The Heavens Declare


For the next couple months every Monday I’m going to be discussing the solar system, each planet, and how it shows the glory of God.

One of the questions I’ve asked and heard my beautiful daughter ask as well is why God made such a vast universe. I think that we are, as man, so naturally selfish that we can not comprehend why things would be made that we can not see, feel, or experience. Until recently, most of what we’ll be discussing wasn’t even viewable.

Did God make the other galaxies as a sign for our time, since we’re the first ones to see them? Does that suggest this generation is truly entering into the last days, and are thus without excuse? We’ll go over this in more detail throughout the series, but we must first start within our own solar system.



I have to admit, this is one of my absolute favorite topics! Next week we’ll begin with the sun, and the recent research being done on the subject. We’ll follow through the solar system after that in order and eventually make our way further out.

Before we go further, however, it’s important that we mark the difference between astrology and astronomy. Christians should, at all cost, stay away from astrology and any type of divination. The heavens declare His glory, not what type of personality we’ll be born with.

Astronomy is defined as a branch of science dealing with the universe as a whole, space and celestial objects within it.

Astrology is defined as the study of movements of said celestial objects and their interpreted influence on human affairs.

The study of astronomy is a noble field of science which peers into the very creation of God. Astrology is not a science, but a form of paganism with which Christians should separate ourselves from. We should have nothing to do with any pagan practice, whether it’s the zodiac or palm readers, separate yourself from these things.


I will be writing on astronomy only, I pray that if any of you have had something to do with astrology that you repent friends. Join me, friends, on this journey every Monday through the creation of the great Creator! As always, be good Bereans beloved, and study to show yourselves approved.

Fossil Friday – Polystrate Fossils

Polystrate fossils evidence for Noah’s flood

These are my favorite types of evidence for creation, the ones that make for gorgeous pictures! When you drive past great ridges of every color you get the feeling that the God we love is an artist of tremendous magnitude.

What evidence am I referring to? The fossilized trees found standing upright in the middle of layers of rocks. These rock layers should have taken millions of years to be laid down. How is it possible for a tree to withstand millions of years all while lying upright? No geologists question the impossibility of this. Yet, they see no reason to change their theory, they have faith in evolution despite evidence otherwise.

What do these trees really show? Quickly laid down layers from a great flood. Why do so many both within the church and without want to refute the validity of Noah’s flood? To those unsaved Noah’s flood relates Gods judgement on the wicked, and their own complete inability to stand in the face of His wrath. To the saved, or those claiming to be saved, Noah’s flood seems as though we serve an angry God so they choose to ignore it, or in more serious cases, refute it.

There are two questions then, did the flood happen? And, do we serve an angry God?

As a believer we must accept the truth, Jesus Christ Himself spoke of the flood as a true event. Even if there were not massive evidences all over the world got a global deluge, the Messiahs testimony would be all I needed to believe.

Are we serving an angry God? This question is confused by mankinds seemingly endless ways to misunderstand God Himself. God is not sometimes omniscient, He is always omniscient. He is not sometimes loving, His loving kindness knows no end. Psalms 7:11 says God is angry with the wicked everyday. God is always all the things He is, He is not man that changes emotions like they were going out of style. He is always loving, always just, always merciful, and always angry with the wicked.

How can that be? Let me ask you this, friends, why do you find murder so deeply disturbing? When someone abuses a young child, why does that make you righteously indignant? Because you love Gods creation, the young innocent particularly. If you had no love for humanity you would find no angry in the murder of innocents. Gods love for His creation is the very evidence for His anger against the sin which corrupts them.

Beloved, Gods Word is true. We can stand on it firmly.

Back From Vacation

I’m back from vacation now, refreshed, renewed, and ready to proclaim the Good News!

It’s amazing to me what a blessing fellowship with other believers can be. To speak to someone else about Christ who loves Him as genuinely as you do is edifying to the soul. The world is a dark place, however there are lamps lit in the heart of true believers, what an encouragement that is!

