Twisted Scripture – Proverbs 23:7

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It’s amazing to me, brethren, how often a scripture is twisted simply by not reading the entire sentence. We’ve talked in a previous post about how the chapters and verse numbers are not inspired, but were added much later. The Word of God is inspired, we should make it our aim not to take it out of context, regardless of where a verse number sits.

Proverbs 23:7 is one of those verses which interrupts a sentence. So when the Word of Faith teachers quote it they never read the full context, they just take the scripture and twist it to fit their new age beliefs. This is one I heard constantly before I was saved. You have to think right thoughts to get right results. The weird thing is that I had heard the exact same concept from my mom when she was a practicing Wiccan. Convinced that she had caused her fiancé to cheat on her by thinking he would, she spent two years in a deep depression before coming to salvation.

Thinking positive thoughts to somehow get God to do what you want Him to is not a biblical principle. New ageism has leaked into the church at such an alarming rate its almost dizzying. This verse is actually an important warning, truly good advice when it’s read in its fullness.

You see the actual text saying to be careful of a selfish man. It warns against covetousness as well. Nothing in there is even referencing the ‘power of thought’ or any such nonsense. I found this WWUTT clip here to be very helpful in hashing this out.

How would we feel if someone took apart our sentence and used a fragment of it to twist the meaning? I’d be frustrated, and offended, to say the least. How dare we think so lowly of God and His Word, and so highly of ourselves, that we would do this to His Words! Let it be our goal, beloved friends, to rightly divide Gods Word, with care, and respect, treating the Bible as the treasured work of the Holy Spirit that it is. We’ve been given a gift, Gods Words written down, preserved throughout the ages, upheld by the blood of martyrs who died to see it translated into a readable language. Therefore, dear brethren, my genuinely beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, let us be good Berean’s and study to show ourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – Discernment Needed

Beloved, this month, during the Reformations 500th anniversary, I’ve been talking about different books not to read. I’m going to do that in a different way today. I’m going to suggest a couple writers with whom I would highly suggest you stay away from.

A little leaven, leavens the whole lump. A glass filled with pure beautifully clean water, with a tiny drop of poison will still kill you. These two people may be encouraging, or uplifting, but they’re both preaching a different gospel then the one which saves. There are other ways to get encouraged and uplifted than handing our money over to those who propagate a damning message leading millions of confused and blinded sinners to hell.

Joel Osteen, and Joyce Meyers. I pick these two because they really represent two groups of main stream liberalism in the church. New Age WoF and Universalism.

Joyce Meyers, whether you realize it or not, has mixed a massive amount of New Age theology into her beliefs. The idea that we can ‘Change our mind to change our life’ is not a Biblically based belief. That is New Age, it’s mystisism, not Christianity. Your thoughts do not send out messages to the cosmos, positive thinking might be better for your health, but the universe doesn’t react to it. I know this is hard, I was actually a really big fan of hers before becoming saved. I had a lot of her books, and loved to watch her program on TBN. She is a false teacher, her gospel is not the Gospel of the Bible.

Joel Osteen is probably more obvious, he has literally denied Christ on national television several times. We need to avoid his books, beloved, like the plague. The only time we should give him is to pray for him, and his wife. Just like Meyers, I was also a huge fan of Osteen before getting saved. I praise God for the discernment He gives, and for the respectable men He has raised up today to speak out against these false prophets.

I added a few video clips at the bottom in case you want to hear more on this matter. I pray God will give us all a greater portion of discernment, beloved. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved. 

Balance – Rock the Boat

Last Friday I spoke on my concerns over the WoF movement. I realized after writing that post that I’ve shared my personal testimony, and my immediate stumble into legalism, but I have yet to tell you all how I was brought out of the Word of Faith movement specifically. Actually once saved discernment was given and I no longer watched the televangelist preachers I had previously loved. I didn’t understand at first why I was so uncomfortable watching them. I even felt guilty, like I was somehow betraying them.


A year went by and a friend of mine, who I had met in a Church of God as a teenager, sent me a link to the Strange Fire conference. It was not what rocked the boat, it was what helped balanced the boat after salvation had rocked it. I had been praying for understanding for a year, and while I could open my Bible, read, study, and understand, the bigger picture was missing. What was so wrong about the Word of Faith? Something was off I knew it, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. That same friend was saved not long after sending me the link, and I praise God for His mercy!

