Stuck On a Mountain – Travel Update

Hello all, I hope this post finds you doing well. We finally made it to our next destination. Northern Idaho. For the majority of the trip it was quiet, tranquil, with everything moving smoothly. We saw Glacier National Park which was so much more beautiful in person than the pictures show! Unfortunately, as we drove east through Montana, our technology failed us. IPhone directions took us off the highway onto a one lane street and up into a mountain. The road was rough but drivable until it suddenly changed to snow covered dirt road. We got stuck, but by unhitching our u-haul we were able to get out and kept going about another mile. Then we got stuck in much deeper snow. We tried for a couple hours and eventually had to give up the fight. It was going to get dark, so we loaded up and started walking back down the mountain.

Kayliegh had an absolutely blast, pretending we were on an adventurous nature hike. We finally made it to a house, back off the road a bit, with solar panels, a generator, and lots of dogs parking. No one was home. We kept walking and the owner of that home drove up. He was a retired sniper, who had been shot in Afghanistan. Dear ones, all down that mountain I prayed and sang hymns, wondering why we were unable to get out of that snow. Then our new buddy Will pulls up and is the kindest human being I have ever come across, along with his neighbor Jerry, who has been pulling families off that mountain since GPS started. It’s always had the directions wrong, and no one has taken the time to fix it. Will set us up a bonfire, offered us blankets, water, and food, then went to get Jerry. Jerry showed up with a huge tractor, and took my husband up the mountain to get our truck back.

While they were gone Will sat and told us stories of all the other families that had gotten stuck like we had. He also told us the history of the mountain and how it was populated. Once our truck was ready and back down the mountain these two friends gave us directions and sent us on our way. I’ve never been shown so much hospitality in all my life. We’re here, safely, and I thank God for His kindness in stopping us before we got so far they wouldn’t have been able to get us out. I thank God that we didn’t encounter any wolves, bears, or mountain lions. I thank God that He showed me what it means to be a neighbor. I hope that this story blesses you all as much as it has us. As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.