Thursday Book Review – The Truth Chronicles The Ark

A review of the final book in the six book set The Truth Chronicles. What an excellent adventure these books have been!

This is the final review of this book series, friends, and as with most book series, it’s sad to see the last page! The Truth Chronicles is a creationist, Bible centered, young adult book series revolving around four teens that travel through time. If you haven’t caught my previous previews I’ll link them in at the bottom.

Written by Answers in Genesis’ Tim Chaffee and Joe Westbrook, this final installment is more jam packed with adventure than all the other books. As with the other books, we follow these teens as they come to Christ and grow in their faith. As this is the last book it’s only fitting that the last of the four friends bows her knee to Christ. The Ark is more adventure than evangelical or apologetical than the previous books. As a matter of fact, this was my least favorite of the six book series. Before I tell you why, I have to repeat that I absolutely adore these books and highly recommend them to every youth group.

That being said, the last book fell flat in a couple areas. Actually, all throughout the books I felt like the Gospel message was not strong enough. It’s there in a way that I feel young people can form questions to ask their parents, or even create an atmosphere of salvific conversations. There’s just not enough emphasis on our sinful natures, or clear explanations of repentance and faith. My second issue is the ending of the book, and this is purely surface level, personal opinions from yours truly, there was no evident end of the story line. There’s a grand adventure, but no closure with the characters or the plot.

Even with those issues, I still feel like this is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best book series for teens and preteens, or mature pre preteens like our little Kayleigh. In each book various different attack’s against Gods Word are addressed, there’s prayer and study, and the love for the brethren displayed. The storyline is phenomenally original, and there was no ‘yikes’ moment of Scriptural deviation that I saw. If you lead a youth group, are an elder in your church, or have kiddos yourself, get these book in the hands of a young person. You can find the paperback here, and the full series here. Also, in case you missed them, here is a list of previous reviews; Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, and Book Five. If you have a book you’d like me to review please feel free to list it in the comments. As always, my dear and beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – The Truth Chronicles Book 5 The Chase

A book review of the fifth book in the six book series The Truth Chronicles, The Chase. This book is chalk full of apologetics, creation science, evangelism, and adventure!

Beloved, I’m so excited to finally be able to review the fifth book in the six book series, The Truth Chronicles. Book five, aptly names The Chase, is the most suspenseful, and emotional, of the books thus far. If you recall from my previous reviews on the series, these books follow four teenagers on their adventures through time, and faith. In the first book they invent a time machine, and with one of the four a Christian who believes strongly in Creationism, they set out to prove her wrong. Each book has been jam packed with science, apologetics, and adventure. This one is no different, though it has an emotion twist.

The Chase deals with child abuse, although it doesn’t specify it seems to be referring to sexual abuse. Growing up, our youth are often confronted by the difficult, emotional questions raised and answered in this book. The raw, honest, pain displayed in certain points of the book would even be a comfort for teens that have suffered in a similar way. This is what I love about this book series, it holds no punches. It aims directly at all the issues young people face, all the attacks levied against Christianity, and it answers these questions. It answers the questions without sounding like a sermon, and while keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what dinosaurs try to eat them next!

Once again, I have to recommend this book series to every youth group. It opens up so many opportunities for questions, for Gospel messages, and for growth in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. If you have youngsters it’s a great book to read together, and can help us as adults to recall (rather unwillingly if I’m being honest) what it was like to be young. You can find the kindle version here, the hardback copy here, and the full series here. If you’ve missed my previous reviews here are some links to book one, two, three, and four. As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – Truth Chronicles The Theif

Hello beloved brethren, I hope this post finds you all doing well! Kayliegh and I finally finished the fourth book in the six book series The Truth Chronicles. It’s been a busy couple weeks, but any free time we had we spent reading. It was well worth the read! If you missed the other book reviews you can find them here, here, and here.

Book four finds three of the four youths born again believers, with one still one the fence. The science fair is coming up again, and the group has paired off to invent some truly amazing projects! Once again you get that feeling that science is way cooler than text books can do justice. Since reading this book Kayliegh has done more science experiments then I can keep up with! She wants to build, experiment, and learn all about science, owing mostly to the practical application shown in these books. It helps that the main characters are young, which gives the reader a sense that they too can be a great inventor.

My favorite part of book four was the integrity shown by the two main characters who seemed to have feelings for one another in past books. As they’re both Christians now, the young man describes how they came up with a plan to avoid temptation. This is exactly the type of message youth groups need to hear! As always, there’s also a clear Gospel presentation in this book. The conflict moves past the evolution vs creation debate in this book, to become more about the meat of Biblical truth. The message is deepening with the arguments, and you see the evangelical outreach spread past the four main characters to other kids they know.

