This week has been such an amazing week, dear ones, and I’m so thankful for the ability to share it with you all. First, I just want to let you all know that the homeschooling update, and lessons I create, will be posted on Mondays now. Saturday will be a day without a post, unless something urgently needs to be mentioned. I’ll be putting together a list of all the homeschooling lessons that I’ve done, and hopefully that will be ready by Monday.

A while back Kayliegh was playing with some toys while her father and I looked at the isle of clothes one row over. There was another little girl there playing, and somehow they began to talk about faith. Kayliegh walked her through the meaning of the Trinity, and the Good Person test she had learned from watching LivingWaters material. After that, she shared the Gospel. My husband and I heard every word from between the clothing racks, hardly able to hold back the tears. As an encouragement, I sent this information to LivingWaters and was told they would let Ray know. Not long after Ray Comfort sent a note that he would be sending Kayliegh a small gift. Small gift? She couldn’t believe her ears. She jumped and told me how she hoped it was a book.

Well, it was three books, signed by Ray, a note to Kayliegh, a hat, and subway gift cards. What kind of kindness is this? I know that this group of individuals are incredibly busy, pumping out as much material to edify the body and reach the lost. And yet, for an 8-year-Old little girl they took time, effort, and money, to bless and encourage her. This is so far removed from the Prosperity Gospel I spent over a decade in. While big names authors buy multiple mansions, and make merchandise off of professing Christians, Ray Comfort and LivingWaters break the mold.

They will know us by our fruit. Not all of us can do what Ray does, but we can all be exceedingly kind. Encourage one another this weekend, love the body of Christ through service, prayer, and fellowship. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Mercy, Have Mercy!

The first hospital my husband worked at after finishing his degree was called Mercy, a hospital run by nuns. On top of the building is a huge cross that makes a complete turn once a day, and lights up at night. The employees jokingly called it merciless because of the work load, which was often so great that quality care and attention was hard to give each individual patient. That’s not a knock against this hospital, he’s worked all over the country and it’s the same to varying degrees everywhere. Mercy is no longer the purpose of major hospitals, in its place is the bottom line.

Most hospitals were started by churches, which is why so many bare their name. Originally it was a way to minister to the sick, to share God’s love and the Good News of the Gospel. In the same way that many of today’s most secular colleges were once beacons of Gods Word, hospitals have changed. Has our society changed? I don’t think so, dear ones. There has always been institutes built by believing hands to glorify our Lord. Yet, when they pass from death to life, others with different principles take their place. All the while the lost continue to be chained to their sins, in every generation. Whitfield was not only teased mercilessly for his appearance, he had pieces of a dead cat thrown at him. We can’t imagine anything that disgusting happening today, but our generation has its own besetting sins.

Poor Spurgeon was not only ridiculed by the media, but had a group of men run into where he was preaching to thousands and yell “fire” and “the buildings collapsing”. The panic that ensued caused the death of seven people, and many more were injured. Spurgeon never recovered from that merciless act, and was easily frightened until the day he died. The decided behavior of those who hate God might change from decade to decade, surely today the keyboard warriors take to their reddit accounts to mock and belittle us. I’d take that over dead cat parts any day, personally, and am often pleased to see such articles written against my own blog. They always include a link, which leads unbelievers that never would have found my tiny piece of blogosphere to the Gospel message!

What I’m trying to get out here in a round about way is that the mercy of believers must not waiver. Consider Thorpe, a member of the Hell-Fire club, who stood up in a bar full of drunk friends to mock Whitfield. They were having a contest to see who could mimic him best. Thorpe crosses his eyes, and put on his best Whitfield accent, then opened the pages of the Bible at random. “Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.” As Thorpe read on he lost the accent and became deadly serious, he preached Gods Word in all sincerity, and the room full of hooligans became deathly silent. When he finished reading the text he closed the Bible and sat down, broken, humble, and soundly saved by Gods grace. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good. Thorpe would go on to become a preacher himself, and would remain a fan of Whitfield’s.