I want to speak briefly today on uniformitarianism, the idea that things go on as they always have. It’s surprising how much the Bible actually has to say about this subject. The strongest scripture I have read inregards to it is 2 Peter 3:3-7. 

This scripture is talking of the last days, scoffers come saying that things have always gone on the same way. They deny God’s creation week and Noah’s flood willingly ignoring evidence for it. 

James Hutton famously said ‘The present is the key to the past.’ This, of course, is utter nonsense. However, it is held by most secular scientists that things remain the same, with slow, gradual, change that can hardly be noticed for its slow movement. What have we actually seen in recent years? Mount St. Helens eruption eviscerated the idea that layers in the rock are laid down over millions of years, and that terrain is carved by deep time. 

This was not new, volcanoes had erupted time and time again. Earthquakes, and other natural disasters shaped and reshaped the world around them. Uniformitarianism is not a logical, well thought out, scientific conclusion to come to. It is, rather, willfully remaining ignorant of facts to uphold a world view. 

Seeing they do not perceiving, hearing they do not understand. As in the days of Noah, they will be taken completely off guard by the judgement to come. Not because they were unearned, because they scoffed at the warnings. 

Do not let that stop you from proclaiming the Good News, rejoice when you are hated among men for they first hated our Master. Be good Bereons beloved, study to show yourselves approved! 

A Book Review of Buried Alive


This is a book review of Jack Cuozzo’s book Buried Alive the Startling, Untold Story About Neanderthal Man.

Jack Cuozzo is an orthodontist that went on the adventure of a life time in this true story. He took his wife and five children along for the ride, and it was a wild ride. There is intrigue, suspense, science, creationism, skeptisicm, and car chases. What more could you ask for? Out of all the educationally focused books I’ve ever read this must be the most exciting. It’s filled with Jack’s personal walk in faith, providintial breakthroughs, and original x-rays of the Neanderthal man.

If you’re skeptical then I would highly recommend this book. If you’re a long time creationist, and want to see it from another view point, I highly recommend this book.

Fossil Friday – Lucy the Knuckle Walker

It’s imparitive to begin with acknoledging that, despite popular opinion, all scientists admit that Lucy, or Australopithecus afarensis, has nothing to do with the so called ‘evolution’ of mankind. She is not, according to the evolutionistic scientists, a member of human lineage.

It’s also important, since we’re setting things up here, to note that it’s possible she is not actually a she. There is some evidence that Lucy is actually a male primate. I hope this will deminstrate how the scientific community fabricates these things to emotionally connect with the public. A pile of bones, nameless and genderless, will hardly endear itself to crowds of people.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important thing to bare in mind as I continue, is that the bones found did not have a hip bone similar to a human. In fact, the hip and pelvic bones were more primitave then modern apes. Scientists decided that a deer had once stepped on the bones, causing them to appear less like a human. This is no joke folks, these guys made a model of the original bone and then carved it out to make it look more like a human. What is the evidence for a deer stepping on the bones? Only that they didn’t fit with the scientific world view of evolutionism.

Now that we have a set up, let me tell you that what you see in museums about Lucy is a blatant, admitted, falsehood. This is the point I want to come across to you friends, what we are being led to believe about evolutionism is based on assumptions, over active imaginations, and far too often, deciet.

What do we see Lucy depected as? An upright primate, walking on feet similar to ours, with arms slightly longer but human hands. These are all incorrect, and the sad part is that scientists have always known this. Lucy has the bones of a knuckle walker, she would have been hunched over. The curvature of her feet is actually more extreme than modern apes. What the bones show, and what the artist renditions show, are clearly two different creatures.

My concern is that more and more churches are accepting evolutionism over creationism as an explination of our origin. When we undermine the Word of God to fit into the popular culture we’ve already lost. If you think Genesis, and the flood of Noah, are too hard to believe, try explaining rising from the dead scientifically. Do not, dear friends, give one inch of biblical ground. We can take the full counsel of Gods Word as truth without the world views of fallen men.

