Wednesday Testimony – John Mark

Beloved, in continuing my week of grounding this blog again, I want to discuss an amazing Biblical testimony that is a prime example of what Wednesday Testimony is supposed to be about. John Mark was a missionary with Paul and Barnabas. You’ve all read, I’m sure, how he chickened out and went back home. This led Paul and Barnabas to split later, when Barnabas wanted to give John Mark another chance and Paul thought it was a bad idea.

There’s so much here, what a rich text we have! Many get discouraged when believers argue or separate. It took several years, and a good deal of time spent with Peter, before Paul and John Mark were reunited in fellowship. There’s going to be times when we disagree, and those disagreements might lead us in different paths. Like Wesley and Whitfield, Paul and Barnabas continued their work, the disunity with one another didn’t mean one had to back down while the other succeeded. I think there’s an important example there, when we find ourselves at a crossroad with a true believer.

We also see in John Mark a clear picture of redemption. He would go on to such boldness as to write one of the four Gospels. We know from early church literature that the Gospel of Mark was written by John Mark based on Peters first hand witness. We’ve all had that moment when we know we need to stand firm, we know we need to witness, we know we need to do the right thing and we falter. It feels like we’ve let down the triune Godhead. We can sit with or head in our hands and consider all Gods done for us, salvation, sanctification, justification, purification…all of the ‘ications’. There’s no doubt that God is good, merciful, gracious, just, loving, righteous, and perfect in all His ways. There’s also no doubting that we are not. The only good thing in me is Christ, all I can boast of is His grace.

Wednesday Testimony is grounded in this truth, that God saves imperfect people. Imperfect people like John Mark can fail miserably and still be used mightily by the God of Strength. I’ve never, and will never, write a testimony of a perfect man. Only one has ever lived, and He didn’t need salvation, He is salvation, He is the truth, the life, and the way. When we hear about these men who were weak, wretched vessels in the hands of the Almighty God, I pray we all find encouragement. When we put our faith in Christ alone, by the grace of God we are saved, and become the weak, wretched vessels God will use today.

I had a difficult time last week, a believer I respected lied to me. It was heart wrenching. They are an imperfect vessel, and so am I. When I place myself in the correct perspective I can look on God’s holiness, and rather than anger or offense feel sorrow for the person who faltered in temptation. I can give grace, because I have received so much grace. This is not to say that we accept sin, or make excuses for sinful behavior, but that we lovingly pray for the believers who have given into the temptation we all feel from time to time. Many of you have been believers far longer than I have, and I welcome your advice on how you handle situations where another believer has lied to you, or hurt you. As Brother Washer likes to say “many of you have forgotten more about the Bible than I’ll ever learn.”

As I continue to get grounded again this week, I look to the elders of the body of Christ. You are blessings to me, and to know you are there and I have the ability to ask, to learn from, to sit at the feet of your wisdom and glen from what you write, is something I ceaselessly thank God for. I pray God uses Wednesday Testimonies to encourage and edify you, dear friends. And as always, my most beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Testimony – John Mark”

  1. Thanks for this post, sister! I’m so grateful to the Lord that He mentioned the disagreement in Acts between Paul and Barnabas regarding Mark, and how Paul and Mark later reconciled. I encounter different views on secondaries from brothers and sisters in the Lord all the time, both here and with our church group. I’m generally not a confrontational person and even less so the older I get. Of course, we can’t tolerate compromise or betrayal of the Gospel and I will speak up if I see the line being crossed, but other stuff I’m learning to just let it go rather than insist that I am right all the time.

    As you mention, when a believer offends me and I am tempted to hold a grudge, the Holy Spirit immediately convicts me of my past offenses towards others. That’s not to say that the hurt isn’t real. Paul sadly writes of those who abandoned him. I don’t think we should pretend that we are above being hurt and don’t feel the pain. The problem only intensifies. Paul was later reconciled with Mark. It’s not mentioned in the Word, but I think Paul had a good sit-down with Mark, shared his disappointment, but encouraged him to get back in the race. Paul later wrote lovingly of Barnabas. I imagine those two also had a fruitful sit-down. Confronting the offender or person we had a strong disagreement with is hard and needs lots of prayer. Several brothers and sisters have forgiven me for some unwise remarks here at WP, and those examples have encouraged me to do likewise. Sometimes a resolution isn’t possible and we just have to forgive and move past it with the Lord’s help. I have a Christian friend who cannot (or won’t) let go of past offenses from people in his family. It literally consumes him even though he knows in his head he should forgive and move past it because he is the one who suffers, not the offenders.

    Thanks, sister, for bringing up a topic that oftentimes we would rather not deal with.

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    1. I really appreciate what you said about not pretending that we are above being hurt, brother. That seems to be by initial reaction when someone hurts me, owing to pride and not wanting to seem weak. I think humbling myself and admitting the hurt it caused is my heart cry right now. I also pray that I will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and be able to leave those secondaries alone like you have mentioned.
      Thank you for your wisdom, kindness, and patience with me, I learn so much from your comments, responses, and answers to my many questions brother!

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      1. I pray the Lord helps and guides you with this situation, sister! Thank you for your encouragement. We believers are running this race together, not in competition. Yup, many of the Psalms are about David crying out his hurts to the Lord, not to stay stuck in that valley, but to acknowledge them as the starting point back to healing and peace by God’s grace.

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