Twisted Tuesday – Gods In It

Have you ever heard the argument that God is in something because it’s successful? I surely have. What a heartbreaking, illogical, statement to make, especially when it’s outside of or opposed to Gods Word. What will we say about Islam, the worlds fastest growing religion? What do we say to Mormonism, which has clearly had a level of success? Is God sovereign? Absolutely! That does not mean that Gods blessing is on false religion, or that cults are right in their beliefs simply because they’re successful.

The scripture often twisted to justify this is Acts 5:34-40.

Gamaliel was a Jewish leader, not a believer. We need to be careful what verses we use when defending doctrine. This is not a verse to hang our theological hat on, and to do so is to twist it out of context.

What is success in Gods eyes? Obedience. When Christ ascended, by human measures, His ministry could have been considered a failure. Most of His followers walked away before He was even crucified. However, through His obedience the world was forever changed, salvation came to men from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We’re not Christ, dear friends, but we are His followers, and as such we should measure our success the same as He did. Not in numbers and popularity, as a pragmatist, but in obedience to God. So, my beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Twisted Tuesday – Can God Act?

Good morning beloved friends! Today I want to talk about a twist in scripture that’s truly grievous to my heart. There’s a belief that God will not act unless a man prays for Him too. Is this Biblical? What happens when we take the full counsel of Gods Word into consideration?

This twist is really frightening to me, as it is an attempt for man to steal the glory from God. When a man suggests that God acts because he told Him too, who gets the glory? So often we twist Gods Word to demote Him to the level of man, while we promote man to the level of God. With such a low view of God is it really any wonder people have no joy, peace, or contentment?

When we recognize that the sovereign God, Creator of the universe, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, condescended to become man, took on the punishment for our sins, died for our iniquity, rose again for our justification, and now sits at the right hand of the most High, we can proclaim loudly with the other saints ‘Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me? I once was lost, but now I’m found! Was blind, but now I see!’ Praise God!

If you believe you can tell God what to do, might I suggest that you’ve forgotten to take the full counsel of Gods Word? We do not pray to get God to act, He is working even until today! Because He acts, we pray! Because He wrought such a work within us, the act of redemption, salvation, sanctification, and justification, we pray. If the god you worship is not a sovereign god then you’ve created an idol in your own image. You need to work through your salvation with fear and trembling. The Biblical God is the only one and true God. It is His Son, Jesus Christ, which died for our sins, by faith in Him alone can man be saved. Beloved brethren, this is why we must continue to be good Berean’s and study to show ourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday- Separated From Gods Love

Beloved, there seems to be a pattern of folks using half a sentence to twist scripture into fitting their errant beliefs. This twisted Tuesday is no different. I watched a video the other day of ‘church leaders’ explaining that abortion was ok because nothing could separate you from Gods love.

This goes right along with the unbiblical belief that hell does not exist, or the false doctrine of universalism. The idea that God is Love, He sent His Son to die for everyone’s sins, so everyone has been forgiven and will go to heaven. Take this to its logical conclusion, that means Hitler, Stalin, Moa, and Bin Laden are kicking it on the golden streets with the likes of Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, and Sproul. That’s utter nonsense, God is a God of love, and with His love comes justice. You and I love our spouses and children, and if someone came in to our houses and brutally murdered them we would expect justice from the judge. Shouldn’t the judge of all the earth judge with at least the righteousness we seek from our local judges? So why the disconnect? Why the insistence on taking this beautiful verse, with it’s unbelievably amazing implications for the believer, twisting it out of context and promising it to lost sinners?

