Wednesday Testimony – An Atheist’s Story

Mr. Guirguis gives his testimony in the clip below, after you watch it I want to take a moment to discuss the negative affects false conversion has…

Did you hear what Peter said? When things in his life began to get difficult he turned his back on God. Now we know that they go out from us because they never really were of us. This is why, later in his life, he needed the new birth, thankfully by Gods grace he was saved and truly brought into the fold. The reason so many leave the church when times get hard is because they’re being promised health and wealth. That’s a false Gospel, one that causes more false conversions than we could count, making it spiritually deadly. The pastors who promise that coming to Christ will make everything in your life better are twisting scripture and offering things God has never offered. The scripture tells us the opposite, in fact, we’re promised trials and tribulations.

By now most of you have read my testimony, and know that I was a false convert. I spent over a decade in the church without ever truly repenting from my sins and being born again. I wasn’t a new creature, I was the same old flesh with the same desires for self righteousness, I just spoke in christianeze. Anyone can be religious, but to be a false convert you have to believe you’ve been saved. That’s what makes it so difficult to save the lost in our churches, they don’t think they need a savior.

No doubt this is a sensitive subject, particularly amongst those that claim to have been Christians and are now agnostic or atheistic. I was speaking to a young man the other day who grew up in church, believed he had been saved, but like Mr. Guirguis, fell away when life got hard. He was very offended when I brought up my own false conversion, and told me it was a slap in the face to all those who had tried so hard to be Christian. That’s the problem with false conversion, it is bought at the price of self righteousness, but salvation comes through faith in Christ alone, by the grace of God alone, for the glory of God alone. I’m going to add a few videos and clips to help clarify this issue, nothing is more important than whether or not you are truly in the faith. Examine yourself, work through your salvation with fear and trembling. Flee the wrath to come.

Dear ones, I pray this testimony, and discussion on false conversion, blesses you. I pray it encourages you to continue to share the Gospel with everyone you possibly can. I wouldn’t be here now, writing this to you, if someone hadn’t shared with me. Let us love the lost more than we love comfort, or approval of man. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Movie Review – The Riot and the Dance

Last night, as promised, we went to see The Riot and the Dance. It was a great film, wonderful shots, fascinating animals. beautiful scenery, and genuinely funny throughout. If you’re looking for a nature movie for your kiddos to learn about biology this is the movie for you.

I really appreciated the folks who made this movie focusing on God the Creator. The one thing I was looking for that was not present in the movie was a clear Gospel message. I still recommend this movie, it was really well done, and it’s nice to have some creation scientists highlighted. It was just a missed opportunity, especially in the end of the movie when there’s a few interviews, including Ken Ham.

We tend to think that those who would go to Christian movies will already be Christians, but how many are false converts? I would have loved going to a movie like this before being saved, because it would have made me look religious. There were also, most likely, evolutionists and atheists who went to the movie to write reviews or critiques. I don’t remember hearing Jesus Christ mentioned once, but we have the light within us, we need to shine it in the darkest places. There’s a second movie coming out, hopefully the creators won’t miss this next opportunity.

What happens when we only tell the evidence for God? Most of the time we take atheists and turn them into agnostics, or theists. Only Christ has the Words of life, men and women are marching their way to hell, will we not stand in their way, share the straight and narrow path?

Beloved, please don’t miss understand me. I really enjoyed this movie, Kayliegh and I laughed often, and it certainly glorified God as Creator. My heart just aches for those who came looking for the way, the truth, and the life, but only found His creation. I hope this review is helpful, and as always friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Molecular Machines – Wrapping It Up

Well beloved brethren there seems to be no end to the amazing molecular machines within our bodies. We could continue this series for a year or more! Instead, I’m going to wrap this up with a recap on everything we’ve learned. Before I do that, I want to thank you all who prayed with me for my husband and the family who lost their baby. What a gift God has given to have an entire body of believers to go to for advice, encouragement, and prayer!

So in case you missed them here is a list of all the tiny robots working so hard to keep up alive.

