LivingWaters presents Evolution Vs. God

While I love all of Ray Comforts movies, and find the use of the Gospel in each one very refreshing, this might be one of my favorites. I come from the generation who was told with deafening conceit that Evolution was a proven fact. We didn’t have the resources growing up that are available today. Don’t get me wrong, Evolution is still heralded as a ‘fact’ and little has changed in text books. However, what has changed is the readily available information within the scientific community that shows the massive flaws in the theory.

The real issue stems from the origin of the origins debate. Evolutionism didn’t begin as a scientific endeavor, but as a philosophical one. Unfortunately, along with any evidence against evolution, logic is also no longer taught in public schools. Remember, beloved brethren, that less than a hundred years ago it was evolution that was illegal to teach in American schools. So what phenomenal evidence was found to cause such a complete change? Watch and see…


Rare Second Post – EXIT

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Hello beloved, I’m doing the rare second post today to share this amazing video from LivingWaters with Ray Comfort. It’s extremely powerful, if you’ve suffered from depression or if you have friends or family members that do, please watch and share!