Saturday Homeschooling Update: Helpful Blogs and Gardening Update

My eventual goal is to create some lessons for textual criticism with some for younger and older homeschoolers. As I was searching I could not find anything in the area. If you know of something please feel free to let me know. For today I wanted to share a couple great posts that highlight this topic.

Also, while we’re gleaning from brother Jim’s blog posts, this is a great resource as well, for little ones learning Scripture.

We went on vacation for a week, so I left a note asking anyone who might want to partake in the fruit of our greenhouse to please water it while we gone. I’m not sure if my neighbors who kindly watered it were able to get much off our plants, all the broccoli and the lettuce have decided it’s time to seed. A gardener recently explained to me that they stop producing at this point, grow great big, and flower. The tomatoes look great though, and there’s new jalapeños that are almost ready. I hope this short post blesses you all. Lord willing, next Saturday I will have some lessons prepared. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.