Wednesday Testimony- Bonus

Here is a little Wednesday Testimony bonus, multiple testimonies in one clip! Beloved, when I hear these brothers and sisters share how they came to saving Grace my heart fills with joy. What Love is this? That while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us! This truly is amazing Grace! Many of you know I was a false convert, I spent years in church as a tare amongst the wheat. I sounded like the others, I did my best in public to act like the others, but all I really had was religion. Oh but friends, when true faith came in, like a flood, like gates swung open wide, everything was new! My heart is different, my desires are different, my actions are different. What I had once loved I now hate, like the sinful pride of life and lusts of the flesh. What I once hated I now love, like fellowship, prayer, and study in Gods Word.

Surely this great God we serve is worthy of all praise, and honor, and glory! I pray this video blesses you, dear brethren, and as always be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Twisted Tuesday – Gods In It

Have you ever heard the argument that God is in something because it’s successful? I surely have. What a heartbreaking, illogical, statement to make, especially when it’s outside of or opposed to Gods Word. What will we say about Islam, the worlds fastest growing religion? What do we say to Mormonism, which has clearly had a level of success? Is God sovereign? Absolutely! That does not mean that Gods blessing is on false religion, or that cults are right in their beliefs simply because they’re successful.

The scripture often twisted to justify this is Acts 5:34-40.

Gamaliel was a Jewish leader, not a believer. We need to be careful what verses we use when defending doctrine. This is not a verse to hang our theological hat on, and to do so is to twist it out of context.

What is success in Gods eyes? Obedience. When Christ ascended, by human measures, His ministry could have been considered a failure. Most of His followers walked away before He was even crucified. However, through His obedience the world was forever changed, salvation came to men from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We’re not Christ, dear friends, but we are His followers, and as such we should measure our success the same as He did. Not in numbers and popularity, as a pragmatist, but in obedience to God. So, my beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Hymns of the Past – Ah, How Shall Fallen Man

Ah, how shall fallen man

Be just before his God!

If He contend in righteousness,

We sink beneath His rod.

If He our ways should mark,

With strict inquiring eyes,

Could we for one of thousand faults

A just excuse devise?

All-seeing, powerful God!

Who can with Thee contend?

Or who that tries the unequal strife,

Shall prosper in the end?

The mountains in Thy wrath,

Their ancient seats forsake:

The trembling earth deserts her place,

Her rooted pillars shake.

Ah, how shall guilty man

Contend with such a God?

None, none can meet Him, and escape,

But through the Saviour’s blood.

Putting God on Trial

Beloved, today I want to discuss with you something that I see happening a lot. I wish I could say it only comes from atheists or agnostics, but even professing Christians, leaders and elders in churches, have done this. They put God on trial. I mentioned before that this week I’m reading through Job chapters 38-42 and every morning it strikes me anew…

Isn’t this exactly what man is still doing today, all these years later? I heard a well known televangelist explain that he no longer believed God was sovereign because one of his congregants had lost a child, and when she asked him why he didn’t know what to say. Will we really annul God’s judgements, condemn Him to justify ourselves? This particular leader wanted to be liked more than he desired to tell the truth. God is sovereign. Death is apart of this fallen world. New life is granted to those who place their faith in Christ alone, eternity is attainable.

If we break an earthly law, let’s say we commit murder, we wouldn’t go before an earthly judge and demand his record be looked at. We wouldn’t question that judge in a haughty and arrogant manner. “What gives you the right the judge me, Judge?” No. This judge has the power to end our lives, he has the power to lock us up and throw away the key. We would arguably beg him for mercy. Yet our sin against God is far more atrocious than any lawbreaking we can do here on earth. How is it we so confidently put Him on trial? As Paul said, “Does the thing molded demand of the molder why it was made this way?”

When we see God through the truth of His Word we respond the same way Job does here. We no longer seek to place God on trail, but instead we repent and ask His forgiveness. Why is this so prevalent in the church? Man no longer fears God, and since the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom, the leaders and elders speak increasingly without it. Beloved brethren, let me make clear that there is a difference between seeking to know God, to better understand His will and purpose for our lives, and placing Him on trial. As in most things, it comes back to the heart of man.

Are you seeking to condemn God to justify yourselves? Do you place your own knowledge and wisdom above the Most High? Repent! Work through your salvation through fear and trembling, examine yourself to see if you’re in the faith. As always, dearest friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Wednesday Testimony – Luther’s Own Words

I wrote back during the 500th anniversary of the Reformation about Martin Luther’s testimony. I found this video to be such a blessing, I felt the need to share it with you all! The man reading Martin Luther’s words is actually quite funny. I love how he keeps it in context, reading Luther’s testimony while pointing to the differences and similarities of today, with a sort of dry sense of humor. Luther’s testimony is such a wonderful story of conversion that I think perhaps I can’t hear it enough. When I found salvation I was also steeped in a false religion, and it was a daily washing of realization as I saw what the Bible said and how it differed from what I had been taught.

Anyhow, dear brethren, here is Martin Luther’s testimony read allowed, as always beloved, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.