If this verse can be applied to all of humanity then sin does not matter, responsibility is abandoned, and repentance is made useless. Mankind has been attempting to avoid responsibility for their sins since the very beginning of the fall. Adam blamed not only Eve, but God who gave him Eve, for his sins. Eve blamed the serpent. Salvation comes when we humble ourselves, take responsibility for our sins, repent, and trust in Christ alone. Once we are in Christ, then and only then can we say, nothing will separate us from the love of God. Beloved, we must be cautious to never misuse Gods Words, as they are needed for instruction and understanding. Let’s not soft peddle sin, but show the sinner the truth of the Good News through the light of the bad news. Yes, you are lost in your sins, and if you die in them you will be cast into eternal damnation on judgement day. But you need not lose hope, for Christ Himself died for our sins, so that you and I can be forgiven! Not by our works, lest any man should boast, but by the free grace provided by God! As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Scripture – Proverbs 23:7

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It’s amazing to me, brethren, how often a scripture is twisted simply by not reading the entire sentence. We’ve talked in a previous post about how the chapters and verse numbers are not inspired, but were added much later. The Word of God is inspired, we should make it our aim not to take it out of context, regardless of where a verse number sits.

Proverbs 23:7 is one of those verses which interrupts a sentence. So when the Word of Faith teachers quote it they never read the full context, they just take the scripture and twist it to fit their new age beliefs. This is one I heard constantly before I was saved. You have to think right thoughts to get right results. The weird thing is that I had heard the exact same concept from my mom when she was a practicing Wiccan. Convinced that she had caused her fiancé to cheat on her by thinking he would, she spent two years in a deep depression before coming to salvation.

Thinking positive thoughts to somehow get God to do what you want Him to is not a biblical principle. New ageism has leaked into the church at such an alarming rate its almost dizzying. This verse is actually an important warning, truly good advice when it’s read in its fullness.

You see the actual text saying to be careful of a selfish man. It warns against covetousness as well. Nothing in there is even referencing the ‘power of thought’ or any such nonsense. I found this WWUTT clip here to be very helpful in hashing this out.

How would we feel if someone took apart our sentence and used a fragment of it to twist the meaning? I’d be frustrated, and offended, to say the least. How dare we think so lowly of God and His Word, and so highly of ourselves, that we would do this to His Words! Let it be our goal, beloved friends, to rightly divide Gods Word, with care, and respect, treating the Bible as the treasured work of the Holy Spirit that it is. We’ve been given a gift, Gods Words written down, preserved throughout the ages, upheld by the blood of martyrs who died to see it translated into a readable language. Therefore, dear brethren, my genuinely beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, let us be good Berean’s and study to show ourselves approved.

Twisted Scripture- Just a Nice Guy

We hear this a lot, don’t we beloved? Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, He was just a prophet, or worse, just a ‘nice guy’. Very few people can ignore the massive historical evidence for Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. With all this evidence what is the sinful mind to do? The light has entered the world, but men loved the darkness.

Enter the ‘nice guy’ delusion, which allows the lost to accept Christ’s life without having to accept Christ’s truth. Delusion might sound like a strong word for this twist in scripture, but let’s look at this viewpoint logically. If Jesus of Nazareth was not who He claimed to be how could anyone say He was a ‘nice guy’ or even just a prophet? You’d really have to twist the entirety of the New Testament along with the many prophetic verses in the Old Testament to manage this falsehood.

If anyone else made the claims that Christ made we would think they were insane. When Jesus made the claim to be the Son of God there were prophecies fulfilled and signs preformed to vindicate the message. Then, as a stamp of approval, God raised Him from the grave for the justification of the saints.

There are many twists of scripture, and generally I think the subtle ones are more dangerous, however this massive reworking of Biblical truth is prevalent in today’s western culture. It’s difficult, to be sure, to see our savior belittled in such a fashion. Man is forever lifting themselves up to be like God, and bringing God down to be like them. The truth could not be further from this twist.

Was Jesus just a prophet? Just a ‘ nice guy’? No. He was God’s only begotten Son, both man and God, who left His heavenly glory to enter His creation, saving all who believe on Him. I often wonder why God would want to redeem such a people as us. However, before salvation came, before I saw my righteousness as filthy rags, before repentance, I felt like God saved because we deserved it. How foolish is the heart of man, it’s the most wicked of all his members!

