is the idea that human DNA only has a 1% difference from chimp DNA. This is one of those myths, like dating which we’ll talk about next, that everyone in the scientific community understands is incorrect but allows it anyway. This myth started in the 70’s before we had DNA sequencing, but has been so successful in perpetuating evolutionary story telling that its still quoted by ‘reputable’ scientific journals. In all actually geneticists have never started from ground zero with chimp DNA, preferring instead to line up sequences of human DNA and working from there. Why? Well because we came from a common ancestor of course! No need to put the foot work in when we can just make assumptions instead. Even with the clearly bias beginning stages of the chimp sequence, there’s somewhere between 20% to 30% difference in human to chimp comparisons. The only way you can get closer to a 1% difference is by tossing out all the DNA except that which codes for protein.

    Let’s talk about the dating method, and the myth of their accuracy. When you research the ‘evolution’ of man you see a lot of dates and time frames which suggest hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years. For the more honest publications they usually add words like ‘possibly’ or ‘might have’, ‘probably did’ and ‘most likely’. Everyone else just lists millions of years as if it were fact and moves on. There is something to this myth that geologists have known for a very long time, it’s not scientifically proven. Most of the time fossils are dated by the rock layers they’re found in, while the rock layers are being dated based on the fossils found in them. Carbon dating is another method, but it has a half life of a little over 5,000 years, which means it’s useless in the dating of anything suggested to be older than 40,000 years. Radioactive, or radiometric, dating starts with several assumptions, beginning with there being no contamination in the fossil itself. Another assumption is continuity, that the rate of decay has remained the same, which simply can’t be the case when radio-halos are considered. What scientists know is that no singular date prior to written history is fact, but rather a great deal of assumptions.

    Another myth that seems to be pervasive in today’s educational system is that there is agreement within the scientific community about the ‘evolution’ of man. With each new discovery of human fossils the ‘story’ of man changes, and an ever increasing amount of disagreement follows. Many scientists now believe that, rather than there being a multitude of varying species of pre-man ancestors, they were really just one species found in different areas. See here.

    Another myth that shows the lengths to which secularists are willing to go to push evolution is the sculptures. All throughout the world in museums, and photographed in every science book created, are images of mans ancestors. They are often depicted standing upright, slowly losing hair over time. It’s comical, honestly, when you research and find that they’ve put these images together with very few fragments of skeletons. Often times it’s clear that the fossils were knuckle walkers, yet they’ll still be shown standing upright in the evolution. Many of these have been found fossilized together, rather than evolving into one another as is commonly suggested. This is artistic license in a field that should never delve into story telling.

    The last myth I want to discuss is that the evolution of man from a common chimp ancestor is a scientific fact. It’s simply not. For something to be considered scientifically accurate it must first be questioned, tested, measured, and the conclusions must be observable and repeatable. While this can be said for many aspects of evolution, it’s particularly clear in the case of mans ancestry. This is because, while we have fossils, we have nothing that can be tested, observed, or repeated. We see a great deal of variation in the skeletons of dogs today, imagine finding a fossilized chihuahua and Great Dane. Would anyone assume, without modern observations of dog breeds, that those two skeletons were the same species? That alone should cause skepticism when we find fossils, they don’t come with instruction manuals or information booklets.

    What I’m suggesting in this installment of our series through Humanities Family Tree is that there is far more assumptions, opinions, and story telling being published as fact than should ever be acceptable to honest scientist. I hope this series blessing you, friends, and if you missed the introduction you can find it here. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.