What happened to balance the boat after devouring every video of the conference? It has a beautiful name, it’s called ‘sound doctrine’ and once introduced to it, I can’t get enough! How truly wonderful it is to hear men proclaim Gods Word, not the parts they like, twisted and out of context, but the full counsel of it! There’s only one problem, my wicked heart that seems to love extremes.


If you have any slight form of OCD you understand the deep need for balance, straight lines, equal amounts of steps on both the right and left foot, the same amount of bites on one side of the mouth as the other, balance folks! Balance! Just me? That’s ok…follow me here. I want to swing violently to the opposite side of this pendulum. After sitting under spiritual abuse by the scripturally ignorant I cringe at the idea of following anything that would bring God dishonor or grieve the Holy Spirit.

Due to this, it is a daily task to keep the balance, don’t rock the boat. Left foot, right foot. I tend to reject the miraculous immediately, without hesitation, although my heart was miraculously changed and I was saved by Gods great grace! Balance. We’re not told to reject the spirits, we’re told to test them. I can’t do that without better balance then I have right now. I hope you’ll pray for me, beloved brethren, as we grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, together. Through your fellowship, in the past few months, I’ve been corrected, rebuked, chastened, encouraged, edified, instructed, and blessed.


I have a lot to learn, and a long way to go on this pilgrimage to the Celestial City. One thing I know for certain, you all have been a tremendous help to me. I suppose I started this post out meaning to tell you more about myself, if I’ve derailed there’s a simple explanation…you have all had a profound impact on me. Your blogs are all unique, they each give a piece of the person writing like you’ve all set about each day to add to the edifying of the body of Christ. It’s a beautiful way to keep myself balanced.


So today I thank you all for being good Berean’s and studying to show yourselves approved! If you ever think you make no difference, think again friends.

Playing With Fire

I’ve been wanting to address this concern for a while, and am thankful to finally have this opportunity. Many of you know I was in the Word of Faith movement for over a decade. I spent that time in primarily Pentecostal leaning non-denominational churches. I have been greatly encouraged by the amount of material I’ve read in varies blogs exposing the Prosperity Gospels heretical teaching here on WordPress, like our sister in Christ Nikki does in her blog. There’s one point I want to add, and it’s the danger for the youth involved in this movement.

I can only speak to my personal experiences within the southern United States. I have no idea if this is a southern phenomenon, but my fear is that it is related to the movement in general and not a geographical region. I want to preface this with what I saw at church camp as a teenager.

Flashing lights, fog machines, methodical music, emotional speaking and the general drumming up of a thousand children in a big auditorium. This resulted, as the event planners had hoped, in drunkenness in the ‘spirit’, with wild manifestations of tongues which included laughter, crying, and belligerent screaming. These are youths from 10 up to 18, who were being taught how to be ‘slain in the spirit’. I can remember one night during that week of ‘church’ camp praying at the alter to be given the ‘spirit’ for so long that my legs went numb. 

This video gives you a better look at what we’re seeing here in modern WoF churches.

Now these children go home from camp expecting daily increases of this ‘spiritual’ gifting. However, what they find is that without the phycological manipulation they are unable to get whipped up in the same kind of frenzy. So, in a culture where ghost hunting shows are a dime a dozen, they turn to the occult. This is the warning I want to give you, brethren. There were multiple groups of youth I knew who turned to occultism, it ties in easily with the WoF movement, so they would be out all night Friday and Saturday looking for demons, and in church on Sunday bored to tears. We lived, as youth, looking for the next great manifestation of the ‘spirit’. This explains why Bethel is having such success recruiting young people to their ‘school’. 

If you want to see more on this, here is a clip from the Strange Fire Conference…

This is very dangerous for the young people in church. Please, if you’re a parent to a young child or youth member, monitor what they’re watching or listening to. Don’t assume because it is a ‘Christian’ band, or church video that it’s safe for them. The wolves are not lurking outside our churches, they’re boldly standing within. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.