Throwback Thursday – Twelve Part Series on Dynamics

Ordinarily, dear ones, I would be telling you about today’s episode on the podcast. Unfortunately, I have yet again hit a snag in the download portion of our recording. I’m currently working with tech folks to see if they can resolve the issue. Please pray for me, friends, as I trudge through the ever mystifying realm of…technology. *gulp* Instead, today I’ll be posting a throwback.

Way back in November of 2018 I finished a twelve part series on the three types of dynamics; thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics. It was fun to study these in light of Gods sovereignty over creation, and to reach Kayliegh as we went along. You can see the original post here. Below is just the ending post, but it’s equipped with links to all the parts in the series. I hope it’s as fun for you to read as it was for me to write!

Hello dear ones! This is it, the final post on our series through dynamics. If you missed any of the previous posts I’ll link to them all at the end. I mentioned at the beginning of thermodynamics that many in both the secular side and the creationist side were applying the second law incorrectly. As an explanation for that I’ve got this phenomenal episode of Creation Magazine Live. If you love Answers News you’ll appreciate this show as well.

Obviously when it comes to the application of thermodynamics there’s no limit. It’s an essential foundation for understanding how God designed this world to work. It also impacts the first two fields of study we discussed, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. The men who first discovered these principles, now laws of science, did not create them but merely put names and equations to them. Beloved, God created all things, though sin cursed and groaning, our world runs in an orderly fashion. I hope this series has helped in seeing the intelligently designed universe, while giving glory to the one who created it. As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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Dynamic Series – Hydrodynamics Part II The Laws

Hello again, beloved brethren, I hope this post finds you all doing well. If you’ll recall, in our series through dynamics, we’re on Hydrodynamics now. Today we’re going to discuss the laws of hydrodynamics. Isn’t it wonderful how God designed everything, put it all in motion, and upholds it minute by minute. Without this consistent obedience to Gods law, the blood flowing in our veins might cease, the waters running down our rivers could settle, life would stop. God truly has revealed Himself in His creation, we are all without excuse. What are these laws that literally keep our heart beating? The Laws of Conservation.

No, we’re not talking about reusing plastic. The Laws of Conservation of mass, energy, and linear momentum are the three laws used when referencing fluid dynamics. The conservation of mass is simply that mass can not be added or removed in a closed system. It’s the same law as matter not being created nor destroyed. Remember, dear ones, God finished His work on day 6, and rested on day 7. Nothing will be added to, or removed from, Gods work until Christ returns. In regards to Fluid Dynamics, Conservation of Mass has implications for movement through things such as ships in an ocean, or blood cells through veins. You can move the mass of fluid, you can put pressure on it to manipulate the flow, but you can not create fluid from nothing, nor can you destroy it.

The second law listed is the Conservation of Energy, most often called the first law of thermodynamics. I left thermodynamics last because, well one it’s my favorite, and two, it ties these all together. This Law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, like mass it just changes forms. Again, my friends, God rested on the 7th day from all His works. The last law mentioned is linear momentum, also known as Newton’s Second Law of Motion. This just states that the movement of a fluid is equal to the force applied. Our heart pumps our blood at a certain rate, rushing oxygen to the needed places. The movement is equal to the force.

Those are the three laws that Hydrodynamics follows, Conservation of Mass, Energy, and Linear Momentum. I can not stress enough to you, brethren, that our universe is orderly, not chaotic. From the planets orbits, to the microscopic atoms, everything does what it’s supposed to do. To look around at these laws, so beautifully and intelligently designed, and suggest that an explosion created them is genuinely repressing the truth in unrighteousness. I hope this series blesses you all, and glorifies the Creator by showing yet again that He truly is upholding all things. As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Molecular Machines – Clathrin

This series on molecular mechanisms was only supposed to be a month long, but as I dig further and further into these amazing creations I find more to discuss with you. I feel like Monday is bring your favorite creation science to Blog day! I look forward all week to this, and this weeks is an unbelievable show of Gods majesty. Clathrin, a three legged protein that helps move things which can not diffuse inside and outside the cell. This makes the Clathrin of vital importance when it comes to transferring information from one cell to another. Take a look, keep your eyes peeled for the three legged Clathrin which creates a basket shape around any thing that needs to be moved…

There are two types of Clathrin in the human body, the main type, and a separate type for muscle tissue. Clathrin are found inside every single cell in your body, and as you saw in the video, help create a ‘bubble’ for transporting proteins, neurotransmitters in brain cells, and nutrients. Unfortunately some viruses and bacteria use Clathrin to gain entry into the cell, yikes!

Clathrin are so complex that, although they were discovered in 1976, scientists are still trying to understand how they bind together. They’re clearly an unbelievable example of Gods creative genius. The greatest example, however, of Gods creative power is when He takes the cold, stone heart of a spiritually dead sinner and replaces it with a heart of flesh. When God makes a new creature, redeeming, forgiving, justifying, and sanctifying, out of dry dead bones, His name and power are glorified. When the nano mechanical proteins in our body do what they were designed to do that’s creation in obedience to its Creator. When a wretched, law breaking, blaspheming, adulterous, sinner repents, humbles themselves, and bows their knee to Christ, that beloved is a miracle.

If you see this tremendous complexity, and the beauty of Gods creation, and can not say with assurance that you’ve been born again, please work through your salvation with fear and trembling. As new creations we now love the very things we use to hate, like fellowship with the brethren, prayer, and study into Gods Word. At the same time, we hate the things we use to love, like the sinful pride of life, and lusts of the flesh. You can not serve two masters, you can not both love the world, and call Christ Lord. God upholds the universe, while simultaneously commanding the tiniest of molecular machines in our bodies, He is worthy of all our praise, and honor, and glory. If you have not yet repented of your sins and cried out to God for forgiveness, today is the day of salvation. To my dear friends, as always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.