Throwback Thursday: Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part X

As you probably recall, a human beings body is designed to attack anything foreign, life viruses, but did you know the woman’s body naturally produces a way to prevent those same processes from destroying the life growing inside her? How about the tiny pieces that all have to come together perfectly, at just the right time, to make that little image bearer’s heart beat, lungs not drowned in fluid, brain synapsis fire? I covered all of these miraculous events in this ten part series…

Hello, dear ones, today’s throwback Thursday was one of my favorite series to write! Way back in December of 2017 I began The Miracle of Life series. This is a particularly fun throwback as many are suggesting a baby boom might be on the horizon. As you probably recall, a human beings body is designed to attack anything foreign, like viruses, but did you know the woman’s body naturally produces a way to prevent those same processes from destroying the life growing inside her? How about the tiny pieces that all have to come together perfectly, at just the right time, to make that little image bearer’s heart beat, lungs not drowned in fluid, brain synapsis fire? I covered all of these miraculous events in this ten part series, links to each individual article can be found at the end. Now, in our new shop, we are also able to create maternity shirts! Isn’t that neat? Great time for a baby boom, and a throwback Thursday.

Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part X

Beloved brethren we are going to wrap this miracle up in a swaddling blanket and end this series. Pregnancy is actually a ten month affair, however only 5% of moms carry their blessings all the way to their due date. For me, in particular, Kayliegh was born several weeks early due to complications in my pregnancy. I just want to give some last minute thoughts on how miraculous child bearing is, and leave you with a little more awe and wonder at the sovereign God we serve.

In the last weeks of pregnancy the baby prepares for birth, sitting lower and sometimes head down. The bones in the babies head are not hardened like other bones in their body, they remain flexible for birth. At this point the antibodies from the mother are flowing heavily into the placenta, a process that once again involves miraculous acts done by tiny cells and protein machinery. One of the most amazing transformations take place in the babies body after it takes its first breath. The umbilical cord no longer works once the placenta has detached during the birth, which leads the heart to make some massive changes. For the first time, the babies heart and bypass arteries will begin pumping the blood to the lungs to be oxygenated. Once again, this rapid difference finds its cue from detailed instructions wound up in the tiniest book ever written, the DNA.

From conception to birth the DNA instruction manual is read, duplicated, and obeyed by the complex molecular structures within the human cells. How complicated is the miracle of life? Irreducibly so. Dear friends I can think of no greater example to give for the trials of this life than child bearing. I’ve never been the same, since I gave birth. It’s said the be the closest thing to death that you can do, and survive. The fruit of that trial, however, is priceless. Would I do it again? A million times if it meant I could have Kayliegh. It’s so worth it. Many of the trials we face on earth will be difficult, and yet the fruit is always so sweet on the other end.

I pray this series has been a blessing to you, brethren, and has allowed you to glimpse the greatness of the God who created us. He upholds all things in His capable, mighty hands. He is worthy of all honor, and praise, and glory! To the nonbelievers who are reading this, know with certainty that the day will come when the God who upholds this earth will judge it. We have all broken Gods Law, and as a just judge He will hold us accountable. The Bible says none are good, no not one. Our righteousness is as filthy rags to this holy, holy, holy God. It doesn’t matter how many days you go without murdering someone, the day you do it you will be a murder. You can’t go before an earthly judge and say ‘yeah I killed someone, but only once and all the other days I was a good person.’ It doesn’t work like that, you broke the law. If we, being sinners, know what justice ought to be, how much more so a righteous and just God?

Friend, I say this because I love you and I do not want you to be lost, you’ve sinned against an infinite God and on judgement day He will have no choice but to condemn you as guilty. God, in His mercy, sent His only begotten Son to have the cup of wrath, the very wrath that we stored up with our sinful desires, poured out on Himself. Christ took our punishment, He died in our place, so that we might be forgiven. He that knew no sin became sin so that wretched sinners could take on His righteousness. Repent of your sins, cry out to God for forgiveness, flee from the wrath to come. To my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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Throwback Thursday – Twelve Part Series on Dynamics

Ordinarily, dear ones, I would be telling you about today’s episode on the podcast. Unfortunately, I have yet again hit a snag in the download portion of our recording. I’m currently working with tech folks to see if they can resolve the issue. Please pray for me, friends, as I trudge through the ever mystifying realm of…technology. *gulp* Instead, today I’ll be posting a throwback.