Liberal theology has spread this ‘nice guy’ nonsense like a cancer from church to church. The secularists might enjoy joining in, but this twist of scripture was born in the ‘church’. Any denial of Gods Word makes the entirety of it errant. When you start with the belief that some of the Bible can not be believed it’s easy to eventually make your way to believing non of it. Which is what we see here, with the idea that Christ didn’t come as the sacrificial Lamb to redeem His chosen people from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

This is why I frequently refute evolution, beloved brethren. When you’re theology begins with Genesis being errant story telling, Adam and Eve being fictional characters, the rest of the Bible falls at the wayside. Why? If Adam never fell, mankind has no need for a savior. Christ Jesus was prophesied that day in the Garden as the seed of the woman. He was prophesied in hundreds of other ways all throughout the Old Testament. If the Jesus Christ you profess as your Lord and Savior is just a prophet or a ‘nice guy’ then you will die in your sins and rightfully be deemed guilty on judgement day. There is only one way to the Father, and that is through the Son.

Beloved brethren, we must be aware that within our midst are sheep and goats, wheat and tares, converts and false converts. We’ve all met them, some say they believe is Jesus but just not that He lived a perfect life. They believe in Jesus, just not that He was born of a virgin. They believe in Jesus, just not the Jesus of the Bible. Lovingly correct them when you are able, pray for them ceaselessly, because for those who believe they are already saved yet remain lost in their sin, salvation does not seem needful. I should know, I speak from experience, it took over a decade for me to see my need! That I saw was only by the grace of God! As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday – Gods Not Perfect

Hello, beloved! I think I’ve previously discussed Gods sovereignty, but this is something I heard over the holiday and wanted to address. It’s the idea that Gods not sovereign because He listened to Abraham and Moses tell Him to change His plans.

There’s an easy answer to this, the obvious one that God already knew they would question Him. Some call these points in the Bible a test for Abraham and Moses, and for them it probably was. But for me, as a believer in shock that the God of the universe, who upholds all things, looked down on a wretched sinner like myself, and saved me, here in these two verses I see mercy.

Abraham questioned the Lord about whether or not He would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if there were a certain amount of righteous people in it. Moses asked God not to destroy the Israelites after they made the golden caff. Both times, to those who want to believe God is fallible like man, it can appear that God took counsel from man and changed His mind. This contradicts so many scriptures that I could do a full two month series on just this subject. Instead I’ll just remind you, dear brethren, of the law of noncontradiction. If the scripture and your interpretation of it is in conflict the issue is with your interpretation not Gods Word.

How was this an act of mercy? God could have destroyed both Abraham and Moses on the spot for questioning Him. Instead He not only allowed them to live, He allowed them to speak. This is encouraging to me, as I never feel as though I have the right to come before the King of Kings throne. It’s always an honor and a privilege to talk to Him in prayer. Although what I deserve is eternal damnation, He has had mercy on me, a wretched sinner.

Beloved friends, I need not tell you that a God who is imperfect is not a god at all. If your god makes mistakes than he is not the God of the Bible. We love to make gods in our own imagine. But there is only one true, trustworthy, God! The rock of ages! And only this God can save. Work through your salvation through fear and trembling, examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith. And as always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday – Unknowable as an Excuse

We really do live in a blessed time, beloved, where all the information needed for correctly understanding Gods Word is readily available for all who seek it. I think of the years Isaac Newton spent researching books and languages to understand what we can see within a days googling, and my mind hurts just to consider the effort it took for him. Although we have this tremendous access, and the freedom in the West to search these things out, many in the church today twist scriptures to excuse themselves from study.

Deuteronomy 29:29 and Isaiah 55:8 are a couple examples of the scripture showing us how great our God is. It’s true that we will never know all there is to know about God. That should never be twisted into an excuse for apathy. In our insane world people are capable of making the absolute statement that there are no absolutes, without being sent to a therapist. We need to be on guard that this ridiculous notion does not creep into our theology.

There are so many cults that teach false doctrines to those who did not, and will not, do the necessary research into what they’re being taught. These cults frequently twist scripture to fit their beliefs. We must always be cautious not to do the same thing, but rather take the full counsel of Gods Word. This is why I extol you, dear brethren, to be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.