All in all I can’t recommend this book enough, particularly for youth groups and young people. If you have teenagers read it with them, as it gives a particularly accurate depiction of what our young people face when sharing their faith. You can find the kindle version here, or the entire book series here. As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – The Rescue

The past few weeks Kayliegh and I have been reading through the six-part book series The Truth Chronicles. I’ve been reading ahead, as I usually do, as I’ve found there are parts of any book that a 7-year-old is not ready for. This week I finished the third book, titled The Rescue. I’ve found that this book series just gets better and better, filled with excitement, adventure, science, apologetics, and evangelism.

In the third book, the friends make a daring rescue and bring a fifth person along with them on their next trip back in time. A third member of the four-person teen team comes to faith in Christ, leaving one lone friend still holding out. This book brings apologetics face to face with evangelism, while bringing the flood of Noah into the mix. There’s also more discussion of astronomy, which is yet another scientific field where Creationists have made some pretty fantastic points against evolutionism.

With a surprise ending that warms the heart, this is my favorite book so far in the book series. I’m so thankful that the writers put the Gospel into each book, while also answers more and more of the questions and refutations against the Bible. It’s as if they took the Answers Book series and turned it into a grand adventure! I can imagine no better way for young people to be encouraged to share their faith, educated about Creation, and equipped to answer evolutionists. I highly recommend this book to all youth groups, young people, or adults who work with children. This would be a great summer read for teens and preteens, or mature younger children. I haven’t had this much fun reading since my first time through Pilgrims Progress. You can find book three here, and the full set here. I pray these books are a blessing to you, beloved! As always, dear brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – The Contest

Last week, dear ones, I reviewed a book series Kayliegh and I had started. We managed to finish the second book this week, they’re not very long. The Contest is the second book in the six book series ‘The Truth Chronicles’ written by AiG’s Tim Chaffey and Joe Westbrook. The book series centers around four teens, one of which is a creationist.

In book two one of the three unbelieving friends becomes a Christian, and I particularly liked how the fruit of their salvation was focused on. While the teen has now bowed the knee to Christ, they still aren’t sure about creationism. In this book the four teens come up with a contest that involves returning to the same time period in the past as they did in the first book. There they’ll review what they would expect to find if Evolution or Creation were true.

The book ends in a cliff hanger, and we’re very excited to start the third book. One thing that I commented about last week was the puppy love in the first book. There was next to none of that in the second book so there were no googalie-eyed paragraphs that needed to be skipped for Kayliegh’s sake. However, what was present in this second book was more apologetics, particularly in regards to Jax’s anger at God due to the death of his father. They also answer more questions often brought up by evolutionism. I highly recommend this book series to youth groups, or any young adult in your life. It has a high focus on science, integrity, hard work, and Christian Creationism. You can find the full series here or this book here. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – The Truth Chronicles Book I

Beloved, I want to tell you about a book series I’m reading with Kayliegh right now. The Truth Chronicles by AiG’s Tim Chaffey and Joe Westbrook is a six book series. Kayliegh’s always looking for an adventurous book, and this series certainly provides that. We’re on the second book, so I’ll just be reviewing the first book. The Time Machine is the first book in this series, and it deals mainly with one of the youths anger towards God for the death of his father. All the while the teens challenge themselves to invent something amazing for a science fair, where their adventures begin.

This book is apologetically designed, creation centered, with moments of evangelization happening between the four youths. Only one of the four is a Christian, and throughout the book she’s praying for wisdom on how to lead her friends to Christ. There are moments of fearful excitement, a few of which might be too frightening for younger audiences. I read this book to Kayleigh, and skip the moments of puppy love between the characters. If you are, like me, a proponent of courtship as apposed to the unbiblical practice of dating, then there will be some contention with this book series. While no one is currently dating, there’s a lot of youthful talk of it.

All in all this book series has been a great find, truly one of a kind! It has opened up more conversations with Kayleigh about apologetics than any other book she’s read. It’s funny and adventurous enough not to become a cheesy storyline, and any youth you know that’s interested in science is going to adore these books. I would mostly recommend this book for preteens and teens, or youth groups to read together, although a mature child of a slightly younger age is still going to love it. Dear friends, if you have any books you’d like to recommend for me, or Kayliegh, we always love to add more to our lists! You can find this book on Amazon or as a set at the AiG’s site. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.