Missions and Missionaries

Hello dear ones, I hope this post finds you all doing well! Today I had the honor of interviewing Gordie and Nancy Hunt, they spent their lives as missionaries in Paraguay. We discussed their work in creating a written language for a tribe who had none, so that they could share the Gospel in God’s Word to them. Below is a timestamped outline of the interview. Don’t forget to check out the bloopers at the end, my favorite little bit of editing. Also, if you didn’t get a chance to see last weeks MEGA list, I’m going to link to it here. Big news, y’all, Tulips & Honey Hub now officially has it’s own app! You can, of course, listen across all major podcasting platforms such as PodbeanAmazon MusiciTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayiHeart RadioStitcher, and in video form on YouTube. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

TS 00:01:20 – Three part interview with Jim Osman:  Part 1 – https://kootenaichurch.org/gordie-nancy-hunt-part-1-2012-06-07/ Part 2 – https://kootenaichurch.org/gordie-nancy-hunt-part-2-2012-06-07/ Part 3 – https://kootenaichurch.org/gordie-nancy-hunt-part-3-2012-06-07/ TS 00:01:40 – Testimonies TS 00:19:00 – What kept this tribe so secluded? TS 00:21:00 – Have they kept their culture over the years? TS 00:21:47 – Were they grateful for you creating a written language from their language? TS 00:25:00 – What caused them to be so welcoming? TS 00:29:00 – What religion did they hold when you got there? TS 00:31:00 – How long did it take before they began to understand the Gospel? TS 00:33:00 – Did it make a big difference once you had the first few believers who could then go and share the Gospel within the tribe? TS 00:47:00 – Did you do hunting/gathering with them? TS 00:56:00 – Do you have any stories of conversions while you were missionaries? TS 01:03:30 – Any advice for what not to do as a missionary? TS 01:06:00 – How can we better serve missionaries today? TS 01:08:00 – Are these tribes struggling with the same issues we do with technology? TS 01:09:30 – What could we send our missionaries to be a blessing to them? TS 01:11:00 – When you retired and returned to the states did you find the church here had changed? TS 01:14:40 – How do you feel about pineapple on pizza? TS 01:16:40 – Heartcry Missionary Society: https://heartcrymissionary.com If you’d like more information about Tulips & Honey check out my website: 5Solas.Online My blog over at: https://www.wordpress.com/biblicalbeg… My store: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/tulips-h… or my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/Tulipshoneyhub For questions, comments, recommendations, prayer requests, you can contact me on social media or via my email biblicalbeginnings@outlook.com

Wednesday Testimony – Highlighting Heartcry Missionary Society: Alexander B.

Hello, dear ones, I hope this post finds you all doing well! In continuing with highlighting the work Heartcry is doing, today I’ve pulled from a recent article about Alexander from Russia. Below is a portion of his testimony, you can read the full article here. I want to quickly remind y’all that you can support HeartCry every time you make a purchase from Amazon or EBay by selecting them as the charity of your choice. I hope this is encouraging to you, my friends, especially if you have loved ones that are hardened to the Gospel. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

I grew up in a home where my mother and grandmother on the mother’s side had genuine faith in God. Unfortunately, all of my father’s family were convinced atheists. As a child, I would go with my mom to Central Baptist Church (the only Baptist church in Minsk). But back then my “spiritual eyes” were closed and all I did was study the appearance of the preachers and see if the color of their tie matched the color of their suit.
I remember that when someone in the church gave my grandmother one of the very first copies of the New Testament which came into our country after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the USSR, she asked me to read it because she was illiterate. Sadly, I did not understand much, for instance, odd abbreviations like Mt, Mk, Lk, Jn, etc.
But the Lord was doing His work in my heart through the prayers of believers. I was into music for a while and even got to play at people’s weddings, but then all of a sudden I fell out of love with the type of music and songs I heard and played. I also got interested in strength sports, the Lord brought me to a point where my own strength failed me when one day I had to face a gang of tough guys one of whom had a knife in his hand.
It was precisely at that time that a handful of youth from that church I went to as a kid, invited me to a farewell party for a Christian young man who had to go to the army. I remember how much I was very impressed with the purity of relationships between guys and girls and the absence of alcohol on the table but, despite this, genuine and sincere joy, these guys had something that I did not know and did not have. 
A brother from that group of believers gave me my first Bible. I started reading it avidly, alongside a novel by Main Read (I read a lot back in those days). I began to come to church, but this time it was my decision. The Word of God through the choir, sermons and, of course, through reading the Bible, touched my heart.
I prayed a sinner’s prayer to God in March 1990. I came into my room, closed the door behind me, got on my knees and began to pray: Jesus Christ came into my life and since then it has changed dramatically! I remember that when, back in 1991, “strict” brothers from the church elders’ board cleared me for baptism, I treaded air when I went back home! The Lord in His mercy allowed me to join the ministry of the church right away. I received a blessing from the brothers for a preaching ministry. I was also able to use my music skills in the church choir and string orchestra led by Pavel Obrovets. I even served as a youth leader in our church for a while and organized a number of evangelistic trips for youth all over Belarus. It was a blessed and fruitful time when I was able to spend all Sundays and weeknights (except one) in my favorite church (which was later renamed to Golgotha, or Calvary) where the Lord nurtured me and, looking back, as I understand it now, He prepared me for future ministry to Him in new places and in a new capacity.

