Happy Easter and…Anniversary?

I was pleasantly surprised to see a notification this morning that today is my WP anniversary! Three years blogging, wow that time seems to have gone by extremely fast. Thank you, to all my readers, you’ve become my dear friends! I hope you’re all having a very wonderful morning, that your live stream connection is on point, and that you again bring to mind the price that was paid for our salvation. For believers we don’t celebrate the resurrection once a year, but daily, and on difficult days, hourly. If you are reading this and have not repented of your sins (lying, lustful thoughts, taking the Lords name in vain, hatred and such) know that there is only one way to the Father and that is through the Son. Just like crime is punishable here on Earth, your sin is a crime against your Creator, and will either be paid by you in eternity, or Christ has paid it. No sin will go unpunished. God is not a corrupt or lazy judge, He is a just and righteous judge. Do not think that you will go before Him on the day of judgement and plead your case. If you murder someone and go before a judge and say “yes I did this bad thing, but I’m a good person, I help orphans and what not” will the judge set you free and forgive your crime? Of course not! Regardless of the good you’ve done, your crime is still a crime, and the debt you owe to society must be paid. It is the same for your sin, there is a debt that must be paid. You might think “what kind of God punishes people for eternity?” And that is a good question! First, let us remember that sin does not stop in hell, the commandments decreed are still being broken, Gods name is blasphemed, hatred is fueled, pride and idolatry continue. Second, the degree of punishment is, as on earth, equal to the one against whom you have committed the crime. If you lie to your spouse you will most likely face their wrath and perhaps spend a night on the couch. If you lie to a police officer you’ll be ticketed, and perhaps spend a night in jail. If you lie to the Supreme Court you will spend years in prison, and they have the power to put you to death. What has changed in these three scenarios? Not the crime, the crime was the same, but the one who was offended has changed. You have sinned against an eternal God, and the punishment for your sin is therefor eternal. But, what love is this? While I was YET a sinner Christ died for me! That’s the Good News of the Gospel! Christ lived a sinless life, when He was crucified God poured out the wrath reserved for you and me upon Him. You see, we owed a debt we couldn’t pay, so He paid a debt He didn’t owe. If your about to be sent to prison for life, and someone stands up and says they’ll take your place, they’ll pay the debt you owe, you’re free to go. Free. He who the Son sets free is free indeed! That’s what Christ did, He paid for our sins, the eternal punishment was placed on Him, and we can have freedom from sin and death. Repent of your sins, put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, believe on Him. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.