Heartcry Missionary Update – Very Encouraging and Humbling!

From time to time I will have difficult days, days like the past couple days, where caring for others with mental illness and dealing with my own neurological disorder, is overwhelming. On days like that what helps the most is to hear updates from the missions. Why? Because my difficult days will never compare to being infected by malaria 22 times in a 12 year period. Please don’t misunderstand me, especially if you are a caretaker as well, I’m not attempting to undermine hardship. I’m simply saying, for me anyways, a proper perspective of the extreme blessings I enjoy each and everyday, humble me unlike anything else. In many ways it encourages me to press on, it encourages me to prayer, and above all else, it encourages me to look at eternity rather than today.

What do I mean by that? Before you decide I’m too heavenly minded to be an earthly good, let me briefly explain. In the glories of eternity both mental illness and malaria will disappear as we stare into the perfection of our thrice holy Lord. Why do these men and women bare their hardships? To bring the Gospel to an under reached people, to see souls saved, to see eternity in the eyes of new believers. Oh, my friends, if we could only see what future awaits us! But, dear ones, if we could only see what future awaits the lost. How we would live differently! How we would mourn, not over our uncomfortable, or painful circumstance, but over the lost marching willingly into the eternity of hell. If only I could weep for the lost like I’ve wept over my own troubles! This is what I mean when I say these updates cause me to look at eternity, and not only at today’s hardships. I hope this clip will bless you, encourage you, and humble you, as it has me today. May the Lord, our gracious God, be with you. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Creation Science – Humanities Family Tree: Introduction

Hello, and happy Monday my friends! Today I’m going to give a brief introduction into what this new series will be about. I’ve mentioned several times, I love fossils. I should have been more clear, I love to look at fossils of extinct creatures. The one type of fossil that I hate to see in museums or anywhere else for that matter, are human fossils. To be fair, not all remains found are fossilized, but either way it’s an upsetting thing to see. Yes, many secular scientists would say these are ‘lower’ forms of humanity. I believe there was once a time when that label was given to Black people (African born or not, there was a time when evolutionists claimed anyone with dark skin was not as evolved) and also to Jews. Today we see the same argument used against the unborn, but as history always shows, humans are made in the image of God, there is no lower form. Thus, to see the remains of a man, woman, or child, made in God’s image, displayed for scientific purposes is unsettling.

(I apologize in advance for the disgusting quote below. It, like the human remains, deeply bothers me, yet needs to be discussed.)

Disturbing as it is, it’s a topic we need to address. For over a hundred years secular scientists have attempted to push these remains off as early humans in the process of evolving. We see the dumb cave men, barely able to spark an accidental fire, all over media. Regardless of how often we find evidence that they were more intelligent than previously imagined, the posthumous stereotype sticks. Next Monday, Lord willing, we’re going to go over some of the misconceptions, misinformation, and utter nonsense, that has passed as ‘science’ when it comes to human paleontology. After that I hope to discuss the specific groups and where they fit into the Biblical, historical, narrative.

The Smithsonian lists 20 species of early humans, while admitting that many are still up for debate. We’re going to cover the main groups that have the greatest acceptance within the scientific community. I hope this series will help show the massive amount of opinion, speculation, and flat out story telling that happens within the realm of Natural (read historical) Science. I also hope it will encourage, and edify, my brothers and sisters in Christ that have been frustrated by secular attempts to undermine the Word of God.

I do not believe, in any circumstance, that evidence will change the heart of the lost. If you want to see proof for that, read comments under previously posted articles of mine that were critical of evolution. This is the religion of humanists and secularists alike, they defend it against any logical or reasonable evidence presented. It is the evolutionary fairytale that allows for the sinner to suppress the truth In unrighteousness. While there is nothing wrong with presenting the truths we discuss in this series to those lost friends, co-workers, or family members, be sure to bring it back to the one thing that can change a dead heart. The Gospel.

This is one of those scientific topics that makes a smooth segue into the Gospel. After some talk of facts and evidence, simply as why they think man dies. Ten out of ten people die, if there is a God and you die, and it’s appointed once unto man to die then comes judgement, how will you stand before Him? Will you be judged and found guilty or innocent and given eternity in His presence? Every man naturally proclaims his own goodness, and the majority of the time this will be the point they do it. This gives you the opening to explain why you can’t earn heaven, how God will not be bribed, how sin, like crimes on Earth, must be paid for. A good judge would never overlook a murderer, the IRS certainly never overlooks a liar or cheat. How could God be good if He didn’t uphold the Law, if He wasn’t just? Yet, we owed a debt we couldn’t pay so He, Christ Jesus, Gods only begotten Son, paid a debt He didn’t owe. You see, dear ones, this is the truth that the lost need to hear. I research and write about Creation Science for your benefit, to teach and encourage you all, but it’s imperative that we remember it’s not to win an argument, but to soften stoney ground. Have you used science as a segue into the Gospel presentation? If so, I’d love to hear about it! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Homeschooling Update – Earth Science, Robotics, and Resources

