Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part VII

We are in month six, dear friends, in our series through the miracle of life! This is going to be a good one, beloved, as this is the month when the brain begins to develop quickly. Hair is beginning to grow, eyelids form, and the beautiful life made in the image of God will open its eyes for the first time.

I want to focus on the brain development today, brethren, as it’s tied into part VI in an interesting way. Last week we discussed the heart and lungs developing in the fifth month. How does that tie into the development of the brain? Electricity! You see the same pattern in the way our ears pick up a sound, with electrical signals. The heart pumps blood with electrical signals, which push the blood cells to the lungs to be oxygenated. The brain uses electrical signals, as you’ll see in this video clip…

Isn’t that amazing? Did you see my favorite character rock the show in that clip? Yup, that’s right friends, motor proteins are busy at work in all 8 billion brains cells right now moving the needed protein to allow the synapses to function. Our bodies are wonderfully made, connected by the Creator in a symphony of design.

Why is the brain development so important to our series? The brain is a complex organ that we’re just beginning to understand. Everything we learn about the brain flies in the face of evolutionism. In fact, Darwin himself said that if things were complex evolution could not be true. Irreducible complexity does not begin to describe the brain, but as you see in the clip above if one tiny portion of the brain cell ceases to function according to its purpose the end result is detrimental. That means for the brain to ‘evolve’ it needs to do so with all working elements at the same time.

The brain, while increasingly developing during pregnancy, continues to develop into our mid to late twenties. What tells the cells in a miniature baby’s body to form brain cells? Everything needed for life can be found in a tiny book, in the center of a microscopic cell, our DNA. It’s irrational to think that a book can be written without a writer. It’s even more irrational to think our DNA, the most intricate system of information on our planet, was written by chance.

There is one last miracle I want to discuss in regards to this particular month of pregnancy. Many of you know my husband is a Respiratory Therapist, and often works in the NICU. Due to his work, he has personally been in the delivery of, and apart of the team that cares for, premature babies born at 24 weeks. He has done these dozens of times and has never lost a baby yet. We are blessed to live in a time of such medical advancements, especially as our genetic codes continue to devolve as quickly as they are.

Beloved friends, we have so much to thank God for! He is truly deserving of all the praise, and honor, and glory! Let us be good Berean’s and study to show ourselves approved.

Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part VI

It’s finally here, beloved brethren, I have finally found an excuse to gush over Gods creative design of the heart and lungs! As you’ll remember if you’ve been reading this series every Monday, we made it to the second trimester of pregnancy last week in our review of Gods amazing work within the miracle of life. We’re now in month 5, which is when the babies organs begin to mature. Today we’re going to primarily discuss the heart and lungs.

I have some technical clips for you to stress the intricacies of Gods design. You’re not in school, beloved, don’t worry about all the terms. These clips are computer models, and they’re very well done. They do an excellent job of showing what’s happening on a cellular level as well as on a full scale. I promise you’ll be blessed…here is the first one on the lungs…

During the second trimester, when the babies lungs are developing, the baby will begin taking practice breaths. It’s amazing to recall that this is all happening within the baby because of God’s sovereign will. The miracle of human life can not be explained by evolutionary scientists because they’re starting with a false assumption. Can we have evolved from single-celled organisms into the intricate creature you’ve seen forming over these past view weeks in this series? Statistically, no. In fact, statistically, the universe forming out of nothing is impossible, nothing we see should be happening, much less the beautiful creation of a human being in the womb.

An interesting, recent, discovery involving the lungs has been the realization that blood forms within them. Previously it was thought blood formed in the bones, now we know that nearly half the blood in the body forms in the lungs. God’s creation is so complex that we’re still learning all the designs. The next video clip is on the heart, it doesn’t go into as much detail as the lung video but it does show the electricity which is what I wanted to discuss in regards to the heart.

The little heart forming in the baby has been taking practice beats from the moment it began forming. When the muscle cells inside the babies heart begin to contract it sets off a chain reaction, which continues until the brain develops enough to start controlling the contractions. What starts the electrical impulse? Where does the information for a heart to beat come from? The DNA has all the information our bodies need to form from the beginning of conception. Where there is information, there is an intelligent writer, where there is design, there is an intelligent designer.