Way back in November of 2018 I finished a twelve part series on the three types of dynamics; thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics. It was fun to study these in light of Gods sovereignty over creation, and to reach Kayliegh as we went along. You can see the original post here. Below is just the ending post, but it’s equipped with links to all the parts in the series. I hope it’s as fun for you to read as it was for me to write!

Hello dear ones! This is it, the final post on our series through dynamics. If you missed any of the previous posts I’ll link to them all at the end. I mentioned at the beginning of thermodynamics that many in both the secular side and the creationist side were applying the second law incorrectly. As an explanation for that I’ve got this phenomenal episode of Creation Magazine Live. If you love Answers News you’ll appreciate this show as well.

Obviously when it comes to the application of thermodynamics there’s no limit. It’s an essential foundation for understanding how God designed this world to work. It also impacts the first two fields of study we discussed, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. The men who first discovered these principles, now laws of science, did not create them but merely put names and equations to them. Beloved, God created all things, though sin cursed and groaning, our world runs in an orderly fashion. I hope this series has helped in seeing the intelligently designed universe, while giving glory to the one who created it. As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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Friday Mega List: Recommendations, Reviews, & Suggestions – October 18th, 2019

Hello, dear ones, and welcome to another MEGA list. In my head I always say that with a loud announcer voice. Before we get into it, let me give you an update on what’s coming next week on Tulips & Honey Hub. On Monday we’ll be dropping an amazing interview with Lo and Chuck. Lo writes the RedeemedMamaSavedByGrace blog, and Chuck is her hubby. Costi Hinn recently baptized him, and they were both gracious enough to join us on the program and share their testimony with us. God’s miraculous power in salvation never ceases to amaze me! On Tuesday The Aquila and Priscilla Hour will be dropping their second episode! Don’t forget to check it out, and follow Emily at her blog HeMadeUsAlive . Thursday we’ll be dropping an interview with James from CityALight, an Australian band with a solid, reformed, doctrinal stance. You can hear their music on YouTube, I’ll link to their channel below.

Now that your up to date, what about recommendations? I have two for you today, the first is the latest video from The Laborers where the Gospel is shared with a man who claimed to be a believer. Watch this mans reaction as these young people lovingly explain the truth of Gods Word, he’s not angry or belligerent, he doesn’t ignore or walk away, he listens. We can, and should, be sharing the Gospel with the lost. I know it can be frightening, but it’s far more frightening to recognize the wrath that is to come. We must love the lost enough to warn them.

My second recommendation today is Dr. Alan White’s lecture starts Answers In Genesis titled Could Life Evolve by Chance? Science Says No! You all know how much a love science, in particular the tiniest, microscope machines which God upholds in our cells to maintain life. That’s the basis for Dr. Whites lecture, and it is absolutely fascinating! You can watch the live streamed footage here.

Today for review I’m actually going to talk about a book I reviewed a long time ago. The Life and Diary of David Brainerd by Jonathan Edwards. You can see my original review here. I recently recommended this book to two separate people, and thought it would be a good review to bring back up, especially for all the recent followers to the blog. This book is amazing, it’s on the top ten of my list, and also it’s in the Public Domain which makes it free. Free.99 is my favorite price.

This weekend I suggest you try a new food, anything put pineapple pizza. Most of the time when I try new food it’s not my cup of tea. But every now and then I find something that becomes a new favorite. That’s what happened with sushi, guacamole, and asparagus. If you’ve tried anything new recently you’d like to suggest, so long as it’s not any combination of pineapple and meat, let me know. I might even give it a try! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Recalling Series – Intelligent Design: The Miracles of Life Parts I-X

Hello, dear ones, I hope this post finds you all doing well! As I’ve created some new social media platforms I thought it would be a good idea to pull together the many scientifically rooted series done throughout the past two years for new readers. Right now, as we see states allowing the murder of babies all the way up until the day they are due to be born, this might be the most important series I’ve done. It’s also one of my favorite series that I did, as I recall how fascinating the research was! I hope this series will bless you if you missed it, or blessed you back when it was originally posted. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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Monday Creation Science – Humanity’s Family Tree: Homo neanderthalensis

Dear ones, today we have an exciting conclusion to our Monday series through the human family tree. The Neanderthal! Caveman cousin? Diseased humans? Aged men and women living far longer than we do? Before we dig right in, if you’ve missed previous posts in this series, friends, I’ll be sure to link to them at the bottom. What we’ve done is journeyed through the evolutionists idea of humanity’s family tree, pointing out the issues of timing and bone structure along the way. We avoided fossils that are so heavily debated that conclusions still remain to be made. I hope to finish today with the last branch of the tree before modern man, Neanderthal.