AfterThought Podcast Episode 9: Interview with Pastor Jim from The Domain For Truth Blog

Today, dear friends, I dropped the 9th episode of my new podcast, AfterThought. I was graciously joined by Pastor Jim, or as we all know him, SlimJim, for a second time. The first time he came on the program the entire episode was lost. He was patient, and kind enough to come back on and let me interview him a second time. We discussed his testimony, his work as a pastor, and his work over seas teaching other pastors and missionaries. I hope that this episode will bless you as much as it blessed me. Pastor Jim, I can’t thank you enough for joining me on the program and talking with me about such an important topic.

You ca listen to AfterThought through iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and my host site Podbean. If you have any other platforms that you’d like to hear my podcast on, please let me know. I’m currently working on getting them on YouTube, so I will keep you all updated on that. I appreciate your encouragement and support for the podcast, it really means the world to me. I ask that you would be in prayer for me, as I attempt to make better use of my time. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Heartcry Missionary Update – Very Encouraging and Humbling!

From time to time I will have difficult days, days like the past couple days, where caring for others with mental illness and dealing with my own neurological disorder, is overwhelming. On days like that what helps the most is to hear updates from the missions. Why? Because my difficult days will never compare to being infected by malaria 22 times in a 12 year period. Please don’t misunderstand me, especially if you are a caretaker as well, I’m not attempting to undermine hardship. I’m simply saying, for me anyways, a proper perspective of the extreme blessings I enjoy each and everyday, humble me unlike anything else. In many ways it encourages me to press on, it encourages me to prayer, and above all else, it encourages me to look at eternity rather than today.

What do I mean by that? Before you decide I’m too heavenly minded to be an earthly good, let me briefly explain. In the glories of eternity both mental illness and malaria will disappear as we stare into the perfection of our thrice holy Lord. Why do these men and women bare their hardships? To bring the Gospel to an under reached people, to see souls saved, to see eternity in the eyes of new believers. Oh, my friends, if we could only see what future awaits us! But, dear ones, if we could only see what future awaits the lost. How we would live differently! How we would mourn, not over our uncomfortable, or painful circumstance, but over the lost marching willingly into the eternity of hell. If only I could weep for the lost like I’ve wept over my own troubles! This is what I mean when I say these updates cause me to look at eternity, and not only at today’s hardships. I hope this clip will bless you, encourage you, and humble you, as it has me today. May the Lord, our gracious God, be with you. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Wednesday Testimony – Chhihno from Cambodia

This weeks testimony is from Cambodia, dear ones. HeartCry Missionary Society is sharing the Good News of the Gospel all over the world, even in places where it’s dangerous. Please join me in praying for our Cambodian brothers and sisters, and the missionaries of HeartCry. Let us also rejoice in Gods goodness that He saves wretched like us! To God be the glory!

Below is the testimony of our brother in Christ, Chhinho from Cambodia. I pray his story blesses you as much as it blessed me. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Wednesday Testimony – Peter from Germany

As we spend the next couple months highlighting the amazing work HeartCry is doing, I want to remind you all beloved, that this is all for the glory of God. You can read Peters testimony in the link below, I pray it blesses you. As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.