Saturday Worksheets – The Sun

I didn’t realize that I had skipped over the Sun in other worksheets for this series, I’m so sorry about that brethren! Here I’ve attached a worksheet for the Sun along with a maze. There is also some scriptural copy work. Of course, if there’s anything specific that you would like to have so homeschooling, Sunday school classes, or other lessons, please feel free to ask.

The Sun


There is also a wonderful diagram with more information here. You can also find some excellent videos here for creation science for youngsters. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Heavens Declare – The Sun

Today we’re starting the series on our solar system and its declaration of God’s glory! We’re going to begin with the sun, and next Monday we’ll go on to the planets. I’m just going to give you a brief summary of each celestial object, the problems they pose to evolutionism, and their purpose in God’s wondrous creation. If you want more information than given here I highly recommend What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy Vol I through III by Spike Psarris who was, himself, an atheist and evolutionist before getting saved. I would also point you to and


Our sun is a Class G star, however, it is unlike most in its class. Most stars similar to ours are prone to superflares, which would be devastating to our planet. Our sun is around 85% brighter than most other stars and has about 90% more mass. It is also interesting to note that many of the Class G stars we’ve found are actually binary, meaning they are not the lone star in their system. These fascinating facts show that God’s created sun in our solar system is beautifully placed for life to flourish.

fullsizeoutput_1522Of course, evolutionism says that the sun was formed 4.5 billion years ago from a cloud of gas. This same cloud of gas formed all our planets as well. There are multiple problems with this, however, the least of which being that our sun sits 7 degrees off from the Plane of the Ecliptic. We’re going to stick to the interesting facts about the sun for now, and we’ll review the problems forming stars once we reach the end of our solar system.

The sun’s energy comes from nuclear fusion, the effects of which should change stars after a certain amount of time. If current models are correct then billions of years ago our Sun would have not kept our planet warm enough for life to begin.  The oscillation times for the sun refute secular models, giving further evidence that our sun is a young star. The measurable amounts of lithium and beryllium also give the sun a young age. In short, our sun is a mystery to astrologists, being that they are certain it’s billions of years old, yet appears relatively young.

fullsizeoutput_1521What is Gods purpose for the sun? God created the sun on the fourth day of creation week. Our sun is in the perfect place to sustain life on our planet. Not just the perfect distance from us, but also the perfect place in the Milky Way as well. If it were too far out it would be moving out into the arms of our galaxy. If it were too far in our entire solar system would not be able to maintain life. God placed it in the right spot to keep it stable. It gives us warmth, air, and the food chain. It gives us times, signs, and seasons also.

The heavens truly do declare the glory of God. They also declare that life, you and I, have a purpose. You’re not just a mix of chance chemical reactions, friends, you were made in the image of God. There, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.