My attempt, as you’ll remember dear friends, was to use a spreadsheet for science. Science is the only subject Kayleigh can not seem to get enough of. If I’m not careful other subjects can be set aside, and science takes over the day. Or week. When she was little and homeschooling lessons were shorter that really wasn’t a big deal. Even now if there’s a specific area she wants to explore, I allot extra time for it. Especially if it’s a Biblical subject. However, there’s no end to questions about science, one leads to another, to another, enter the spreadsheet! It’s working really well, and if she has further questions I note them and assure her that we’ll cover it at another time.

February was supposed to be Earth Science month, it started out with seeds, and plant life, then we went on an impromptu mini vacation to avoid the -30 weather that hit North Dakota. The change in climate led to a post nasal drip (according to my astute husband, Dr. Daddy) which eventually turned into an Upper Respiratory Infection. Week two and three were pushed back, which means we’re going to finish Earth Science in March. Thankfully, homeschool is all about being flexible. This week we’ll be learning about, and creating, a tornado and lightening. Last week? So glad you asked! We learned about, travelled through virtual reality to a live volcano, then made our own! Equipped with dinosaurs, water made from slime, and homemade clay for the volcano. You can find the recipe for the clay here, and the worksheet for learning about volcanos linked at the bottom of this post. I added about a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of dish detergent to the center, and Kayliegh added half a cup of baking soda on top.

Next week I’ll let you all know how the tornado and lightening lessons went. Another neat thing I was able to find was a robot building kit that allows you to input the coding through an app, enabling control of color, movement, and ’emotion’. It was on clearance for $4, so we bought it an put it in our “store”. The store is a system where Kayliegh earns school bucks for completing her lessons and chores each day. Every other week she’s allowed to spend those school bucks on items or time off from lessons, staying up ten minutes later than normal, and the most expensive ‘skip day’. This week she opted for the robot dog, which she promptly built. Here are the results:

For her historical lessons we’re moving to pre-reformers as we wrap up lessons on reformers and the five Solas. We’re working on parts of sentences and spelling in English, geometry in Math, writing and pronouncing Hebrew words, unit 4 in piano, sketching lessons for art, and the Gospel of Mark in Bible study. That’s all the updates I have for you, brethren. I hope these ideas, worksheets, and resources help you all. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Here are some resources for these lessons:






An Update on Treatment

So, as many of you know, I was finally wrangled into a doctors office. I try not to do very much personal stuff here, I want the focus to be about your edification and encouragement. However, it helps from time to time to know just whose behind the black lettering and media breaks. So, while I’m uncomfortable detailing my diagnosis I’ve already mentioned that it’s a numerological disorder. I wanted to give an update, and an encouraging suggestion.

First, let me give God glory, praise, and honor! In His providence the original doctor I was scheduled to see couldn’t make it, but I get nervous when my phone rings a number I don’t recognize. So when they called to tell me not to come in, I ignored the call. Answering machines make me nervous, I’ve never set mine up. Although, now, with treatment, I’m answering calls willy nilly and might even set that voice mail up! I went to the doctors office to be told I couldn’t be seen for another three weeks, which I was thrilled to hear because I didn’t want to go to begin with. My dear husband, so concerned and sweet, stepped in and asked if there was anyone else available to see me. There was, and she was wonderful, thoughtful, kind, and helpful. She made me feel more comfortable, like I wasn’t sharing my worst traits with a stranger.

Also in Gods providence, she wasn’t comfortable treating me. She felt like I needed to see someone who was an expert in the field. I had already checked all the experts, which there seems to be a shortage of here, they were all clear booked for months. She had a patient who worked for a doctor, she pulled strings for me, and got me in to see that expert within a couple days. I wish I could tell you I was thankful at the time, or even acted like I was. I can only compare the amount of dread I felt with how I feel near a large spider or snake. This next doctor was just as kind, and helpful, as the first and quickly worked out a plan. It’s been five days, but it feels like it’s been a lot longer. It’s been a very good five days.

