Two Episodes and Major Technical Hiccups

Hello, dear ones! This has been a trying week, with multiple technological issues our two episodes for this week trickled out. On Tuesday, instead of Monday, part 2 of our interview with the FriendlyCalvinist finally dropped on podcasts platforms. It took 12 hours to figure out the issue on YouTube, but eventually, on Wednesday, the video was available. In the last portion of this interview we get more into how Christians should behave on Social Media, discussing why those in the Reformed community ought to avoid the ‘cage stage’. Today we’ve dropped our New Years Spectacular, in which we discuss our favorite things from 2019, and list what will be coming in the next couple months. Hopefully there will be no issue with the YouTube video this time.


You can find both of these episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Podbean, Stitcher, and Youtube. We’d love to hear what you’d like us to cover in this new year, friends. Also, if you’d like to have your blog on our podcast as a shoutout, let us know. We love to point our listeners to Biblically sound blogs! Below is an outline for both episodes, with timestamps for todays episode. As always, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.


2019-2020 New Years Spectacular

Introduction and Silliness

1. Shout outs: Timestamp – 10:30

a. Nancy from Gospel Coalition helping Lo

b. Honorary friends – Kathy & Sarah

c. Mentor Deena and her daughter

d. Kara

e. Tami and Gina

f. Lys from Instagram

g. Cave to the Cross

h. Vintage Vinyl Kreations

2. Favorites of 2019: Timestamp –  22:50

a. Lauren’s Favorites

i. Becca 

b. Becca’s Favorites

i. Lauren

ii. The Podcast

iii. All of our wonderful guests!!!

iv. Church

3. Social Media and Family Members: Timestamp – 27:30

4. Favorite Episodes: Timestamp – 47:25

5. Upcoming: Timestamp – 56:40

a. Our testimony videos!

b. G3 Conference

c. Lauren and Becca Meet up!!!!!

d. Monthly Women’s Teaching check in: Timestamp – 1:03:20

i. Maybe with Lo?

ii. Just a quick clip?

iii. Blog post?

iv. All the above? lol

e. The Bar Podcast!

f. Doreen Virtue

g. Some friends from church

h. Podcasters and weekly posts by them

i. Through the Narrow


k. Melanie Brooke:

5. Shenanigans: Timestamp – 1:11:28

a. Becca

i. What was the funniest thing that happened to you in 2019?

b. Lauren

i. Worst baby name you’ve ever heard? Baby talk the answer.


Are Friendly Calvinists an Endangered Species? Part 2

Questions from Instagram


Martin Lloyd Jones said, “the Christian Faith is ultimately not only a matter of doctrine or of understanding or of intellect, it is a condition of the heart.” I completely agree with this statement and it becoming clear since joining Instagram that many are cold hearted in the way they speak to unbelievers and believers alike. The love has grown cold . Being that we understand total depravity and that unbelievers are hostile towards God; do you think it’s important for Calvinists to be checking their heart more than they are? And their approach? I’m seeing too many “intellectual” conversations minus the Gospel.


How do you manage your devotional/studytime throughout the day? I mean there is so much to do and so many distractions, how do you manage to set aside time to sit and read God’s word, how do you get the most out of that?


What is Molinism, and what is its supposed advantage over Calvinism, and Arminism?


From which pedal of the TULIP is the friendliness derived from?


What is your favorite cookie?

1. What are you currently reading and studying?

2. What books, sermons/teachings, devotionals, movies, music would you recommend?

You can find the Friendly Calvinist on Instagram here:

Are Friendly Calvinists an Endangered Species – Part 1

It’s no secret, dear ones, that the Reformed community has somehow managed to make a name for itself as, well, rude, arrogant, and ungracious. Ungracious? How is it possible that the group of believers that hold so tightly to the doctrines of Grace could act ungraciously? I’ve heard from several people over the last year that they agree with the doctrine, but struggle with the people professing it. So, for today’s episode we’re interviewing an Instagrammer who has done a great deal in changing that mindset. Not only are his posts purposefully reproachful of bad behavior on Social Media, but they’re edifying and encouraging to his followers. I hope others will see this, and follow FriendlyCalvinists example.


Throughout his time on Instagram the FriendlyCalvinist has remained behind the scenes, making his time online about Gods glory and not about himself. Due to this, much of what he talks to us about is breaking news of sorts. We were so honored to be a platform for him to continue teaching believers how to act online. It’s always such a blessing to talk with fellow believers about the work God is doing through them. The interview was nearly three hours long, but there was too much great content to cut it, so we divided it into two parts. Next Monday we’ll drop part 2 where we get more into the details of Social Media, answering our listeners questions, and Shenanigans.


Becca and I want to thank the FriendlyCalvinist for joining us on the program and sharing so much of his story with us. I hope you will all join me in praying for him, and his son, as they grow in the grace and the knowledge of the Lord. You can find the podcast on Podbean, Castbox, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, and the video on YouTube. Please don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and comment to help us reach more believers and nonbelievers with the truth of Gods Word. Our hope is to continue to edify and encourage the Church, while convicting the lost with the Law and Gospel. As always, beloved Brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

The Holy Ghost is Here by Charles Spurgeon

Recently twitter has seen many twisting Spurgeons words to suggest he would support women preaching. Intellectual dishonesty is dangerous in any field of study, but I find it particularly distasteful when it comes from professing Christians. We ought to be the very group striving for excellency in this area, the ones leading the way as a shining example. That’s certainly not what we’re seeing on social media. So, to show my love for this brother who has long since gone on to glory, here is one of his own hymns. Now, more than ever, dear ones, we must be cautious as we communicate through social media. We’re not our own, and every vein word spoken or typed will be held to our account.

