Molecular Machines – Myosins

Dear friends, it’s Molecular Monday again! My favorite day of the week! Today I want to discuss with you a cellular motor which is at work all over the body, although in the short clip below it’s only demonstrating a muscle myosin involved in contraction.

Did you see the hero of the day, ATP, showcased in that clip? I love when we see multiple complex molecular machines involved in a new process! It compounds the issue of evolution; how could any of this function unless it miraculously evolved at the same time through random chance mutations? Bare in mind, beloved, that mutations can not create new information. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, these molecular machines are made up of multiple necessary parts. They need every tiny piece to be functional or the whole molecular machine shuts down. The idea that these beautifully intricate minuscule motors could have come about through ‘evolutionary processes’ is mathematically impossible.

You see, beloved friends, while the atheistic evolutionist enjoys calling our faith a belief in the ‘pie in the sky’, their faith in evolutionism is truly a blind faith. We have 66 books written over a large period of time by 40 some odd men, all telling the same message, preserved by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to explain exactly how these molecular machines came about. While the lost are left appealing to the authority of whichever scientist or philosopher is repeating what they want to hear, we can appeal to the ultimate authority. This great God that we serve surely deserves all praise, and honor, and glory! I pray this series is a blessing to you, dear brethren, and encourages you to a deeper awe of God the Creator. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Molecular Machines – Chaperonin

Beloved brethren, this particular molecular machine is very exciting! Why? Because scientists still do not understand how it works. There are still so many discoveries to be made, so many design features to unravel in Gods creation. Today we’re going to review the Chaperonin, an essential machine involved in the translation of DNA. Although no one is yet sure how, the Chaperonin is involved in accurately folding protein chains as you’ll see in the following clip…

Wonderfully, God has placed in each DNA strand the information needed for complex machines like the Chaperonin. This molecular machine uses ATP, another fascinating creation from the Creator. Without proper folding of the protein, each strand will not fit into place where it can bind to other proteins or sugars. This is why the Chaperonin is essential for life. Each unique machine involved in keeping cells alive compounds the issue of evolution at an overwhelming rate. Recall, dear friends, that according to secularists we all came from the simplest life form. Yet, even the simplest cell is more complex than any machinery mankind has concocted.

We were, as God’s Word has spoken, fearfully and wonderfully made. This, dear ones, ties into much more than just Genesis. Each baby growing in the womb has cells just as complex, full of DNA, ATP, Helicase, Flagellum, and much more. It’s a life! Praise God, the evidence for life is within the cell, at the first day of conception. Isn’t it beautiful? One more reason to stand up for the precious little lives being murdered in the thousands on a daily basis. I pray these short posts are a blessing to you all, beloved brethren, and as always be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

*if you haven’t yet seen, and shared, 180Movie I highly recommend it dear friends*

Homeschooling Resources and Answers News

Beloved, I just wanted to give you this link which has been a tremendous blessing to me when creating our weekly lessons.

This search engine looks through creationists websites, giving you all the needed information on any given topic without needing to wade through secular websites.

Also, yesterday I missed posting Answer News show from Thursday. I’m so sorry this has happened two weeks in a row, I’m going to get the hang of this eventually!

I hope these are blessings to you all, my dear brethren! As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Molecular Machines – Flagellum

Beloved, it’s Monday again! I love Monday’s! Today’s molecular machine is one that’s a little more well known, as it’s often the example given for irreducible complexity. The flagellum is a tremendous machine designed to propel cells, which is able to go forward or backward. This microscopic, water cooled, propeller runs at 100,000 rpms, while using acid from outside of the cell being pulled into the cell for power. It’s made of over 40 different protein parts, all of which are necessary for successful motion. This is what makes it irreducibly complex, if a single part is tweaked or removed it ceases to work. See it in action in this short clip…

In Darwin’s day the cell was believed to be a simple bit of protoplasm. He’s quoted for having said that if any organ is found to be complex his theory would fall apart, and fall apart it has. Although we still see many hold onto Darwinian evolutionism religiously, the sheer number of complex machinery found within the cell break apart any argument for blind natural selection.

I pray these short posts on Gods creation are a blessing to you, dear friends. In my morning readings I’ve been going through Job chapters 38 through 42 (my favorite chapters in all the Bible) and my mind is captivated by Gods sovereignty. He maintains and upholds all things, as He brings forth life, spins the planets in orbit, He also spins the molecular Flagellum. What could a God this great have use for a wretched sinner like myself? I’m unsure, beloved, but eternally thankful that He saw fit to call me out of the darkness into the light! It was certainly not because of anything special within myself, but by His amazing grace!

Dear brethren, let us give our lives to the glory of our God, for surely He is worthy of all praise, and honor, and glory! Since we’ve been saved by this great God, let us also be good Berean’s and study to show ourselves approved.

Molecular Machines – Helicase

Hello beloved, and happy Monday to you all! Last week we started a new series detailing some of the tiny machines that work within cells. We discussed the ATP machine last week, which is essential for life. This week we’re going to talk about the Helicase.

The Helicase is a protein motor involved in the replication of DNA and, like ATP, it’s also essential for life. This machine, like the other molecular machines we’ll be discussing, are far more complex than anything we can build. The Helicase, as you’ll see in the video below, is active in every cell in our body.

Friends, I pray this series will help you see the grand scope of just how complex our bodies are. Molecular biologists all agree these machines appear to be designed specifically for what they’re doing, although secular scientists suggest it’s in appearance only. As scientists learn more and more about our cells, and DNA, their faith in evolution is continually shaken. Which stands to remind us, as they create ways to hold to their faith against all scientific evidence, that the facts are not what stops them from seeking God. A sinner will no more seek for God thank a criminal will seek for a police officer, as brother Ray Comfort likes to say.

All the evidence and grand arguments we can give to the lost will not save them. They love their sin, so they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. The beauty of these machines bring a believer to a greater appreciation of the mind of God, the Creator of the heaven and the earth. I’m not writing this series to convince the lost to be saved through the complexity of design. It is the Gospel which is the power unto salvation! I’m writing this series to bless you, beloved! I pray it is a blessing! As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.