Hymns of the Past – When Once I Mourned a Load of Sin

When once I mourned a load of sin,

When conscience felt a wound within,

When all my works were thrown away,

When on my knees I knelt to pray,

Then, blissful hour, remembered well,

I learned Thy love, Immanuel !

When storms of sorrow toss my soul,

When waves of care around me roll,

When comforts sink, when joys shall flee,

When hopeless griefs shall gape for me,

One word the tempest’s rage shall quell,

That word, Thy name, Immanuel !

When for the truth I suffer shame,

When foes pour scandal on my name,

When cruel taunts and jeers abound,

When “bulls of Bashan” gird me round,

Secure within my tower I’ll dwell,

That tower, Thy grace, Immanuel !

When hell, enraged, lifts up her roar,

When Satan stops my path before,

When fiends rejoice, and wait my end,

When legion’d hosts their arrows send,

Fear not, my soul, but hurl at hell

Thy battle-cry, Immanuel !

When down the hill of life I go,

When o’er my feet death’s waters flow,

When in the deep’ning flood I sink,

When friends stand weeping on the brink,

I’ll mingle with my last farewell,

Thy lovely name, Immanuel !

When tears are banished from mine eye,

When fairer worlds than these are nigh,

When Heaven shall fill my ravish’d sight,

When I shall bathe in sweet delight,

One joy all joys shall far excel,

To see Thy face, Immanuel !

Thursday Book Review – According to the Promise

Hello, beloved brethren! Today I want to bring to your attention a book which would be excellent for evangelism. C. H. Spurgeon’s According to the Promise is a book outlining the difference between true and false conversion. He used the comparison of Isaac and Ishmael throughout the book to highlight certain characteristics of believers and legalistic church goers. I love how relevant this book is today, although it was written so long ago. So many of the Prince of Preachers words have stood the test of time, because he stuck to Biblical principles.

One of the things, I think, that made Spurgeon such a winner of souls was that he never presumed upon the salvation of others. He loved the lost enough to question whether they were in the faith. He challenged all he met to work through their salvation with fear and trembling. The end result, like he says in this book, is that the truly saved rejoice and find great peace and joy in the assurance of their salvation. At the same time, those deceived into believing they can work their way into heaven become aware of their danger.

I would recommend this book to anyone, believer or nonbeliever. Spurgeon details the path to salvation, accurately depicting the Gospel, while giving all the warning signs of coming up short. I spent so long trying to work my way into heaven, the harder I tried the harder it got, until I was overrun by sin. Finally I gave up all my efforts and humbled myself before God Almighty, my plight was great, my need was infinite, my ability was futile. I needed a savior, I could not save myself. We can save our friends, family, coworkers, and fellow church members, a lot of pain and suffering by being honest with them like Spurgeon is in this book.

I pray this book will be a blessing to you all, dear friends, as it was to me. If you have any books you’d like me to review please feel free to let me know. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – The Secret Power in Prayer

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Hello beloved, I have another Spurgeon book to review for today! We can never read too many books from the Prince of Preachers can we?

A while back our brother in Christ, Pastor Jim reviewed this book. I’m in a season, and have been for several months, of learning the whys, when’s, where’s, and how’s of praying. Previous to this book, and one other resource I’ll recommend at the end, I had been praying for help understanding prayer. God is a gracious God, He answers even the weakest believers prayer.

After being saved prayer flowed out of me like an uncontrollable force. As I grow in faith my hearts greatest desire is obedience to God, to love Him with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind. This book, The Secret Power in Prayer, has been extremely enlightening. Throughout the book, based on a sermon, Spurgeon uses John 15:7 to explain the power of prayer in the believers life. With this verse he shows that when Gods Word abides in us our will lines up with Gods will. I recommend this book to all believers, young and old. Kayliegh is reading it, she is 7, and she’s enjoying it as much as I have.

As a Christian, aware of Gods sovereignty, I would never want to be outside of Gods will, much less pray to Him about something outside of His will. But then…why pray at all? It’s His will be done, right? Beloved brethren, I couldn’t stop praying even if I wanted to. However, I still want to understand what God’s sovereign purpose in prayer is. Below is a lecture series that was such a tremendous blessing to me, in regards to prayer. As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.