Hello, my name is Lauren Hereford. I am a Christian by the grace of God, a wife to my loving husband, a mom to my beautiful daughter, a blogger, and a podcaster. I was saved back in July of 2015, when my sin and false conversion were clearly brought to bare before me. God granted me the gift of repentance and faith, He sent His son to die in my place, He saved me, He adopted me, He is sanctifying me, and has justified me.  While I was once caught in the deception of the Word of Faith movement, I have become Reformed since being born again, after reading Calvins Institutes. While I love my Presbyterian brothers and sisters in Christ, I am a Reformed Baptist.

My family and I travel the country, as hospitals in need of temporary help contract my husband for three to six month assignments. We homeschool, but not just because we travel, also because we believe it’s the best option for educating our daughter.  I began the blog, and the podcast, as an effort to better edify, and encourage, the body of Christ. I’m so thankful to God for allowing me to do these things for His glory, and for His glory alone!

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