Movie Review – The Riot and the Dance

Last night, as promised, we went to see The Riot and the Dance. It was a great film, wonderful shots, fascinating animals. beautiful scenery, and genuinely funny throughout. If you’re looking for a nature movie for your kiddos to learn about biology this is the movie for you.

I really appreciated the folks who made this movie focusing on God the Creator. The one thing I was looking for that was not present in the movie was a clear Gospel message. I still recommend this movie, it was really well done, and it’s nice to have some creation scientists highlighted. It was just a missed opportunity, especially in the end of the movie when there’s a few interviews, including Ken Ham.

We tend to think that those who would go to Christian movies will already be Christians, but how many are false converts? I would have loved going to a movie like this before being saved, because it would have made me look religious. There were also, most likely, evolutionists and atheists who went to the movie to write reviews or critiques. I don’t remember hearing Jesus Christ mentioned once, but we have the light within us, we need to shine it in the darkest places. There’s a second movie coming out, hopefully the creators won’t miss this next opportunity.

What happens when we only tell the evidence for God? Most of the time we take atheists and turn them into agnostics, or theists. Only Christ has the Words of life, men and women are marching their way to hell, will we not stand in their way, share the straight and narrow path?

Beloved, please don’t miss understand me. I really enjoyed this movie, Kayliegh and I laughed often, and it certainly glorified God as Creator. My heart just aches for those who came looking for the way, the truth, and the life, but only found His creation. I hope this review is helpful, and as always friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.