Saturday Homeschooling Update: Apologetics, Gardening, and Books

Today, dear ones, I’m excited to have the first few worksheets prepared in what will, Lord willing, be an entire homeschooling unit on apologetics. I’m using Pastor Jim’s three part series on trusting the Old Testament as a guide. This is just the beginning worksheets, with some definitions and scripture reading. I can’t wait to discuss these with Kayliegh, and I hope they’ll be a blessing to other believers as well.

Apologetics for Kids

The garden is doing well, the baby pumpkins we planted are thriving and the tomatoes are going crazy. Our dill, and basil have begun to seed which means they’re done for the season. But the rosemary and thyme are still producing so we’ll have plenty of that. The mint from the greenhouse next door has infiltrated, again, which means we will still have plenty of that as well. Kayliegh’s not interested in the garden now, so many of the plants have stopped producing. She I’m tending to them until the pumpkins come along, I have a feeling that will rekindle some attention.

So long as we’re using Pastor Jim’s Old Testament for lessons, here’s also a reviewed of a child’s book here. It looks like it would be very helpful, and edifying for young people. I’m going to continue to work on the apologetics lessons, please let me know if there is an area of homeschooling studies you’d like to do but are unable to find. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Homeschool Resources – Essential Doctrine Worksheets and Updates

Hello again, friends, I hope this post finds you all doing well. Today, as I did last Saturday, I want to share some homeschooling lessons that teach the essential doctrine we discussed on Tuesday. I also recommend Songs for Saplings Volume 3 which you can find here, these go so well with this area of Bibllical truth.

Deity of Christ

The greenhouse plants are doing very well, my little gardener has been able to pick us enough lettuce to make an entire salad this week! All the other plants are taking their time, which has been a great way to teach patience. On top of being a green thumb, Kayliegh is preparing to start summer softball. This usually means we bring lessons down a notch, as she’ll now be practicing daily. I was never athletic, so I’m thankful she did not inherit that side of my genetics! Sports teach so many wonderful things, like team work, and sportsman like behavior, so I was relieved when she fell in love with the game.

As we finish up in May, I’m preparing for a new unit in science: Mechanics. There are a ton of camps around her that teach coding, or mechanical ingenuity. Unfortunately, they’re insanely expensive so I’m going to have to get creative! If anyone has any ideas, we’re all ears. Other then that change, history is going to have to be switched around. I wanted to move backwards but it’s not as instructive as I had hoped. Instead, I’m going to start her where we are in the early church series, and will be posting the lessons on Saturdays as we go. English is moving along the same as it always does, the only change is that she has suddenly become a reading machine! Instead of watching anything, or even playing with her clay, she has been spending all her spare time reading. I’m not sure what changed, but I’m not going to complain!

If I’ve never mentioned this special clay, I have to apologize! For anyone who has creative, or inventive, little ones, this is the only clay I buy. It’s not hard to mold like other clays, it mixes well with slime, and dries into a soft foam. I don’t even remember how we found it, but I’m glad we did. This is the type we order here. That’s all the updates I have for today, I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Christian Homeschool Resources and Greenhouse Update

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! I hope this post finds you all doing well, and having a blessed weekend. Today I have some new homeschooling resources to go along side the new series on essential Christian doctrines. These worksheets, attached below, are the first ones I’ve designed using Canva so please let me know if there’s anything that doesn’t work!

Essential Doctrines

Along side this teaching, I highly recommend Songs for Saplings and brother Paul Washer’s children’s catechism series.

Our brother in Christ, Pastor Jim, has created some amazing lessons on the 50 states, you can find them here. His lessons are always organized, and descriptive, which is a tremendous blessing. So much of the Christian homeschooling resources can be costly, however Pastor Jim’s are God honoring and free.

