Homeschooling Update – Earth Science, Robotics, and Resources

My attempt, as you’ll remember dear friends, was to use a spreadsheet for science. Science is the only subject Kayleigh can not seem to get enough of. If I’m not careful other subjects can be set aside, and science takes over the day. Or week. When she was little and homeschooling lessons were shorter that really wasn’t a big deal. Even now if there’s a specific area she wants to explore, I allot extra time for it. Especially if it’s a Biblical subject. However, there’s no end to questions about science, one leads to another, to another, enter the spreadsheet! It’s working really well, and if she has further questions I note them and assure her that we’ll cover it at another time.

February was supposed to be Earth Science month, it started out with seeds, and plant life, then we went on an impromptu mini vacation to avoid the -30 weather that hit North Dakota. The change in climate led to a post nasal drip (according to my astute husband, Dr. Daddy) which eventually turned into an Upper Respiratory Infection. Week two and three were pushed back, which means we’re going to finish Earth Science in March. Thankfully, homeschool is all about being flexible. This week we’ll be learning about, and creating, a tornado and lightening. Last week? So glad you asked! We learned about, travelled through virtual reality to a live volcano, then made our own! Equipped with dinosaurs, water made from slime, and homemade clay for the volcano. You can find the recipe for the clay here, and the worksheet for learning about volcanos linked at the bottom of this post. I added about a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of dish detergent to the center, and Kayliegh added half a cup of baking soda on top.

Next week I’ll let you all know how the tornado and lightening lessons went. Another neat thing I was able to find was a robot building kit that allows you to input the coding through an app, enabling control of color, movement, and ’emotion’. It was on clearance for $4, so we bought it an put it in our “store”. The store is a system where Kayliegh earns school bucks for completing her lessons and chores each day. Every other week she’s allowed to spend those school bucks on items or time off from lessons, staying up ten minutes later than normal, and the most expensive ‘skip day’. This week she opted for the robot dog, which she promptly built. Here are the results:

For her historical lessons we’re moving to pre-reformers as we wrap up lessons on reformers and the five Solas. We’re working on parts of sentences and spelling in English, geometry in Math, writing and pronouncing Hebrew words, unit 4 in piano, sketching lessons for art, and the Gospel of Mark in Bible study. That’s all the updates I have for you, brethren. I hope these ideas, worksheets, and resources help you all. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Here are some resources for these lessons:







Homeschooling Resources – Earth Science and More

Hello beloved brethren, today I have some fantastic lessons from our brother in Christ who frequently posts new homeschooling lessons on Wednesday over at The Domain for Truth. These lessons cover everything from rivers and mountains to deserts and valleys, in a way that honors and glorifies God as Creator.

Earth Science Lesson 1

Earth Science Lesson 2

Earth Science Lesson 3

Earth Science Lesson 4

Earth Science Lesson 5

Earth Science Lesson 6

Earth Science Lesson 7

Earth Science Lesson 8

Earth Science Lesson 9

While I’m sharing wonderful resources provided for us by Pastor Jim, here is a book review he’s given on a couple of children’s books that I can’t wait to share with Kk. I also heard that Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle is working on a homeschooling curriculum that should be released soon. I’ll keep my eye out for that little jewel! Until then, there are some really neat activities at the kids side of Answers in Genesis here. I pray these resources are a blessing to you all, this weekend. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.