Jellyfish Fossils

Jellyfish Fossils evidence for Noah’s Flood.


I have to tell you that jellyfish are one of God’s creatures that both terrify me and fascinate me. Any predator that can take down a human being without even having a brain deserves some respect…and space…lots of space. I am beyond excited to write about the fossils found of jellies!


At the beginning of our travels around the United States, we ended up in a small town outside of Seattle called Bremerton. When we took the ferry across to visit Pikes Peak the water was spotted with jellyfish. It was amazing to watch, or at least it would have been had I not gotten so sea sick.

Now the scientists who studied these fossils make the claim that they are half a billion years old based on the fact that jellyfish are scavenged when they wash up on shore. These fossilized jellyfish were beautifully preserved, so obviously they must have lived before birds right? Unfortunately for this theory, fossilized birds have been found in rock layers supposedly twice as old. But that’s not the only anomaly. These fossils were found in sandstone, which creates quite the mystery.


Sand is a granule and allows air to flow more readily, which causes rapid decay. Jellyfish already have a quick rate of decay, so how were these jellies able to fossilize before they decayed? I have a theory, but it requires faith in God’s Word rather than evolution.

If the 200 plus civilizations that have recorded a massive flood are on to something, then a worldwide flood would rapidly cover these jellies in sediment moved by water which would allow them to fossilize before they decayed. Either way, it seems clear that these fellas were caught between layers quickly, not the slow fossilization of millions of years.


For more information about these amazing fossils, I recommend this article Here. As always friends, be good Bereans! Study to find yourselves approved. Stand firm on the whole counsel of God’s Word. Surely His creation cries out for a Creator!