Friday MEGA List & Live Panel Discussion

Today, dear ones, we’re very excited to have the privilege of holding our first ever live panel discussion on Tulips & Honey! Joining us this afternoon to discuss church and evangelism during social distancing is Justin Peters, Susan Heck, Dawain Atkinson, Doreen Virtue, and Phil Johnson! We’re so honored to have each of these dear brothers and sisters-in-Christ joining us. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll be able to watch live and ask questions there. If you prefer Youtube, you can head straight to the event by following the link below. Be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss any future events. Next Monday we’ll be dropping an episode interviewing our brothers-in-Christ from the RazaReforma Podcast, it was such a blessing to hear their testimony and see how God led them to where they are today. If you missed it, this past Tuesday The Aquila and Priscilla Hour released an episode about Pragmatism in the church and today The Chuck and Lo Show dropped an interview with Be A Berean’s Michael Coughlin. Don’t miss Emma’s newest episode tomorrow continuing in her series on glorifying God over on Always, Only.

Live Panel Discussion

For our MEGA List today we had some help from our wonderful Humblebee’s that sent us great recommendations. Starting with Jan who recommended this homemakers Facebook group here. Luke Schmeltzer, host of Steady Anchor Podcast, recommended the free Ligonier series which will be available all summer, as well as these resources here. He’s also just released a new episode titled “Christ and Corona” which I highly recommend. As I mentioned above, Michael Coughlin is joining Chuck and Lo today, but you can also find him on his blog, or hear him refuting atheists on his podcast here. Our honorary BrotherBee, Patrick Studabaker, from Cave To The Cross Apologetics has a great video editing and website design business, a talent he uses to not only bring us great content on his own podcast, but also to bless churches. If that is something you have a need of, or you just want to support our brother-in-Christ, check it out Manos Media LLC. If you’ve tuned in to the latest Aquila and Pricila Hour you heard Emily and Zack discussing a helpful article by Tim Challies, which she recommended and you can find here. I also want to slip in a shout out to her and Zack for creating a brand new website which you can find here! Doesn’t it look great? Well done y’all! Last recommendation was added by Becca herself! She found a devotional on the Youversion app created by one of our BrotherBee’s, Joel, who has been so very encouraging to us from the start! Fear in the Time of Coronavirus is available here. Thank you to all our listeners who sent us these helpful links, you’re all such a blessing to us! I hope you’re all able to tune in today at 1:30 CST for the live panel, please pray that all goes well with technology! As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Friday Mega List: Recommendations, Reviews, and Suggestions – October 25th, 2019

Welcome, dear ones, to another MEGA list! Before we get into it let me give you a quick rundown of what to expect from the Podcast next week. Monday, Lord willing, we’ll be dropping an episode covering the topic of Social Media. After the now infamous “Go Home” comment I was deeply disturbed by the response. To say it was unbiblical would be an understatement. So, Becca and I set about researching and discussing how we, as believers, should be acting online. On Thursday we’ll be dropping an interview with Anchored North. I’ve shared a lot of their work, but their newest project is absolutely brilliant!

If you missed this weeks episodes we had a brand new team join the Hub! The Chuck & Lo Show! We also had a very encouraging second episode of The Aquila & Priscilla Hour regarding evangelism. You can also get to know Chuck and Lo in this Monday’s episode as well as check out our interview with CityALight guitarist that dropped yesterday.

Ok, so you’re all caught up now. I have several recommendations for today, hopefully they’ll all bless you as much as they blessed me. First in the list is a blog Becca sent me through Instagram. The Chorus in The Chaos blog has been such a blessing to me, as well as their Instagram. This awesome Instagramer whose paintings are as beautiful as the messages she shares with them. Becca wrote up her testimony over at RedeemedMamaSavedByGrace blog and it’s so encouraging!