Molecular Machines – ATP the energy for all cells, without which we would die, ATP is an amazing molecular machine in every single cell in our bodies.

Molecular Machines – Helicase a necessary machine for DNA replication, the Helicase is just as important as the ATP, and also resides in every cell.

Molecular Machines – Dynein the gear shifting motor, which helps move proteins and other needed nutrients and information, is one hard working machine.

Molecular Machines – Flagellum one of the worlds most known molecular machine, which propels things backward or forward, made of intricately designed pieces.

Molecular Machines – Myosins is a molecular machine that helps with muscle flexing, making in important for movement.

Molecular Machines – Clathrin the three legged protein that gathers together to build a basket like shape which moves information or nutrients inside or outside every cell, which is especially important in brain cells.

I hope this recap blesses you, if anyone missed a post. Stay tuned for the new series next Monday focusing on bringing God glory through creation science. Until tomorrow, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Hymns from the Past – And Art Thou with us, Gracious Lord

And art Thou with us, gracious Lord,

To dissipate our fear?

Dost Thou proclaim Thyself our God,

Our God for ever near?

Doth Thy right hand, which formed the earth,

And bears up all the skies,

Stretch from on high its friendly aid,

When dangers round us rise?

And wilt Thou lead our weary souls

To that delightful scene,

Where rivers of salvation flow

Through pastures ever green?

On Thy support our souls shall lean,

And banish every care;

The gloomy vale of death shall smile,

If God be with us there.


By Phillip Doddridge, A Puritan pastor at Kibworth (1702-1752).

Homeschool Resources – Free Easter Lessons and Field Trip Updates

Hello, and happy Saturday, friends! Our brothers and sisters over at Answers in Genesis have released a wonderful Easter lesson plan for free. The lesson plan comes with four different downloads, each specified to age. They start at Pre-K and go up to 8th grade. Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter, you won’t find any bunnies or eggs in these downloads. These lessons focus on Christ crucified, and risen from the grave. They are great for anyone who teaches Sunday school, homeschoolers, or parents/grandparents that want to turn their little one’s eyes on the kingdom rather than the candy.

I also wanted to share with you all a few of our recent field trips, I haven’t discussed our adventures since we went to see the Dino prints. Since then Kayliegh has learned about geological formations at the unfortunately named Garden of the Gods.

That gave us the opportunity to discuss the difference between the evolutionary story of how these rocks formed, and the flood of Noah and the impact it had on the Earth. Then we learned about erosion, and suspension bridges at America’s second highest suspension bridge named the Royal Gorge Bridge.

There was also a short lesson on mechanics as we rode the gondola across the Royal Gorge, then we discussed how fear can affect us. We also had a lot of fun learning the different types of mountains, and how oxygen works differently on our lungs at higher altitudes, by driving up to Pikes Peak. Kayliegh has had some lessons on weather, and how mountains affect it, as well.

There are fantastic places in everywhere state that show Gods glory, His intelligence in design, and His majesty in creation. When we can pull those lessons into science, history, and mathematics, it’s a win win! I hope these are encouraging to you all, beloved, to push the boundaries of how you teach your little ones. As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Answers News – March 12th and 15th

Here is your weekly Answers News update, beloved.

In Monday’s episode Ken, Dr. Purdom, and Boddie discuss cannibalism, Cheddar Man, and more.

In Thursday’s episode Dr. Purdom, Avery, and Boddie discuss Stephen Hawkings death, and more. They also show a preview of The Riot and the Dance, a movie coming out Monday in theaters. I’ll be going to see it, and doing a review, Lord willing.

I pray these shows are edifying to you, dear friends. If there’s any movies, or shows, you’d like me to look at or review please feel free to let me know in the comments. As always, beloved, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Prayer Request

Beloved, please pray for my husband if you get the chance. Last night he lost a patient that he had been treating for a while. It was a little baby boy, if you could also pray for the babies parents I know they’re going to need it. They’re believers, so thankfully they have the Almighty God to cling to in this desperate time. Thank you all, God bless you dear friends!