Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part I

In keeping Monday’s scientific, I thought I would start a new series on the amazing design involved with creating a human being in the womb. My husband works in the NICU, and my favorite text to get when he’s at work is “going in for a delivery” because I know he’ll once again be witnessing the miracle of life.

Jesus connected the miracle of salvation with the miracle of childbirth when he was speaking to Nicodemus. It’s a beautiful comparison, we had no part in our first birth, neither do we have a part in our second. Both the creation of our little bodies in our mother’s womb and the creation of a new creature during salvation is evidence of His sovereign power. Glory to God on the highest, He is worthy of all honor, and glory, and praise!

I’m going to write this series a lot like the last series on the Solar System, with points, refutations of evolutionism, and then finally Gods sovereign purpose. Let’s take this slow, and work our way up from the tiny little egg to a 7-8 pound miracle.

The first, and only point, I want to make today (other than introducing the subject) is that a woman’s body is designed to target and destroy foreign entities. The man’s body is same, it’s called our immune system. When a virus makes its way into our body we have defense mechanisms set up to defend ourselves from it. I highly recommend immunology studies to anyone who wants to see the glory of God on the tiniest levels! The ones I’ve attached here are some of my daughter’s favorites.

Ordinarily, our bodies defenses work to our advantage, especially around flu season. During pregnancy, however, the woman’s body sees these tiny cells as foreign and dangerous. It sends the attack cells out just like it would against cancer. How then is this tiny human being that hasn’t even developed a brain yet to defend itself? Its molecular makeup comes equipped with information ready to settle the attack cells down. Imagine these tiny cells saying ‘don’t shoot, we’re on your side’ or ‘relax we’re just here to make her throw up for a few months then it’ll get better’ or even ‘I promise one day we’ll be her whole world’. That’s the Hollywood version, the real action of turning the attack cells away is not well known, some scientists feel the mother has proteins that shut down the cells, others feel the baby does. Either way, the information is there to stop the mother’s immune system from destroying the tiny life growing inside her. My way would make an excellent television series though! *Cue the intense theme music* ‘It’s a dangerous world out there’ Mike Rowe narrating ‘It’s also a dangerous world in here’.

It’s pretty spectacular isn’t it? There is an estimated 37 trillion cells in the human body. All those cells are going to start with the same information on day one, in the womb. Evolutionists claim natural selection is how we’ve gotten where we are, but natural selection can’t occur without first having cells. Cells can’t form without the DNA information to tell it what to be. DNA can’t form without proteins from the cell. It’s far worse then the chicken and the egg conundrum. A person can’t be created without those cells, and no amount of monkeying around with statistics can change that. I have found that Evolutionists do not like to address the origins debate, in recent years they’ve begun saying it’s not apart of evolution (even though it was for the purpose of explaining how we got here, our origins, that evolutionism was first suggested) but they can’t escape this problem, there’s no way to back track all the way to the first cell without running into major roadblocks.

Why did God design the body this way? He knew the end from the beginning, and had all the information within Adams DNA to defend a body against the diseases which would surely arise after the fall. That information included the babies cellular makeup, which can stop a full on attack from the immune system. What a beautiful, miraculous, design! Beloved brethren, God is sovereign, you can take Him at His Word. So be good Bereans, friends, and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

24 thoughts on “Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part I”

  1. 2 points. First, most pregnancies end in miscarriage, so embryonic cells aren’t as good at fending off mom’s cells as you describe here.

    Second, the egg came first. Through evolution, dinosaurs slowly but surely evolved into what we consider to be a chicken. You’d have to imagine something that isn’t quite a chicken getting pregnant and laying a fertilized egg which contained the DNA for what we consider a chicken. Kind of like the Ugly Duckling only that genetically the bird is in the right nest and mom isn’t really all that different.

    Just out of curiosity, what do you think would happen if a few male and female fish were dropped into a lake that was otherwise empty of fish species. The fish had food and protection so that they can live long enough to reproduce, but there is no additional input of genetic material for that species of fish. After 100,000 years, would the fish look the same? Or would they be so different from their ancestors that they are a different species? Of course, the original population that the fish came from would have evolved, too, but with a different, and much more diverse, genetic pool.