Why does it matter? – Evolutionism vs Creationism

Is refuting evolutionism important for the believer, or is it ok to side step over this issue?

First, let me say that every member of the body of Christ has its own individual calling, their own unique gifts that enable them to perform that calling. I am not asking the question ‘should you, personally, be blogging about creationism as a Christian?’. What I am asking is whether or not evolutionism is a stronghold that needs to be taken down.

I believe it is, and I also believe it’s imperative for the body of Christ to be made aware of the dangers lurking behind deep time.

Why is it so dangerous? Mostly because our students are not being taught that evolutionism is a possible means for the origin of our universe, but that it is certain fact. For decades now generation after generation was inundated by evolutionary falsehoods passed off as fact, refuted quietly some time after being taught in biology. I mentioned a few of those here.

543px-Man_is_But_a_Worm.jpgI have spoken to many hurting people who were in church but found themselves unable to continue going after they became adults because the ‘scientific evidence’ was too overwhelming.

This insidious deception has made its way into the church as well, as wolves crept into lead believers astray. These wolves convince believers not to take the Bible seriously, it’s just a book like any other, full of fairy tales.

These two points make evolutionism a stronghold, and we are commanded as followers of Christ to tear down every high and lofty idea that sets itself up against God. I encourage you, friends, to get informed on this issue. Is it important for the believer to be able to refute evolutionism? Absolutely, someones soul might one day be riding on your ability to answer. is an excellent place to start, they have a magazine and creation magazine live which gives a summary of the articles written. Be good Bereans, brethren, and study to show yourselves approved.

Fossil Friday – Circular Reasoning


Have you ever wondered how the rocks in the strata were dated? Or how the idea of millions of years came to be? After all, Darwen certainly lived long before radiometric dating was possible. A form of dating the rocks came about that has, unfortunately, never been seriously looked at by secular scientists.

It’s called circular reasoning, and it has no place whatsoever in science. Ask a geologist how the rocks are dated and they will tell you ‘based on what dinosaurs are found in it’. Ask then, how are the dinosaurs dated? He will tell you ‘based on the rock layers they are found in’. Most geologists agree that without the dates given to the strata radiometric dating would be impossible. This is because this form of dating needs presuppositions, you need to have a general idea of how old the rocks are to get an answer.

So, the question that this brings up is, what if the estimated dates on either rock layers OR dinosaurs is incorrect? Is there evidence for that? Certainly.

Author-Krzysztof-Belczyński-(x-oph on Flickr)

Firstly, when fresh lava from New Zealand cooled it was dated and gave incredible results for brand new rock! Millions of years, rather than a few weeks. This indicates that the beginning amount of radio decay in rocks is not what was previously assumed. This is to be expected, the present is not the key to the past.

Secondly, dinosaur bones have been found unfossilized. They have been found with DNA, proteins, and stretchy tissue. These materials can not last millions, or even hundreds of thousands of years unfrozen. There is no other logical conclusion to come to but that these creatures did not go extinct 65 million years ago.


Thirdly, the order in which we’re taught the rock layers are in has never been confirmed. These layers are found out of order all over the globe. With mammals found alongside dinosaurs. Even some mammals with dinosaurs in their stomachs, now that’s what I call fast food.


If you’ve been told the Bible is inaccurate, or that science has proven God does not exist, I implore you to review the facts. Not the opinions of scientists, but the evidence they have found. It’s difficult to sift through their own world views, to reach the facts on the ground, but once you do it becomes obvious that no one has proven anything. You can not prove evolution scientifically because it can not be observed. Observational science is not the same as natural history. I hope these posts will also help encourage those believers out there who have been taught these opinions as fact, and belittled for disagreeing with them.

God’s Word is true, we can stand firm in the whole counsel of it.