Movie Review – American Gospel: Christ Alone

Hello dear friends! Today I want to review the documentary American Gospel: Christ Alone which was released in October 2018. This film was written and directed by Brandon Kimber, and can be found for rent on Vimeo. Unless you’re wanting to purchase this in DVD form, I have yet to find another source showing the documentary thus far. That might change in a few months, if so I’ll update this post. As you can see from the trailer below, it’s packed full of some heavy hitters.

While the documentary does mainly tackle the prosperity gospel, it also address Roman Catholicism and the dangers of ecumenism. It also goes further than just refuting prosperity preachers, but also shows the damage done by the Word of Faith movement. There is, in particular, one young lady whose journey from atheism to born again believer winds through a dramatic health crisis. You see her in the trailer with tubes in her nose. Her, and her husband, were both saved because of her many illnesses which alone destroys the idea that God does not use sickness or pain to draw His lost sheep to Himself. There are others who went into financial ruin, others who just did not understand that true Gospel of grace, and some who felt guilt and pressure from being told their problems were due to their lack of faith. All the while good, sound, Biblically accurate theology is being explained between interviews. All together, this makes for a very powerful two and a half hours of documentary.

A couple things need to be mentioned, before I get ahead of myself. One, with men like Dr. Steve Lawson and Dr. MacArthur, Ray Comfort, and Paul Washer, we feel the absence of one man of God. R.C. Sproul. This is one of the first major collaborations done since he went on to glory, and his wisdom and love for Gods Word was missed. We rejoice that he has finished his pilgrimage, he ran his race well, yet those of us who remain feel the lose. The second thing is that, with so many pastors involved in this documentary, it’s very likely there may be someone included you’ve come to disagree with in one way or another. I hope that doesn’t discourage you from watching, and sharing, this tremendous resource.

Not only does this video repeat the Gospel several times, making it evangelical gold, it also explains the whys, where’s, and how’s that we might not be able to get to within a short Gospel presentation. If you have family, friends, or co-workers that hold to a prosperity gospel, WoF, NAR, or Roman Catholicism, this documentary would be a great opportunity to open dialogue. Ask them to watch this if they can, it’s only $4.99 to rent right now, and then ask what they thought of it. Maybe even consider purchasing a copy to share. This documentary would be great for a youth movie night, women or men’s study, or a family event. In other words, dear ones, I recommend this to everyone! Especially if you feel like your understanding of a Biblical Gospel presentation is lacking. Have you watched this yet, brothers and sisters? If so, let me know what you think! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

19 thoughts on “Movie Review – American Gospel: Christ Alone”

    1. You’re very welcome, sister! Hopefully it will be available in other streams soon. I was surprised to find it on only one website. It’s still a blessing, one of the most clear and Biblically sound presentations I’ve seen in a while!

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    1. I thought of you, brother, when they specifically addressed ecumenism and those who have joined together with the Pope. I did a little internal cheer! It’s actually the first time in a long time I’ve seen it addressed, especially in a such a direct clear way. They even make sure to make a distinction between the RC gospel and the Gospel of grace first, to give a better context. I hope this video will make more brothers and sisters aware of the very thing you deal with daily!

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      1. Thanks for the details! That’s encouraging to hear. Only a minority of evangelical pastors and para-church leaders are distinguishing between the Gospel of grace and Rome’s false gospel. I’m grateful for everyone who participated in this project.


  1. Yes the film is excellent. I hope it will go further with with the higher life Keswick folks and the Calvary Chapel mostly everyone their us into the Bethel. Anyway I’m leaving America,soon her real name is Mystery Babylon.


    1. It’s a wonderful, God honoring video with a Biblically accurate Gospel presentation. I highly recommend it. I’d love to hear what you think of it, if you get a chance to watch it.


  2. The presentation of the gospel was excellent and compelling but my friends who watched this presentation and who lean toward word of faith ministries out right rejected it as unbalanced and hateful. Quite a back lash that took me by surprise.

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    1. That is an interesting response, my friend. It’s certainly not an actual refutation, unless they offered specifics as to how it was hateful or unbalanced. I’ve found that many professing believers have taken a page from the secular playbook in crying ‘offense’ rather than rationally, lovingly, discussing differences in opinions. It’s unfortunate, because it’s often arbitrary. For instance, you could say in response that their rejection, and naming of the movie as hateful and unbalanced, was itself hateful and unbalanced. This makes it an arbitrary statement, not based on Scripture, but on emotions. We ought to, at every opportunity, base our arguments on the whole counsel of Scripture. This is where the Church can set itself apart from the unbelieving world, not to emote, but to reason from the highest authority, Gods Word.
      I was actually saved out of the Word of Faith movement and I doubt that I would have ever even watched this movie back then. It’s only by Gods grace that I’m not still putting my faith and hope in my own ability to speak things into existence. However, often times those tiny wholes punched into a flawed view of God and His Word can be what sinks the theological boat. It’s wonderful that they watched it! God can, and does, use the things that start as an offense to soften our hearts. I will pray for your friends, and if you get a chance to check out Lindsey Davis and her videos titled Defecting from Bethel I think you’ll be very encouraged. It was this movie, actually, that turned her from the WoF/Bethel movement.


    1. Thank you for your blog, sister, it’s such a blessing to me. You, and your husband, do such good work! I would love to hear what you think of the movie when you’ve finished it. I’ve heard, already, from a few that it was this movie that God used to save them or lead them out of a cult. Technology can be such a wicked thing, but what some mean for evil God means for good! And this video is certainly one of those means. May the Lord bless you both!


  3. “This is where the Church can set itself apart from the unbelieving world, not to emote, but to reason from the highest authority, Gods Word.” Amen! One of the major problems with the American church is that people put more stock in their emotions than on the Word of God. True, sometimes our emotions can confirm the Truth, but God’s Truth stands alone and doesn’t need any confirmation from any of us. True faithfulness is believing on the Word of God when our emotions are telling us otherwise.

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