Why is the sinful man without excuse on judgment day? Because we’re made in God’s image, and the very evidence of His being is found within us. Our generation has more knowledge of God design than any before us, and what do they all stand and say? “The intelligent designer was an alien, they came and seeded this planet with life.” Or “We’re all Martians, we came from bacteria on Mars.” Wow. Dear ones, have you ever been told that we believe in pie in the sky? Or fairy tales? I certainly have…and yet the person who knows the truth of God yet suppresses it in unrighteousness comes up with some of the most far-fetched ideas of how life began. Why are they more willing to believe in aliens than in God? Because they are not going to be held accountable to aliens, or bacteria from Mars. The question naturally has to be asked though, if we came from aliens or bacteria who created them? Who ‘seeded’ their planet?

Beloved friends, God is the ultimate judge and creator, we are His creation and He will hold us accountable. He has given us life, and then, through His Son Jesus Christ, eternal life. The one who is able to begin a heartbeat, breathe in the lungs, is worthy of all honor and glory, and praise! So be good Berean’s, dear brethren, and study to show yourselves approved.

Intelligent Design – Miracle of Life Part V

Wow, beloved friends, we’re finally in the second trimester, the fourth month, of pregnancy in our series through the miracle of life! This is a month full of miracles so it will be difficult to sum them up. Fingerprints, nerves connecting and forming myelin, practice breaths, lung development, bones hardening, iron collecting in the blood, whew that’s one busy baby!

I want to focus on two of the things listed above, fingerprints and the development of the nervous system. Next week I’d love to discuss the lungs and heart. That’s my husband’s primary field of study, and as a NICU RT he, and his team, frequently deliver premature babies during the second trimester. These tiny images of God are sometimes no more than a pound in weight! So stay tuned for next weeks, because it’s going to be the best post in the series!

So why the finger prints? They’re a unique, often forgotten, way of showing the Designers creation. Every human being has an individual calling, all of God’s children have a specific role in the body of Christ. Just like no two fingerprints are alike, neither are two people exactly alike. While scientists believe the fingerprints form at 17 weeks, they’re still unsure how. They do, however, know why. Our finger ridges amplify vibrations from touch, which gives our nervous system a better understanding of what sensation is being caused. Evolution in a chance universe could never, statistically, account for this magnificent design.

That brings us to the second point I want to highlight, the developments within the nervous system. During this month the nerves begin to connect the brain with the rest of the body and begin to be covered in myelin. Myelination protects the nerves, and quickens the nervous systems ability to send messages to, and receive messages from, the brain. Once again the cells inside the baby know what to do, without giving scientists any indication of what signals them. The information, of course, for this process is already found within the DNA. This takes us back to a point I’ve made before, the ultimate chicken and egg conundrum. Nothing can form without the DNA instructions, the DNA is passed on through the seed of plants, animals, or humans. It gets even worse if you want to get more technical about the materials the DNA is made of, which needs DNA information to form.

Dear ones, the miracle of life can be seen throughout the pregnancy, from the complexity of DNA, cells, protein motors, to the hardening of the bones and development of the heart and lungs. Our best scientists can only speculate as to the whys, hows, where’s, and when’s. This is why we must put our trust, not in science (which is a tool used by failable men) but in God, His Son, His Holy Spirit, and the Word. God, the sovereign King of kings, forms these tiny lives in the womb. How great is the insult to Him, that our culture chalks this up to chance? I shudder to consider.

Brethren, let us be good stewards of the time we have on this Earth, by being good Berean’s and studying to show ourselves approved. What God do we serve? The one who upholds all things! He is worthy of all praise, all honor, and all glory!

Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part IV

Happy Monday, beloved brethren! I have been so greatly enjoying this series on how babies grow. I hope you all have been too! We’ve made our way, in past posts, through conception, the first month and the second month of the first trimester. Today we’re going to talk about something miraculous that happens in the third and final month of the first trimester.

What is that miraculous event? Bones! 