The encouragement I want to give you is two fold. First, if there’s something wrong get it checked out. We have all heard, ad nauseam, that going to the doctor is showing a lack of faith in God. That is utter nonsense. No where does the Bible remotely hint at that, however we are told to be thankful for everything. This is the second encouragement I want to give, if you a blessed to live in an area with access to good medicinal care, thank God. Be thankful, dear ones. We don’t need to see miracles, or to demand God to heal us, to be thankful. We are a people of contrite hearts, humble, meek, and thankful. If God wants to heal me of this issue He can, but not due to my attempts at manipulating Him into it. He is sovereign over my life, He is sovereign over all things, I trust Him. I will be thankful. I hope this helps anyone who has been made to feel guilty for seeking medicinal attention. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ

Today, my friends, I’d like to review John MacArthur’s book Slave. Published in January of 2012, Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ a book detailing the importance of one word which expanded his understanding of our relationship to God. That word is the Greek word for slavery often translated servant.


This book was not only a fascinating read, and a great exegesis of Scripture, but also a real encouragement. If you’ve ever doubted salvation, or wondered if you could lose what has been freely given, this book will clear that up. It was also convicting, in such an intense and deeply felt way, that I can genuinely say it’s changed the way I obey my God and Savior. Understanding the Biblical truths that MacArthur explains in this book makes obedience a greater joy than I before imagined. It will bless you, edify you, and possibly rebuke you. I recommend this book to all audiences, and in particular those believers you know who struggle with assurance. You can find this book here at Grace to You, or in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and audio. As well as the book, there’s also a two part sermon series that goes into what’s covered in the book. If you’re unable to afford the book, the sermons are a great replacement! I’ll include the links below. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday – The Hurt of Healing

Today, dear ones, my heart is heavy with the toll these false teachers take on our loved ones. It’s been a rough couple weeks in our home, as an upper respiratory infection took over. At the same time, we all had to bundle up in the negatives for multiple doctor appointments. I am happy to say I’m receiving excellent treatment now for my neurological disorder, you’ll hopefully notice a more organized BiblicalBeginnings writer! I have a phobia of hospitals, ironic that my husband works in them huh? It’s the lights, smells, sounds, all mixed together with telling a perfect stranger about my personal health. We got through it, and I’m very thankful to have a knowledgeable doctor that was so kind and understanding! God has richly blessed me, in the middle of the confusion and frustration, and used the experience to teach, rebuke, and grow me.

That being said, as I’ve mentioned many times before, I have family members who hold to WoF theology. This has caused medicinal issues to go unaddressed, and imperative medication to be neglected. Now, facing yet another life altering decision, this false teaching is causing doubt. The idea that getting treatment shows a lack of faith is one of the most disgusting twists of Scripture today. In light of this, I ask that you would all join me in praying for my family members, that discernment would win the day. I also leave you with Justin Peters Clouds Without Water: The Hurt of Healing. Please pray, beloved, and if you have need of prayer yourself please leave me a note in the comments. Dear ones, you’re a greater blessing to me than words can explain. As always, my brothers and sisters, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Wednesday Testimony – Heartcry in Africa: An Encouraging Interview with Sean Reece

Today, dear friends, I wanted to share a video posted just a couple weeks ago by Heartcry Missionary Society. I’ve often highlighted their global work, although as you’ll see in this interview much of it must remain vague for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Christ working in dangerous areas. I had heard of so many places where the doors to evangelism were closing, that it was particularly refreshing to hear the good news Reece shares below. Praise God for His kindness, His goodness, and His grace! Please join me in praying for this work, I pray this interview will bless you as it blessed me. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Homeschool Resources – Augmented and Virtual Reality

Hello, dear ones, I hope this finds you all doing well! I’m very excited to discuss this topic. If you have children at any stage of learning, you’ve probably already had to deal with the question of technology. How do we protect them? Should we even let them have it? If so, how often? Those are questions every parent will be able to answer for their family, as parents are uniquely capable of teaching their little ones. After all, who knows them better then you do? For us, we spent hours researching, weeks and weeks talking over the pros and cons, long before Kayliegh could even understand what a phone was for. It was imperative to us that we neither held her back, nor pushed her to far, with technology.

We’re from the generation that saw computers come into the home, we heard dial-up, then saw dial-up become wireless. We were already married when my husbands little brother brought home his first IPad. We new that the next generation would not have lived a day without a cellphone, or WiFi nearby. Their generation will be able to say they saw reality go from the five senses to augmented and virtual. As much as we talk about the good old days without all the technology we have today, we ain’t seen nothing yet. Within the next few years stores will be augmented, you’ll put on your shopping glasses and Amazon’s vast directory will appear before you Star Trek style. Cars are already implementing safety features using AR. When visibility is poor lines indicating the road, and computerized cars will appear on your windshield to show you where everything is that you can’t see due to weather. Surgeons are already practicing surgeries through free AR apps like touch surgery. It’s going to save as many lives as 3D printing.