For review today I want to talk about Kanye West. That’s a big topic right now, and to be honest I blew it off at first. Famous people are always proclaiming these types of things. My heart was certainly convicted by this episode of Apologia where the guys interviewed the very pastor that Mr. West had turned to. I think it’s something we should continue in prayer for, particularly because he is such a public figure. The baby years of Christianity are difficult, and as they discuss in the interview, I wouldn’t want those few years on display either. I hope that he genuinely is saved, and I hope that many who have now heard this particular pastor preach the Gospel will also be granted the gift of repentance and faith. What do you think, friends? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Suggestions! I love thinking of these random suggestions. This weekend I suggest we all spend some time considering how we interact with one another online. Certainly we can always find room for being more gracious. But perhaps some of us have room for being more courageous? As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Third Times a Charm

*Update at the bottom*

Courtesy of living directly next to a Mormon temple, I’ve now had the opportunity to invite a third set of missionaries over to discuss religion and share the Gospel with them. They suggested that the reason the previous two did not show up was due to their being transferred to a different location. While I’m eager to return to the Social Justice series I began some time ago, I’ll be spending the day in prayer, study, and preparation for hospitality. In truth, having the chance to invite two young adults, made in the imagine of God, into my home to practice the command of being hospitable is something I cherish. However, I am, once again, reminded of my weakness, and great need for Gods help.

One thing is certain, I have delved deeper into Gods truth with every pair of missionaries that I’ve come across. Hopefully, this time, I’ll be able to share the truth of the Gospel with these young men. Please pray for me, and for them, dear ones. And as always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


The two missionaries did come by, and after learning that my husband was home just asleep, they agreed to come in. We talked for over an hour and a half, all of which they agreed to allow me to record. I hope to review the recording and pull some clips for anyone else who may get a similar knock at the door. While I was able to share the Gospel with them many times, the last sentence they said was that they knew what they believed was true because the Holy Spirit had revealed it to them. Please keep these two young men in your prayers, I gave them an Apologia Gospel tract before they left. Pray that they will read it.

AfterThought Episode 10: Evangelism with Co-Host Emily Eavey – Blogger at HeMadeUsAlive

Today Episode 10 of AfterThought dropped, dear ones! I was joined by the lovely Emily Eavey from HeMadeUsAlive, and we discussed evangelism. In particular we addressed the Biblical place for women in Evangelism and where young people fit.

I hope this episode will bless you as much as it blessed me to talk with Emily. The episode is available on iTunes, Podbean, Spotify, and Google Play. Thank you, Emily, for joining me and co-hosting this episode. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Mormon Missionary Evangelism Update

Hello, again dear friends! Yesterday, as I had mentioned, I had scheduled two Mormon missionaries to come and talk with me. Unfortunately, about an hour before hand, they let me know they weren’t going to be able to stop and talk. They could only bring me a pamphlet. When they arrived they wouldn’t come inside, and only stayed for a minute. They asked if someone else from their church could come by and talk with me. I agreed, but have yet to hear from them in regards to a time. I was disappointed that I was unable to sit and share the Gospel with them, however they both gladly took a Gospel tract from me. I wasn’t sure why they were unwilling, last minute, to stop and talk with me as previously planned. After researching it, I think it might be due to the fact that my husband works nights and would have been asleep. Wisely, the young men on missions are discouraged from being in homes alone with women.

Just as a side story, when I worked as a clerk in Downtown Dallas we had a man who tended our office plants. He was very, very happily married, and gushed about his wife and their many years together. Often times he would tell us stories of when he use to tend the household plants of mansions. It was the house wives, not the vegetation, that gave him the most trouble. Think Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. He eventually had to stop that line of work, and switched to industrial plant care. All that is to say that we ought to flee any form of temptation, and to that point, born again believers need to be teaching our young people to do the same. Do we guard our youth as vigorously as we ought to? While we thinking on these things, let us also pray for our pastors and elders, for fortitude against temptation.