Lastly, I wanted to give an update on Kayliegh’s greenhouse initiative. It’s been raining here a lot, which is only unfortunate in that watering the plants was hopefully going to teach her about responsibility. We are still seeing ants, but they don’t seem to be hurting anything. While she hasn’t needed to water them, she’s getting the chance to watch them grow. Allowing our children to plant things, and care for them, gives us the opportunity to share many Scriptures with them. Planting, watering, and harvesting are all used through-out Gods Word as illustrations. Proverbs gives us the example of the lazy man who didn’t tend to his field, Old Testament prophets call the Israelites the vine dressers, and Christ picks up on that theme when rebuking the Jewish leaders. Jesus also uses this as an illustration of sharing the Gospel, and winning souls.

Recently Kayliegh’s been disturbed to find palm readers in movies, shows, and in real life. She came to me the other day and expressed her concern, telling me how she would like to have an opportunity to share the Gospel with them when she gets older. She sat down with me and presented the Good News to me, as if I were the palm reader. I could hear the same love, and concern, in her voice that I feel towards the false converts within the churches. We all have a specific area, or group, we are called to pray for and minister to more fervently. I wonder if we’re seeing the beginnings of her calling to this particular group. It’s a dark, and spiritually dense, field to speak truth to. We talked about this, and about how often we can plant seeds without seeing a harvest. We talked about the verses that tell us that some plant, others water, but God brings the harvest.

Homeschooling can often be a struggle, I never feel like I’m doing good enough, or that I’ve covered everything. In our new town we’ve joined the local HS community, and I’ve been so blessed to hear the other moms express the same sentiments. Then to hear them all encourage one another, lift one another up, join together to accomplish goals, has been more edifying than I could have imagined. There is a large community of homeschoolers here, but that’s not always the case. Some areas have very little in the way of organized groups. If you find yourself in that situation don’t be afraid to start the groups yourself, there are probably dozens of moms feeling the same way you are! I hope these resources and updates bless you all, as always beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Worksheets – Pillar of Fire

Currently, in our homeschooling curriculum, I’m taking Kayliegh through the Bible by focusing on the people as we go. She’s 7, so this isn’t an in-depth discussion or word study. However, what I’ve been trying to do each day is to bring out an aspect of the Gospel to her with each chapter we go through. It’s not difficult to follow that scarlet thread throughout the Old Testament, and along with learning scripture, sentence structure through the copy work, I like to add architectural lessons that match where we’re at.

Exodus 14-15-16

Exodus 14-13-14

Exodus 13-21

I hope these copy work pages are a blessing, beloved brethren, and if there’s ever a verse you’d like put together for your own lessons please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Worksheets – Thankfulness

Hello dear ones, and happy Saturday! It’s been a while since I was able to make some worksheets, so today I have some copy work for you. These are scriptures revolving around thankfulness, as this coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in America.

If there’s ever a specific type of worksheet or verse that would be helpful to you, brethren, as homeschoolers, parents, or Sunday school teachers, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Psalm95 1-2

Colossians3 15-16

Ephesians5 19-20

Saturday Worksheets – The Sun

I didn’t realize that I had skipped over the Sun in other worksheets for this series, I’m so sorry about that brethren! Here I’ve attached a worksheet for the Sun along with a maze. There is also some scriptural copy work. Of course, if there’s anything specific that you would like to have so homeschooling, Sunday school classes, or other lessons, please feel free to ask.

The Sun


There is also a wonderful diagram with more information here. You can also find some excellent videos here for creation science for youngsters. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Worksheets – Venus

Today over at abitoforange he interviewed a very cool creation science podcast for kids which I thought I’d mention here too, in case any parents want to put some of her awesome work to good use.

I also have some worksheets for you today. If you missed the last worksheets you can find them here, and if you’ve missed the Solar System series that I’m using to make these worksheets you can find Mercury here, and Venus here.

These worksheets just have facts and are evolution free. I hope they’ll be a blessing to you, your children, or your Sunday school classes. Along with science worksheets, there are some scripture copy work pages.




I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend, brethren, and as always be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.