During the third month the pregnancy hormone Progesterone slows the mothers digestion down allowing more nutrients to make their way to the growing bundle of joy inside her. Those nutrients are going to come in handy, as the cartalidge in the baby changes to bones and even teeth. 

How does the mothers body know to slow digestion? How do the cells in the babies bod know when to ocifiy? Is this something that could have been figuring out through out millions of years of evolution? No. Month three is yet again filled with mysteries the secular scientists can’t explain with evolution or modern technology. 

God, the sovereign King of kings, formed each of us in the womb. Such a God, which upholds all things, is surely worthy of all praise and honor and glory! Let us, therefore, be good Berean’s and study to show ourselves approved. 

Intelligent Design – Miracle of Life Part III

Beloved, last week we looked at some of the misconceptions about a baby during the first month of the first trimester. This week we’re going to look at something truly miraculous that happens throughout the second month of the first trimester.

I’m going to add a short video at the bottom that really sums up everything I’m detailing here while showing you the baby itself growing. It’s done through a secular perspective so you’ll hear words like embryo and fetus. Other then that, it’s a great little clip about what’s happening during this month.

What is this miracle of life? Organs! Even in the video, you’ll hear the doctor say that the cells were ‘suddenly signaled’ to form the heart, lungs, ears, hands, and feet. How is this possible? The information for all these pieces to the baby puzzle are already found in the DNA. Without getting super technical, there are tiny machines within cells that read that DNA and pass on the needed information. If you’ve never seen the video of a motor protein at work then you’ve never lived, dear ones!

Everything you see in that extremely short clip is inside a cell. These are some of the ways a beautiful miracle can form in a mother’s womb. Although scientists are unsure what sparks the process for organs to begin, they do know for certain all the information needed is already there. As the doctor says in the video at the bottom, it’s precise, or as he puts it like an ‘orchestra’.

Brethren, I know what sparks the organs growing and it truly is a miracle. The God who upholds the universe, who maintains the vast distance of planets and stars simultaneously maintains the vast distance of protons, neutrons, and nuclei. God, the sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords, is involved in every moment of forming this baby into His image. If we can trust Him to uphold all these things, we can trust His Word to be accurate.

Beloved friends, I pray for you all that the glory and majesty of our God would become all the more evident to you throughout this series. I speak a lot about Gods justice, and He is a just God. That is for the losts sake, that they would repent and be saved from the wrath to come. This series is my opportunity to speak on the other attributes of God so that His people will rejoice! Rejoice! As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part II

I’m so excited, beloved, to continue this series with you. Part I we discussed the amazing way a mother’s body stops the immune system from destroying the tiny, developing, baby which the Killer Cells think is some sort of parasite. This week I want to go over some misconceptions about the early stages of the miracle of life.

The vestigial organ argument is used by Evolutionists to suggest our bodies are full of parts left over from when humans weren’t humans. It’s been largely refuted by good science, and almost all the organs once listed have been proven to be needed. The same goes for babies, and we’re going to tackle three today.

The first is the ‘yolk sac’ babies develop in the first trimester. For animals, a yolk sac provides food for the babies inside an egg. God designed humans differently, a baby is attached to its mother in the womb and receives its nourishment through her. So why the yolk sac, is it left over from when we were reptiles? No. It turns out the yolk sac contains the first blood cells for the baby, which means if this ‘vestigial’ piece was removed the baby would die.


The second is ‘gill slits’ which appear on the baby during the first month of the first trimester. Evolutionists claim this is evidence that we were once fish. If you torture evidence long enough it’ll confess to anything. Thankfully, good science has proven that the ‘gill slits’ are really just wrinkles from where the ‘throat pouches’ are growing. There’s never a time when the baby has gills, however, these wrinkles are very necessary for development.


Lastly is what Evolutionists claim to be a ‘tail’ which is actually the end of the spine. In the first month of the first trimester, the spine sticks out, but will eventually be covered when the legs grow. It’s not a vestigial tail left over from our past as different creatures. In fact, although many still wrongly use this as evidence, no true tail has ever been recorded on a human being. There are babies that are born with extra skin and fat in different places or nerve tissue usually to the detriment of the child’s health, but never an actual tail connected and usable as a tail should be.