I wish that I had more to report, that there was audio or some encouraging fruit. Two things I can say, for certain, came of all this. First, I was greatly helped by all your prayers and my own need for being in prayer. What a blessing it is, truly, to be reminded of my deep and desperate need for Gods strength! Second, I’ve not studied so rigorously in a very long time. Gods Word is a never ending well of truth. Galatians, just Galatians alone, is enough to refute every single cult. I hope to hear back from these gentlemen, and perhaps to have one of their young ladies come and hear to good news of the Gospel. I once believed I was earning my way to heaven. I believed I was saving myself through the sinners prayer. But I knew, I wouldn’t have dared to say the words out loud, but I knew I had no assurance of salvation. Praise God, He is mighty to save! What is impossible with man is possible with God, we cannot earn it, we could never be righteous, but Christ has bought us! He has died in our place, bore our sins and death, rose again for our justification, and has reconciled us to Himself. Oh, amazing grace, how sweet the sound!

My beloved brethren, brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank my God daily for you all. One day, in eternity, we will meet and throw our arms around one another’s necks. But, in this fallen world, God has already blessed me with your encouragement, and prayers! May the Lord we serve bless you, today, my friends. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – The Truth Chronicles The Ark

A review of the final book in the six book set The Truth Chronicles. What an excellent adventure these books have been!

This is the final review of this book series, friends, and as with most book series, it’s sad to see the last page! The Truth Chronicles is a creationist, Bible centered, young adult book series revolving around four teens that travel through time. If you haven’t caught my previous previews I’ll link them in at the bottom.

Written by Answers in Genesis’ Tim Chaffee and Joe Westbrook, this final installment is more jam packed with adventure than all the other books. As with the other books, we follow these teens as they come to Christ and grow in their faith. As this is the last book it’s only fitting that the last of the four friends bows her knee to Christ. The Ark is more adventure than evangelical or apologetical than the previous books. As a matter of fact, this was my least favorite of the six book series. Before I tell you why, I have to repeat that I absolutely adore these books and highly recommend them to every youth group.

That being said, the last book fell flat in a couple areas. Actually, all throughout the books I felt like the Gospel message was not strong enough. It’s there in a way that I feel young people can form questions to ask their parents, or even create an atmosphere of salvific conversations. There’s just not enough emphasis on our sinful natures, or clear explanations of repentance and faith. My second issue is the ending of the book, and this is purely surface level, personal opinions from yours truly, there was no evident end of the story line. There’s a grand adventure, but no closure with the characters or the plot.

Even with those issues, I still feel like this is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best book series for teens and preteens, or mature pre preteens like our little Kayleigh. In each book various different attack’s against Gods Word are addressed, there’s prayer and study, and the love for the brethren displayed. The storyline is phenomenally original, and there was no ‘yikes’ moment of Scriptural deviation that I saw. If you lead a youth group, are an elder in your church, or have kiddos yourself, get these book in the hands of a young person. You can find the paperback here, and the full series here. Also, in case you missed them, here is a list of previous reviews; Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, and Book Five. If you have a book you’d like me to review please feel free to list it in the comments. As always, my dear and beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Wednesday Testimony – Frank Jenner

Below, dear ones, is a short video detailing the amazing life and impact of Frank Jenner the George Street Evangelist. Often times we can become discouraged, and grow weary of doing good. If you’re anything like me, it can be particularly frustrating with lost family and friends. Most of the time, and for good reason, we’re not shown the fruit of our labors. First, and foremost, everything we do is to glorify God and make Him known. So He receives glory whether we see the fruit or not, like Mr. Jenner. Secondly, how easily tempted are we by pride when we often see the difference made by our obedience? Beloved, success is not numbers, success is obedience to God.

I pray this testimony is a blessing to you all! If you listened to Frank Jenner’s story and realized that you are ‘playing the hypocrite’ like one of the men Jenner witnesses to, please repent of your sins and ask God for forgiveness. Put your faith in Christ alone, who lived a sinless life and was crucified in our place, bearing the wrath we deserved, paying the sin debt owed.

As always, beloved friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.