    1. Hello Catherine, I’m so glad you’ve brought these points up. Let’s address the issues in your reasoning step by step.
      Firstly, only a quarter of pregnancies end in miscarriages, and there’s no way of knowing what percentage of them end due to the immune systems of the mother.

      Secondly, the idea that dinosaurs turned into birds has been so thoroughly refuted that most secular scientists admit it is an impossibility. That, of course, began with the embarrassment of fossils being put together to produce a false missing link. That began the downfall of what had always been based on speculation rather then real science.
      Thirdly, dinosaurs are not the origin of all living things. How did the first dinosaur come into being? What evolved into what evolved into the dinosaur? Where did that first cell come from, if the very building blocks of the cell can not exist without the cell?
      Lastly, and most importantly, nature has shown exactly what happens to species left alone, while they may have minor changes, most of them remain exactly the same. That is why we have fossils of fish that look exactly the same in their fossils as the living fossils do today. A Great Dane and a chihuahua might be vastly different types of dogs by they’re still dogs. Evolution has never given evidence of a single species changing from one type to another.

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  2. Thanks, sister! I never even thought about how a mother’s immune system knows how to differentiate fetal cells from undesirable cells. Yes, the intricacies of biology are stunning and we still have much to learn. Last evening, my wife and I were eating outside and two flocks of geese flew right overhead in v-formation about forty-feet overhead. How does a bird with a brain the size of a peanut navigate 1000 miles in tight formation back and forth every year and arrive at the same destination?

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    1. That’s such an excellent point, brother! Migrations are one of the most amazing things to witness. Especially for creatures like the Monarchs, they don’t live throughout their entire migration, but somehow their offspring still know where to go. Bugs are specifically fascinating, they don’t even have brains, how do they know to do these things? Tremendous that the same God who upholds the planets in orbit, sees to it that birds and crawling critters make it to their destinations.

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  3. Evolution takes more faith to believe in than God. It is not a fact, although it is taught as such, it is only a theory – full of holes. One of the greatest is how did sexes evolve? It is a one in 300 billion chance that the enzymes collected to spawn life…but now how did those enzymes know to create male and female counterparts of all species? The chances of this are zilch to none.

    And then examine Darwin, he even questioned himself saying how can one trust the babbling of a monkeys mind – speaking of himself.

    Beautiful article btw 🙏🏻 without God nothing is possible.

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  4. How amazing is that!! I never knew that fact. I’m so glad I found your blog. 🙂 You are a fantastic debater (as is shown above ;)) and I’m glad to meet a fellow sister in Christ! Let’s share that Good News! Jesus bless!

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      1. That’s very kind of you, there’s so much negativity on social media that it’s refreshing to see the body of believers on WP encouraging and edifying one another. What a blessing it is!

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      2. You are certainly correct–everyone is always attacking one another. Mhm, for sure! 😀 I believe that as the world gets more evil, the true God-fearing Christians will come together to share Jesus’ love in wonderful ways! 🙂 It was a blessing to find someone else writing for Him, and able to defend the Word.

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  5. That’s a disturbing disease, I hate to see any virus effect children. It’s important to note two things, although I’m not real sure how this connects with this post. Firstly, the idea that one mutation caused this outbreak is still just that, an idea. It’s jumping the gun like this that makes evolutionism so sketchy. No one waits for further scientific observation, they all run with the first idea that matching their worldview. It might be that one mutation caused this disease to become so disastrous, or it may be any number of explanations. Secondly, the mothers killer cells are going to attack the disease to the best of their ability. It’s two different situations, if this was your point (I’m not sure) as the mothers KC’s will be turned away from attacking the baby but not from the disease.

    I also want to point out, again, that this is what mutations do. They don’t create new information, they use information already available and mix it up causing things to devolve not evolve.


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