What is really happening during the first month of the first trimester? DNA with all the information needed to make the color of eyes and hair, the height, and perhaps even the temperament, is already present and at work. What tells the cells to form into hearts, lungs, eyes, or legs is unknown to the secular scientists. They understand that it’s happening, but not why or how. We, brethren, understand what’s happening, why and how God is forming a human being from the day of conception to the day of birth, in His image.

God’s Word is true, His Sovereignty is complete, and His grace is sufficient.

Friend, if you’ve been told that evolution has scientifically proven God does not exist, I ask you to take a closer look. Evolution hasn’t scientifically proven anything because it’s not observable science. Don’t put your faith in failable men, put your faith in Jesus Christ, repent of your sins and cry out to God. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you’d like to read about how I came to faith in Christ alone my testimony is here.

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I hope this series is encouraging to you. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Intelligent Design – The Miracle of Life Part I

In keeping Monday’s scientific, I thought I would start a new series on the amazing design involved with creating a human being in the womb. My husband works in the NICU, and my favorite text to get when he’s at work is “going in for a delivery” because I know he’ll once again be witnessing the miracle of life.

Jesus connected the miracle of salvation with the miracle of childbirth when he was speaking to Nicodemus. It’s a beautiful comparison, we had no part in our first birth, neither do we have a part in our second. Both the creation of our little bodies in our mother’s womb and the creation of a new creature during salvation is evidence of His sovereign power. Glory to God on the highest, He is worthy of all honor, and glory, and praise!

I’m going to write this series a lot like the last series on the Solar System, with points, refutations of evolutionism, and then finally Gods sovereign purpose. Let’s take this slow, and work our way up from the tiny little egg to a 7-8 pound miracle.

The first, and only point, I want to make today (other than introducing the subject) is that a woman’s body is designed to target and destroy foreign entities. The man’s body is same, it’s called our immune system. When a virus makes its way into our body we have defense mechanisms set up to defend ourselves from it. I highly recommend immunology studies to anyone who wants to see the glory of God on the tiniest levels! The ones I’ve attached here are some of my daughter’s favorites.

Ordinarily, our bodies defenses work to our advantage, especially around flu season. During pregnancy, however, the woman’s body sees these tiny cells as foreign and dangerous. It sends the attack cells out just like it would against cancer. How then is this tiny human being that hasn’t even developed a brain yet to defend itself? Its molecular makeup comes equipped with information ready to settle the attack cells down. Imagine these tiny cells saying ‘don’t shoot, we’re on your side’ or ‘relax we’re just here to make her throw up for a few months then it’ll get better’ or even ‘I promise one day we’ll be her whole world’. That’s the Hollywood version, the real action of turning the attack cells away is not well known, some scientists feel the mother has proteins that shut down the cells, others feel the baby does. Either way, the information is there to stop the mother’s immune system from destroying the tiny life growing inside her. My way would make an excellent television series though! *Cue the intense theme music* ‘It’s a dangerous world out there’ Mike Rowe narrating ‘It’s also a dangerous world in here’.

It’s pretty spectacular isn’t it? There is an estimated 37 trillion cells in the human body. All those cells are going to start with the same information on day one, in the womb. Evolutionists claim natural selection is how we’ve gotten where we are, but natural selection can’t occur without first having cells. Cells can’t form without the DNA information to tell it what to be. DNA can’t form without proteins from the cell. It’s far worse then the chicken and the egg conundrum. A person can’t be created without those cells, and no amount of monkeying around with statistics can change that. I have found that Evolutionists do not like to address the origins debate, in recent years they’ve begun saying it’s not apart of evolution (even though it was for the purpose of explaining how we got here, our origins, that evolutionism was first suggested) but they can’t escape this problem, there’s no way to back track all the way to the first cell without running into major roadblocks.

Why did God design the body this way? He knew the end from the beginning, and had all the information within Adams DNA to defend a body against the diseases which would surely arise after the fall. That information included the babies cellular makeup, which can stop a full on attack from the immune system. What a beautiful, miraculous, design! Beloved brethren, God is sovereign, you can take Him at His Word. So be good Bereans, friends, and study to show yourselves approved.