Oh that we could see what great works God is doing, if we could see behind the screen of the angriest atheist! I had someone once tell me they cried themselves to sleep every night because they knew they were living in sin. I would have never taken that person as one to care at all about their sin, it certainly didn’t seem to bother them on the outside. This is why our mercy can not fail, we can not repay evil with evil, we can not answer the lost with angry words. We don’t pick up the cat parts and angrily toss them back. When Ray Comfort was being spit at repeatedly in Israel he didn’t return the favor, but laughingly dogged the spit and continued his message. From time to time we will lose heart, we will even lose our tempter, but we must not lose our mercy.

I’m amazed at the wickedness of my own heart, at how quickly I can forget that if not for the grace of God I’d be far worse. We have received so much mercy from our Lord, so much kindness, while we were yet sinners, yet sinners I say, He died for us. Even now, redeemed, free from the chains of sin and death, I do not deserve the love of God, nor in my best days. I often wonder why He didn’t save someone who was stronger willed. To be honest, I struggled to even make calls for a doctors appointment. My brain doesn’t work right, it mixes the words all up, it sends alarms of panic and fear at the sound of another voice answers the line. Even with the treatment I’ll receive, I’ll be less likely to poor bacon grease on myself, but it won’t fix the wires that misfire. Surely there was someone more eloquent, bold, and nuero-typical? I don’t understand why God saved a wretch like me, but I am eternally grateful. It’s that gratefulness which should lead us all to deeper mercy for the lost.

It’s Friday again, my friends, which means many of you will be home with friends, family, fellowship, and the random strangers you meet along the way. Be merciful to the lost, be merciful to the saved! Shower mercy upon your spouse, your children, and even your in-laws. They’re no more a sinner than we are, and in so doing we bring glory to our God. I hope this will encourage you all, it’s certainly a message I needed. As always, my dear beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Hello dear ones! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I wanted to address this topic today because this is our open day to work through anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories. Representations. In particular, how we represent one another, and how we represent Christ. These are, at the root, two totally different meanings, however both are important and need to be addressed.

Recently on social media I saw a Meme that depicted cessationists as uncaring individuals who think God can not do miracles. This is an incorrect representation, not to mention that the comments beneath were even less gracious. Cessationists believe God does miracles today, but that the specific miracles the men of the New Testament were able to do were there as evidence for their being inspired by the Holy Spirit to write Gods Word. There are many continuationists that I love as brothers and sisters in Christ, such as Matt Slick from CARM. Though I disagree with them on this issue, I would be genuinely grieved to find I had misrepresented and mocked a member of the body of Christ. All that is to say that we need to be cautious how we represent one another. I understand that the Meme was designed to be funny, yet what value is there in such humor. In what way does this glorify God?

This brings us to the next point I’d like to make. How are we representing Christ? Social media is awash with blasphemy, Christian mockery, sinful and hurtful messages. When you and I ‘log on’ we do so in the same manner that we wake up in the morning, as ambassadors. What we like, comment, share, or post, represents Christianity. Ought we to be online mocking one another? Surely the world has covered that area of the internet sufficiently.

I’m not suggesting that the Christian should be a boring, dull person with no joy or laughter. I am, however, suggesting that we take care not to find joy and laughter through sinful or worldly means. We will, one day, give an account for every idle word spoken. If we laugh, let it be in the joyful praise of the Lord. If we rejoice, let it be in our great salvation, or the many blessings God has given us! We have to take sin seriously, dear ones. God takes it so seriously that He condescended to become man, entering His creation Jesus Christ, fully God, fully man, had the wrath we deserved poured out upon Him. That wrath was stored up by the sin of Gods children.

Remember this, as well, friends, it was just one sin that cast Adam and Eve out of Eden. It’s not the sin, but the one against whom we sin, that should make us tremble before we open our mouths (or keyboards). Let your conversations be sprinkled with love. Let the mercy of God be what drives you to answer others online. Always bringing to mind that we were once dead in our sins and trespasses, but God, through His grace, saved us, and is sanctifying us. I pray this post will help to edify and encourage you all. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.