Neanderthal is the most common fossil in the family tree, with five hundred found thus far. While only twelve of those are complete fossils, it’s believed there are a total of five hundred individual Neanderthals present in the fossils found. They are unearthed all over the world, with Africa being the only exception. The term fossil is misleading in this case, as none of them have been found completely fossilized. The unique feature of being buried alongside modern man is perhaps why we have been able to uncover so many. Unique in that they have rarely been found not buried next to modern bones, that’s not to say that other groups have not also been found buried together. This is true, although not as common, for all the human groups we’ve discussed previously, except for H. Erectus.

Neanderthals have always been viewed as the caveman idiot, no where near as intelligent as modern man, of course. Fortunately we continue to find more and more evidence to the contrary, including findings suggesting they wore makeup, played musical instruments, hunted intelligently, used tools, and were seafaring. Another important scientific upset has been in the DNA, which was previously announced, and dogmatically concluded, to have been nonexistent in living humans today. That has, of course, been rescinded, due to research actually finding Neanderthal sequences in many living individuals. This is clearly the best evidence that Neanderthals are not ‘cousins’ or missing links between man and ape evolution, but humans with distinctive genetic qualities.

It is the odd qualities found in the Neanderthal bones that set them apart from the modern fossils they have been buried with. Secular views are varied, ranging from genetic disease, to malnutrition. None of the proposed possibilities are without major flaws. At this point, there is no obvious agreement amongst evolutionist scientists as to how these fossils came to look the way they do. This is not to say that the Creation scientists are in agreement either. The divide within the creationist view is where these fossils fit Biblically. For many, the Neanderthal fossils merely represent a genetically unique family group from the dispersion of Babel. For others, these fossils represent the individuals who lived much longer then modern man after the flood.

As we now know, the bones in human skulls continue to grow throughout our lives. This is another bit of research that overturned previously held beliefs that all bones stop growing after puberty. That’s still assumed to be the case for all other bones, although we know bones become more dense with age, and cartilage never stops growing. With this understanding, researchers modeled the current rate of skull growth with ages ranging from two to three hundred years old, and came up with images resembling the Neanderthal fossils. There are some compelling findings in the Neanderthal fossils that suggest they aged slower than modern man, including their teeth and jaws. Dr. Jack Cuozzo details these arguments, while also showing how these fossils are being altered to fit the image evolutionists want in his book Buried Alive which I reviewed here.

To conclude this series, I want to point out that we see the plot-line from evolutionists of a family tree that never existed, taught in schools and museums without facts or scientific evidence. Opinions, conjectures, assumptions, dishonest handling of fossils, and artistic renditions that leave out obvious bone structures that differ from the plot-line, is how we’ve been shown the ‘evolution’ of man. If it’s not observable and repeatable, it’s not scientifically provable. Beloved, these arbitrary stories of fictitious missing links need not be allowed to stand unopposed. As the church, we need to be educating our children, and one another, about these subjects. Especially the youth groups, which desperately need to be preparing the young adults to have an answer for the hope they have within. I pray this series has been a blessing to you all, as always beloved brethren, be good Berean’s, and study to show yourselves approved.

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Creation Science Monday – Humanities Family Tree: Homo Naledi

Hello dear ones! Please forgive my absence this week. We were told housing had a mix up, and was going to have to put us in a hotel for the final week of our assignment. After packing like crazy, they fixed the mix up and we’re staying in corporate housing the the week. In other words, it’s been a crazy week! Lord willing, this week will be an easier move due to the extreme packing from last week. Today, though, I’d like to briefly touch on the h. Naledi fossils. I’ve talked about these before, but they’re still touted as a human ancestor so I thought it best to add it into the tree.

It’s interesting, friends, that most scientists will admit there is a huge gaping hole in the fossil records, right where ancient apes should be. This is, obviously, because when paleontologists find ancient apes they insist they’re human ancestors. Like was done for so long with Lucy, and is now being down with Naledi. Often times articles will refer to Naledi as having many human like features, however that is debated even within the evolutionist and secular communities. The curvature of the hands, the hips, and even the strange attributes of the feet, in the Naledi fossils suggest these are ancient apes not deserving of the Homo title.