The Holy Ghost is here,
Where saints in prayer agree,
As Jesus’ parting gift is near
Each pleading company.

Not far away is He,
To be by prayer brought nigh,
But here in present majesty,
As in His courts on high.

He dwells within our soul,
An ever welcome guest;
He reigns with absolute control,
As monarch in the breast.

Obedient to Thy will,
We wait to feel Thy power;
O Lord of life, our hopes fulfill,
And bless this hallowed hour.

If our goal is not to glorify God, and to make His name known, then why are we even on social media? How could it possibly glorify God to twist someones words, simply to prove a point which is actually unbiblical to start with? Of course, we know that it is not glorifying to God when professing believers behave in this way. If you haven’t seen this, it’s a quote of Spurgeon saying not to send the women home. Some have taken his and used it as a rebuke against MacArthur. Spurgeon was not discussing women preachers when he said that, so anyone who shared it to make a point did so dishonestly. I have learned from this, personally, as I continue to pray for sanctification. I must examine my own heart, how badly must would I want to win an argument to do so by sinning? I pray that the Lord uses this, as with all the other issues on Twitter, to grow His children in maturity. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Reformed shirts and clothesReformed-shirts

Twisted Tuesday – Attributing Motives

This post, today, is perhaps one of the most concerning subjects in regards to social media and the ways with which we relate to it. I’m afraid it won’t fit the usual pattern of my Tuesday posts, I hope you can all forgive me for that and still be edified by the discussion. More than a twisted verse, it is an ignored set of verses. I’m referring to the act of attributing motives to those we disagree with, or anyone for that matter. I have been guilty of this sin, and needed repentance in this area. This is most closely related to slander, which I’ve written about here. I want to go a little deeper than that post, and look at a specific way in which I see slander taking place. It is one thing to guess at someone’s motives, and yet even that I would warn against. It is an entirely different thing to publicly announce someone’s motives in an accusatory fashion.

Why is this something we need to be weary of? It’s very easy to do, for starters, and often we don’t realize we’re doing it. As an example, think back to a time your child threw a fit. Was your natural inclination to discover the purpose of the behavior? Or did you automatically say “he/she just wants attention”. There are many reasons for children to have emotional breakdowns, in my own and my daughters case, there were neurological reasons. It might be the case that your child really does just want the attention, or you have a perfect child that never throws fits. Either way, this is just a small example of how easy it is to sinfully accuse someone through attributing motives. I’m sure you can remember times when you’ve done something nice for someone, only to be accused of ulterior motives. That is another example of what we’re talking about today.

How does this relate to social media? It’s the prime place to see this sin, broadcasted for all the world to witness. Brazen, unrepentant, professing Christians take to Twitter, or Facebook, to boldly proclaim the supernatural ability of knowing the hearts of man. Oh, that we would mortify the pride of our hearts before we ever type a word! It is pride that sends fingers to a keyboard, beloved, and encourages the hurtful slander to be published. Those that attribute motives to others would do well to tremble before the very words of Scripture in Matthew 12:36. At no point should we feel comfortable lying about others, how have we come to the point with social media where gossip is applauded and slander is cheered?

The truth, my friends, is that we do not know the heart of others. We can only know our own motives, which should give us enough concern without guessing that of others. Like in our physical relationships, we must be careful with how we treat people online. We do not see their face, we can not hear their voice, but they are still image bearers. We still sin against God when we sin against them. For many, discussions on social media have become unfruitful. They no longer seek ways to build up, edify, encourage, or rebuke, they only see the debate. The argument. The building up of themselves as they tear others down. I do not know the hearts of those that do this, but I do know my heart. I know the pride that leads me to trust my own opinion on others motives. Pride. I hate pride. It must be mortified.

Every word, friends, whether spoken, or typed, you will give an account for. Perhaps we have forgotten the one with whom we have to do? Have we forgotten how holy He is? Have we forgotten His righteous hatred toward sin? Or, is it that we’ve forgotten His kindness in sending His Son? Have we grown weary of doing good, do we now leave off obedience? It would be better to leave off social media, beloved. It is love that leads to rebuke, but what is it that leads to attributed motives? For me, it was only pride. We have been given today, a gift, time to spend on the glorification of God! Does it glorify God when we sin, or heartily approve of others who sin? And yet, the posts by those who have attributed motives to me and others received thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. We are set apart, we are not like the world, let us therefor be slow to speak and slow to anger. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Homeschool Update: Free Worksheets and Exciting News

Hello, and happy Saturday, dear ones! I hope this post finds you all doing well. Below I’ve attached a small packet on Clement of Rome for any homeschooling families that want to go through the early church fathers in their lessons. I also included a link to Clement’s letter to Corinth if you’d like to pair these lessons with some amazing reading.

Clement of Rome

Clement’s First Epistle to Corinth

Now the exciting news! BiblicalBeginnings finally has a Facebook page. If you haven’t already found me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, I’ll include the links to those accounts as well. My hope is to utilize all the social media platforms to encourage and edify the bride of Christ, and to share the Gospel with the lost and dying world.


BiblicalBeginnings Facebook Page

BiblicalBeginnings Pinterest Account

BiblicalBeginnings Instagram Account

I’ve also created a personal email for this blog, due to the insane amount of spam through my old email. I’m not sure how many important emails I miss on a daily basis between the thousands of adds and political articles that come through. So, if you’ve attempted to reach me in the past and were unsuccessful, please accept my heartfelt apology. Hopefully this year will be a more organized and productive year. This, as well as another announcement I can hopefully make by mid July, is in an attempt to redeemn the time! July is also going to be the month where Kayliegh’s science lessons become, well, explosive! So stay tuned for what will, prayerfully, be a safe and eventful month of learning. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.