Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part VIII

We are now in the home stretch of our series through the miracle of life. The 3rd trimester, the seventh month, is a big one for baby. The little one can now hear and see, and thanks to continuing brain development, retain the knowledge of what they are hearing or seeing. In this trimester the babies body is busy laying down layers of fat for the big day ahead. I want to focus on the ears today.

When it comes to intelligent design, I can see few better that glorify the creative intelligence of our great God than the human ear. Our ability to hear, and the design of our ears, is truly a work of art. See for yourself in this short clip…

Wow, it never ceases to amaze me that our body is doing so much work, we don’t even realize it. So much effort goes into hearing, and as we’ve already learned, thinking!

Beloved brethren, the purpose of this series is not to give you new points to argue with atheists on. It’s not even my goal to convince evolutionist that their theory is wrong. My goal here in this series is to encourage you, uplift and edify you, and to bring glory to God for His great name is worthy of all glory! How does learning about the human ear, or when the baby in the womb develops hearing, encourage you? Everything I’ve written about throughout the past several Monday’s flies in the face of evolution. We’re often accused of believing in the Pie in the Sky, it can become discouraging to constantly be mocked and ridiculed.

There was a point where even Timothy was discouraged, and Paul set out to encourage his son in the faith. Jesus encouraged His disciples, even on the night when He was to have the full wrath of God poured out on Him! The Psalms are filled with encouragement as well. We should encourage one another, embolden one another, and use whatever gifts we have been given to edify the brethren. I pray, first and foremost, that this series will bring God glory, and from that encouragement to my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

We really are fearfully and wonderfully made. Next Monday we’re going to delve into the miracle of the eyes, and some of the myths surrounding them. I know you will all be having a very busy week, filled with baking, fellowship, and for some travels. We will be traveling ourselves tomorrow straight across the United States. I pray that you will all have safe travels, and I look forward to the day, beloved, that we pull up chairs to a heavenly feast and are together for fellowship! As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

11 thoughts on “Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part VIII”

  1. I don’t understand how anything you’ve provided here (in any of the sections) “flies in the face of evolution”. I meant to comment last week on the brain and all the organisms that live without one and humans that live perfectly fine with damaged brains.

    You don’t have any explanation for WHY these organs as found in humans are better than similar organs found in other organisms. That seems like a worthy place to start.

    I mean, what is the benefit of human ear sensitivity being a fraction of that of dogs? Our noses being less sensitive? Dogs can’t really see in color, but they make up for it in night vision.

    Do you know how evolution works? I’m sure I’ve mentioned MRSA before; is it caused by God? I’m reading “Wonder” right now and highly recommend it. It has a good basic explanation of genetics.


    1. Good afternoon Catherine, thank you for reading this series. I think perhaps you’ve missed my point, I believe I’ve already answered this in another post however. I’m not comparing human beings with anything. I’m talking specifically about the wonders of a human being formed in the womb of a woman and how miraculous that is.

      MRSA, like all diseases, was genetically possible before the fall of man. In that way, yes our sovereign God caused it to be. Disease is a difficult subject, one that many believers struggle with understanding. I know it’s something atheists like to point out, thinking they make some sort of moral point against God. I find that to be an illogical argument. Why pick at one disease, or another? Everyone dies. Why do all human beings die? Because God said to Adam on the day he ate of the tree of Good and Evil he will surely die. On that day the fall of man, and the universe, began. From that day forward the genetics of human beings, plants, animals, and even bacteria has suffered mutations. Bacteria does wonderful things for human beings, when it’s not mutated into something harmful.

      Do you know why it’s easier to pick at a specific disease, than the general death of mankind? Because you don’t want to look at your own impending death, or the God who is sovereign over it. You put the cart before the horse, and say ‘your god is a mean god, he caused MRSA.’ Take a step back from trying to win an argument or find some sort of high ground. The first question is could this universe and all we see be created by chance? Even the most intelligent minds on earth working with the most advance computers can not find a mathematical model for the creation of the universe. I already went through all that during the series on the solar system. It’s impossible for it to have formed on its own, scientifically and mathematically. Then something created it. If there was a creator then we live in His universe. You can rebel against that thought all you want, like Satan you can try to place yourself above the Most High and claim that you know better. That’s all futility in the face of a Sovereign Creator. You can shake your fist at a hurricane, but it won’t slow down or ease up. You can attempt to understand the mind of God, however the idea that you know better than He does is futility. It doesn’t matter if you like His design, or if you agree with His design. This is His design, we will be held accountable for our actions based on His laws, not ours. That’s the horse before the cart. If there is a God, and His Law is written on our hearts, which is why we naturally know it’s wrong to kill, or steal, or lie, than we will be judged based on Gods Law. With that realization you have the basis for the cart after the horse. Will you reject your creator and rebel against the God who gave you life? Or will you humble yourself to His mighty name, put your faith in His Son, repent of your sins, and be saved?

      In regards to your last questions, there are two forms of evolution. Micro evolution which every creation scientist agrees on, as it’s been witnessed, particularly in dogs ranging from Great Danes to tiny chihuahuas, and macro evolution which has never been documents and can not be researched. Macro evolution is how you get everything from nothing, the intricacies of the human ear from single celled organisms. The idea that genetics can create new information has been refuted by good science for over a decade. I appreciate the book recommendation, can you please give me an authors name? There’s a large amount of books online on genetics with the word Wonder in its title. I did not see a book simply titled Wonder.


    1. Thank you dear sister, I greatly appreciate your kind and encouraging words. I can’t help but constantly thank God in my prayers for the brethren, for the family of believers He’s given, and the kindness you all show! Before becoming saved I could turn a phrase that sounded very flowery and loving, but never feel it in my cold stony heart. Now I feel an abundant love that I can, in no way, express in written or spoken words, towards the body of Christ. I’m so very thankful. Grace and peace to you, sister, from God the Father!

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