It’s worth noting that the cave these 1550 fossils were found in is extremely difficult to reach. It takes experts in spelunking to belly crawling half a mile, climbing a huge wall, then tunneling down a chute just to get to the chamber these were in. The bones themselves were found by spelunkers and cave enthusiasts. The jumbled mess of bones doesn’t seem to suggest burial, no were any tools found with them. It seems more likely, to me, that these bones were washed into the cave, than to assume some ancient human like species chose to dwell in such a difficult home. Either way, the bones show that these were clearly an ancient, extinct, species of apes. They also show the deep desire evolutionists have to bend evidence to fit their worldview. I hope this short post is a blessing to you all, and that you can continue to use this information to segue into the Gospel. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Creation Science – Humanity’s Family Tree: First Man

Hello, and happy Monday, dear ones! I hope this post finds you all doing well. As you’ll recall, we’re in a new Creation series discussing the evolutionary perspective of mans creation in comparison to Gods Word. Today we’re going to look at what is thought to be the oldest ancestor, and some of the fossils found which are said to be precursors. Briefly, before we begin, I just want to remind you all that the paleontologists date these fossils based on the rock layers they are found it. Rock layers are dated based on the fossils found in them. In other words, the time scale given on fossils is purely arbitrary. We talked about dating methods last Monday, if you missed it you can check it out here.

Some mentionable, but clearly not human, fossil findings include Orrorin tugenensis, Ardipithecus, Australopithecus afarensis, to name a few. All of these, and the rest who are thrown into the family tree have been debated by secular scientists as to whether or not they were just extinct ape kinds. Even the famous Lucy has been removed from her high place, and is now said to be outside of the human lineage. The need to show some sort of missing link has driven many in the scientific community to ignore evidence, and even a few to hide or change it. There is, to date, absolutely no reason to scientifically claim we evolved from these extinct creatures. Many colorful fairytales have been written, but no observable, or repeatable, scientific facts have been found.

That being said, we do see in the fossil record upright, obviously human, people groups. The oldest is believed to be homo erectus, with some argument about whether or not ergaster should be separate or included. For the purpose of this post we’ll just assume the latter. The most frequently used claim to suggest erectus is different than Homo sapiens is the skull size. This is a problem throughout historical science, variations within the kinds. Without having been alive during the time the fossils were its impossible to say for sure why they had smaller skulls. However, what we do know is that the skulls we’ve found are well within the span of skull sizes seen in modern man.

  • There are a host of other fossil fragments said to differ from sapiens, and if you’d like a good deal more information on the subject this article here has much more detail than I can give in this short post. Beyond the variation found within our family tree, there is also the issue of fossils found out of place, or with other so-called homo species. This happens frequently, and shows just how deep the bias within historical science goes. The timeline becomes even more arbitrary as new fossils are found in places they weren’t expected to be, or with fossils they weren’t supposed to be in contact with. This is why, each year, several articles can be found titled ‘evolutionary timeline changed after recent discovery’ or something similar.
  • The long story short is that homo erectus is a fully human people group, they differ from other people groups in the same way many of us differ today. Without any hard data, or scientific evidence, historical science has declared these fossils a completely different kind as other homo species. Due to this, they placed them on a timeline where there was a gap in their evolutionary lineage. With catastrophism on the rise, and many scientists turning their backs on Darwinian Evolution, it’s only a matter of time before the ages of these fossils are revised, again. The creationists of the future will have a far different debate on their hands then the ones we have now. Until then, though, we need to understand how flimsy this house of cards really is. From time to time we can use the articles, and the evidence, to introduce the Gospel to our friends, family, and co-workers by explaining Gods timeline.

    Adam and Eve were created by God in a perfect world. They were disobedient and sinned against God, throwing our universe into a fallen place. Gods plan from the beginning was to redeem this fallen world, and His people. He did this by sending His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Fully man, fully God, Jesus lived a sinless life, and yet died in our place so that we could be forgiven. What we see in the fossil record is death, disease, and decay. It’s not possible to combine the evolutionary worldview with Gods Word, they are incomparable, as God said His creation was very good. Death did not enter His creation until after Adam and Eve fell. I hope these posts help you, and encourage you, to share your faith with the lost who have bought into a bankrupt belief that everything came from nothing. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.