It’s not without its dangers, however, as games, social media, and pornography will all be more addictive, and realistic. This is where the discussion comes in; what is a Christian parent to do? If we don’t teach our children to have self control, how to protect themselves, what to avoid and why, they’ll find those dark places on the web without our knowing it. Thankfully, with as much technology out there, we’ve got an equal amount of ways to prevent dangerous situations and protect our little ones. My advice to any parent of children at any age is to always know what’s going on in their devices, and to put every protective app and option in place at all times. At the same time, be sure to explain why those are all needed, explain the risks to them in a way they can understand based on their age. Teach self control, and have self control yourself. If you are always on your phone, don’t assume your children haven’t noticed.

All that is to say, we’ve introduced AR goggles to our curriculum! After Christmas, there was a ton of toys on clearance. We even managed to find a pogo stick 90% off! Kayliegh takes pogo breaks between lessons, it’s pretty cute. I also found a fancier version of the AR goggles, that came with a base, headphones, and remote control at a huge discount. Originally I thought they would be neat for the museums, as many all over the world have created VR apps so you can travel through their halls and see the treasures they hold. It seemed like it would be great for geology as well, visiting major global landmarks. To our joy, there is a large movement towards educating with AR and VR. This includes Discovery channel, Titans of Space, Eon, and Anatomyou, to name a few. There were so many it was a little overwhelming, and I would recommend all parents thoroughly vet each app before allowing your kiddos free access. Several times I’ve downloaded an app that was supposed to be for Kayleigh’s age range, only to find violence, elicit behavior, or fowl language.

I know the amount of access our children have to technology is a touchy subject. There’s a good deal of concern, and there should be. God has given us these children, made in His image, and we are tasked with teaching them, preparing them, and protecting them. While we’ll be proceeding with caution, we’re very excited to add a new way to educate. Have any of you found AR or VR apps that you enjoy? If so please feel free to let me know! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Wednesday Testimony – Susie Spurgeon

Last week I reviewed the new biography done on Susannah Spurgeon, wife of Charles Spurgeon. So I thought it only fitting that I share her testimony this week. In the biography her son wrote on her, he details how she was brought up in a Christian household but was soundly saved by Gods grace through the preaching of Romans 10:8. Here is an excerpt from Charles Ray Spurgeon’s Mrs. C. H. Spurgeon.

Brought up in a godly family’ and having earnest Christian friends, Susannah Thompson was not indifferent to the importance of religion in the individual life, but it was by means of a sermon from Romans 10:8, “The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart,” preached at the old Poultry Chapel, by the Rev. S. B. Bergne, that the girl was first aroused to a sense of her own personal need of a Savior. “From that service,” she says, “I date the dawning of the true light in my soul. The lord said to me, through His servant, ‘Give Me thy heart, and, constrained by His love, that night witnessed my solemn resolution of entire surrender to Himself.”

It wasn’t much longer after this that she would meet the love of her earthly life in that same pulpit as where she heard that sermon. Susie struggled with assurance, a fact that would later be pointed out to Charles. His answer was to send her a gift, John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress. It’s no wonder that later she would start a ministry of sending Godly books to hurting pastors. It was a book given in love and prayer that helped her to grow in her confidence in Christ’s saving work. Susies testimony is a simple, pure, and honest one. It reminds us that Gods chosen method is the preaching of His Word, which is an important reminder in a day when some would like to ‘unhitch’ from it. I hope this blesses you all, my beloved brethren, and as always be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Monday Creation Science – Flat Earth

Oh boy, just typing that title made me a little frustrated. Unfortunately, dear ones, this is a topic we need to address. No one does a better job than Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle. I linked his video below, I strongly encourage everyone to watch it more than once. This isn’t the most important issue we’ve ever discussed on Monday, however it does carry with it some disheartening consequences. Obviously we know, as history has pointedly shown, the church did not come up with the idea of a flat earth. The myth still consistently repeated by atheists is that the church created and forced flat earth on science. It’s simply not true, however today there are some professing believers who are perpetuating this falsehood. This does two things, one it calls brothers and sisters in Christ who have been to space liars. And second, it casts shades of doubt on the Gospel. Why? Mostly because those who believe in a flat earth are far more concerned about creating converts to their belief rather than to Christ. They’re using twisted scriptures to do so.

There’s not much more I can add to the remarkable job Dr. Lisle does below, so this will be a short and sweet post. I hope this video is edifying to you all, beloved brethren. Deal gently with those who hold to this opinion, remember our goal is ever to give God glory, and to enjoy Him forever. Be patient, and kind, when explaining this to others, as in such a way we shine Gods light and love on the lost. As always, my dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.