Wednesday Testimony – Tony Miano

Hello again, dear ones, I hope this post finds you all doing well. I want to share with you today a testimony of a brother in Christ who came from a Catholic upraising and was saved out of it. He has since gone on to face persecution and even jail for the sake of the Gospel. Mr. Miano’s testimony had me in tears, of joy, and also of sorrow. Joyful that he, and his wife, were saved. Sorrowful in the reminder of all our family members who, like he describes his wife, are in church but are lost. I played the Christian for over a decade, it must have seemed strange to my family and friends as well when I became a born again believer. I recall one conversation with my oldest friend, whom I’ve known and gone to church with since we were in school.

We were in Florida, vacationing together, as she has children the same age as Kayliegh. All the kiddos were asleep, just her and her husband, mine and I were left awake. I’ve got an odd habit of sitting on the floor, it probably comes from being the youngest in my family. So there I sat, on the floor, in our rented condo professing that I would have justly, rightly, been cast into Hell should I have died in my sins before that July. I must have sounded insane. Pentecostals talk a lot about demons but very little about Hell or sin. The Lord had already been working in her husbands life, and little more than a year later she was saved through the preaching of John MacArthur. We both were blessed tremendously by the Strange Fire Conference.

My point is this, that to the many who are lost without hope in this world, you have the light. As Tony says in this clip, it was the hardest month in his marriage. Those who have been in church their whole life but have never been born again will be hard to reach. Often times the best evidence for their false conversion is the changes in a true believer. That was the case for me, when I heard Paul Washer preaching about the lost mans love for their sin, I knew I was that lost (wo)man that he spoke of. I didn’t hate my sin, I loved my sin, I was enjoying the pleasure of sin for a season. I was playing the hypocrite. If you’ve stumbled onto this blog and have never been given a new heart, with new desires, please cry out to the Lord in repentance. This does not mean that the believer will not sin, but that when we do we hate that sin. It truly is like vomit.

Dear ones, I pray this video blesses you today, as it blessed me. If you want to share your testimony for a Wednesday post please let me know in the comments, as our testimonies bless believers, and convict sinners, we are blessed to have this means to share them. As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.