Monday Fossils – The Big Bang Theory

Along with some pretty spectacular fossil finds, I want to talk about a metaphorical fossil. The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang was so deeply ingrained in evolutionary thinking that it even has its own show named after it! I wondered if the show would be renamed now that its namesake had been proven false. Guess not. BTW I do NOT recommend this show. Besides the foul language and promiscuity, they blatantly make fun of Christians and Christ. I’ll never forget walking into a church in Wyoming and hearing the pastor (you know, the guy leading the flock…who clearly hadn’t read 2 Timothy) openly admit that this was his favorite show. We hadn’t heard the gospel yet, and my husband was more and more discouraged. Is it any wonder that our church is in disarray when our leaders are indulging in secular filth? Where, then, is the outrage over sin? There is none, instead, those who should hold the highest amount of integrity, are finding entertainment in the promotion of sin. Please, friends, understand the magnitude of sin. Sin separates us from God, sin sent the King of kings to the cursed tree, sin destroys lives. I have dear friends who, after the husband came to true faith, gave their flat screens away and allowed no TV. This may sound extreme, but what are we living for? Are we in the world, or of it? Anything, anything whatsoever, we place above God is an IDOL!

Ok back to the metaphorical fossil. The Big Bang Theory. Why do I call the BBT a fossil? It has been dead for a long time, but as all of us fall into denial when our loved ones die, the scientific community held on to it for dear life. Thus, while they continued to pretend it was alive and well, its bones were replaced by minerals and fell to no more than a

Dinosaur Fossil
Died Dino Posture, Image from Wikipedia

mere record of something that once was. Like many fossils found, the fossil of the BBT also showed signs of asphyxiation, strangled to death by its own improbability.

I can still remember the confidence my high school science teachers had as they stated the Big Bang Theory to be the clear and obvious means for creation. Intellectual dishonesty is the reason many now look down on the field of science, which should be our most noble field of study. Had there been a preface, or even better, had they taught the arguments for AND against the BBT the embarrassment might be lessened. Instead, the scientific community plowed forward, for the most part, pushing theory and assumption as fact.

So, what happened? Science does what it SHOULD always do. It faced the facts. I must admit, I have great respect for those first 30 scientists who wrote an open letter to their fellow scientists arguing against the BBT. It took a while for the rippling effects to move through each level of scientific study. Now, all they need to do is take it out of the textbooks and they might regain some of the integrity that was lost.

What does this have to do with the church? Unfortunately, to incorporate deep time into the scriptures, many church leaders had adopted the BBT to explain creation. This is TRAGIC! Now that science has made the BBT obsolete does that mean creation is also disproven? This is a difficult situation to be in, but it is the consequence of compromise.

We must hold to the scriptures, and allow secular science to catch up. We do not need to perform intellectual backflips trying to make each scientific find evidence for our world view. If you look at the track record for scientific discoveries of ‘missing links’ alone you’ll see how very often a big find comes out, makes a lot of noise, and then is quietly disputed. This will always happen in science, science is fluid, it must be for discoveries to continue and understanding to grow. The Word of God is not fluid, not a jot or a tittle of the Word will pass away. Build your house on the rock and when the storm comes your house will not fall. Build your house on the sand of science, and each new storm of discoveries will shake your faith.

So, what’s the deal with these fossils? They all show signs of asphyxiation, somehow before they died they were unable to breathe. This is referred to by some as the ‘died dino posture’. First, we need to understand that the mass majority of fossils found, some

95% of them, are marine invertebrates. Only a small percentage of one percent are vertebrates. Many of those found are fish. It is also rare to find a fully intact dinosaur, however when this is the case they usually all hold this same pose. Head thrown back, back legs tucked in, it’s quite nightmarish when you realize what it’s showing.

Secondly, we need to remember that when animals die they are scavenged by all sorts of creatures and insects. It is only in specialized cases that things become fossilized.

Thirdly, we need to keep in mind that fossilization does not take long periods of time. Under the right conditions, it could happen quickly.

Lastly, let us not forget that a great many of these dinosaur fossils are found with bone remaining. Inside that bone, many scientists have found tissue, blood samples, and even DNA.

Taking these factors into consideration the picture it creates is clear. It is only a matter of time that scientists begin to abandon previously held misconceptions about fossils in the same manner they have abandoned the BBT.

Hold fast to the truth of the Word, friends. Put your faith, trust, and hope in the immutable God.