Wednesday Testimony – Big ‘Ol Alaskan Man

I love this Testimony brother Paul Washer shares from time to time. This particular clip is a fantastic summation of it. First off, let’s just appreciate how he says “I only have 45 seconds left” yet the clip is nearly four minutes long. I think we’ve all experienced that moment of disappointment as we realize the sermon is coming to an end. Before becoming saved I watched that clock better than the preacher ever could, now all things are made new and I desire the Word to be preached and Gods name to be glorified! What I love most about this Testimony, though, is the goodness and mercy of God. This dying Alaskan man walked into that small church to hear a man with whom God has used to plant and water many a seed.

If you, friend, like this Alaskan man, have heard someone once talk about Jesus but have never repented of your sins and put your trust in Him, today is the day of salvation! Repenting of your sins means to turn away from them, not just saying a fake apology in a prayer you rattle off out of habit (like I did for over a decade). You see, dear one, God is an infinite God, The Creator of all things, who gave us life and air to breath. When we sin, whether in thought or deed, we sin against Him and Him alone. Yes thoughts, friend, God knows your thoughts and deeds. He is so holy that He sees your lustful thoughts of another as adultery, and your hatred (like when that car cut you off on the highway) as murder. If you’ve ever taken the Lords name in vain, told a lie, stolen something, or dishonored your parents, then you’ve broken His Law. God will punish wickedness because He is righteous. Yet He is also merciful, and unwilling that any should parish but that all should have eternal life. So he condescended to become man, leaving His throne in heaven He entered His creation as Jesus Christ the Nazarene born of a virgin. He lived a holy, sinless life so that He could be the perfect, blameless lamb sacrificed for the sins of His people. He went to the cross, had the full wrath of God poured out on Him, and died in our place. On the third day He rose from the dead because it was not possible for death to hold Him. You and I have broken Gods Law, and the wages of that sin is death, eternity in hell. The gift of God is eternal life, and we can have that free gift of Gods grace by repenting of our sins and putting our faith in the finished works of Jesus Christ. Please, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

The last point I want to make today is what this Big ‘Ol Alaskan man represents. We all have those friends and family members we know, we cry to God for them, we plead with them REPENT! To us they are the Big ‘Ol Alaskan man. Will they ever heed the call? Will they ever listen to our pleas? Sometimes it seems as though it will never happen, we keep watering the same seed and forget who brings the increase. Be encouraged today, my beloved brethren, that the Big ‘Ol Alaskan bowed his knee to Christ! So keep praying, keep sharing your faith, and keep being good Berean’s, studying to show yourselves approved.


Wednesday Testimony – An Atheist’s Story

Mr. Guirguis gives his testimony in the clip below, after you watch it I want to take a moment to discuss the negative affects false conversion has…

Did you hear what Peter said? When things in his life began to get difficult he turned his back on God. Now we know that they go out from us because they never really were of us. This is why, later in his life, he needed the new birth, thankfully by Gods grace he was saved and truly brought into the fold. The reason so many leave the church when times get hard is because they’re being promised health and wealth. That’s a false Gospel, one that causes more false conversions than we could count, making it spiritually deadly. The pastors who promise that coming to Christ will make everything in your life better are twisting scripture and offering things God has never offered. The scripture tells us the opposite, in fact, we’re promised trials and tribulations.

By now most of you have read my testimony, and know that I was a false convert. I spent over a decade in the church without ever truly repenting from my sins and being born again. I wasn’t a new creature, I was the same old flesh with the same desires for self righteousness, I just spoke in christianeze. Anyone can be religious, but to be a false convert you have to believe you’ve been saved. That’s what makes it so difficult to save the lost in our churches, they don’t think they need a savior.

No doubt this is a sensitive subject, particularly amongst those that claim to have been Christians and are now agnostic or atheistic. I was speaking to a young man the other day who grew up in church, believed he had been saved, but like Mr. Guirguis, fell away when life got hard. He was very offended when I brought up my own false conversion, and told me it was a slap in the face to all those who had tried so hard to be Christian. That’s the problem with false conversion, it is bought at the price of self righteousness, but salvation comes through faith in Christ alone, by the grace of God alone, for the glory of God alone. I’m going to add a few videos and clips to help clarify this issue, nothing is more important than whether or not you are truly in the faith. Examine yourself, work through your salvation with fear and trembling. Flee the wrath to come.

Dear ones, I pray this testimony, and discussion on false conversion, blesses you. I pray it encourages you to continue to share the Gospel with everyone you possibly can. I wouldn’t be here now, writing this to you, if someone hadn’t shared with me. Let us love the lost more than we love comfort, or approval of man. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

How Beautiful are the Feet

Beloved brethren, I will freely confess to you that I’ve been struggling. I have these beautiful moments where God has given strength for prayer and it flows from my spirit as deep cries out to deep. It’s not always the case, and at times I struggle to focus or stay awake. This week has been a struggle. 

I’ve written before on the importance of study and prayer. Prayer is one of the most gracious gifts God has given His people. We have the opportunity to come before His thrown, knowing He hears us. There’s not a single president, prime minister, king or prince on this earth we could say the same of. The King of kings, Lord of lords, hears a wretch like me? And what do I do? Fall asleep? It’s been discouraging to say the least. 

Last night, and this morning, I went before His thrown feeling more like a lost cause then a saved sinner. God, in His kindness, answered the unspoken prayer of my heart. I don’t usually listen to preaching early in the morning, today I did. How beautiful are the feet of the one bringing good news? Below is the sermon which brought hope, instruction, and rebuke. I hope you’ll pray for me, brethren, as I pray for you. I am daily encouraged and edified by your posts. 

As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Testimony of Paul Washer




Last week I wrote about Charo Washer’s Testimony, so I think it’s only fitting if today I write about her husbands. It was, after all, a Paul Washer clip that first brought me to a recognition of my own sin and my desperate need for a savior. His testimony is one of extremes, he went from a sinner to a missionary. How did God change his heart of stone to one of flesh? Listen here…