Sunday Hymn From the Past – Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands

It’s Reformation month again, dear ones! Can you believe it’s been a year since the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation? Wow that year went by fast. This month, like last year, I’m going to be sharing hymns written by reformers. We’ll start this month out strong, with a Martin Luther hymn. I hope it blesses you, as much as it blessed me, as always beloved brethren be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Christ Jesus lay in death’s strong bands,
for our offenses given;
but now at God’s right hand He stands
and brings us light from heaven.
Therefore let us joyful be
and sing to God right thankfully
loud songs of hallelujah.
It was a strange and dreadful strife
when life and death contended;
the victory remained with life,
the reign of death was ended.
Holy Scripture plainly saith
that death is swallowed up by death;
his sting is lost forever.

Here the true Paschal Lamb we see, 
whom God so freely gave us; 
He died on the accursed tree – 
so strong His love to save us. 
See, His blood doth mark our door; 
faith points to it, death passes o’er, 
and Satan cannot harm us. 
So let us keep the festival
whereto the Lord invites us;
Christ is Himself the Joy of all,
the Sun that warms and lights us.
By His grace He doth impart
eternal sunshine to the heart;
the night of sin is ended.


Twisted Tuesday – Then Who Spoke to Me?

Hello dear friends, I hope you are all doing well today! Recently I saw a post with a sentence which was quoted as written by – God. It wasn’t a Bible verse, so it was most certainly not God speaking to us. It was, instead, an inspirational statement either from her mind, or someone else’s. It reminded me of a Twisted Tuesday I had begun writing a while back, this one here, of course! The cannon is closed, God has spoken to us through His prophets and eventually His Son, no new revelation will be given. No new revelation is needed. We know this Scripturally, as my media between paragraphs will show, but if you want a helpful article here is one from GTY. It still begs the question, with so many professing Christians today claiming to hear from God, just who is speaking to them?

I couldn’t find a verse that folks use to give Scriptural credence to what they’re receiving actually coming from God. It seems perhaps they are either misunderstanding Scripture, or ignoring it. I think for many they’re actually referring to the Holy Spirit placing something on their hearts, guiding or leading them one way or another. That’s totally different than claiming to speak for God, or that God speaks through you. It’s also highly likely that, since it’s not being taught from our pulpits today, many believers do not understand that the Bible is God speaking through men by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This means if God is still speaking in that way, we need to open the cannon and start adding to it. That’s a dangerous, and sinful, idea which we need to stand against strongly. So many of the cults we see today began with someone adding to Gods Word, whether through traditions or ‘revelations’ given to one person. It always accompanies an abandonment of salvation through grace alone, and faith in Christ alone. This is why it’s important we make clear that God is not giving new revelation today.

Before I was saved I thought God was always speaking to me. I constantly had a word, had a feeling, had a revelation, none of which were Biblical. I didn’t even understand the Bible, honestly, I read it and it went in one ear and out the other. So what was I hearing? Most of the time it was my conscious, which has even graciously been given to the lost to keep them from the wickedness our hearts are truly capable of. We see many so callous that they’ve shut down that conscious, and are thus able to commit horrible atrocities. Many other things influence our minds, like the entertainment we watch or listen to. Our friends and family can suggest things which lead to thoughts later on down the road. All this leads up to the need to test every thought against Scripture before acting on it. Somethings aren’t covered in the Word, like jobs and the like. It’s a great idea to take your thoughts to prayer, and to other believers that have been in the faith longer.

The most important thing to remember, beloved ones, is that God is not going to audibly speak today. As brother Justin Peters says “If you want to hear from God read your Bible. If you want to hear from Him audibly, read it out loud.” We should never put words in Gods mouth, not even to be inspiring or encouraging. Gods Word is the Bible, adding to it is as dangerous as taking away from it. If you’re hearing audible voices claiming to be God you need to go to your Pastor and Elders. Ask for prayer, and stay in prayer yourself. Study doctrine, friends, doctrine is a weapon against heretical and nonBiblical beliefs and attitudes. As always, dear brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Series on Feminism in the Church – Part III Attack on Marriage

Hello again, dear friends! I hope this post has found you all well. As we return to this troubling series today, please pray for me. The reading material I’ve had to research for this post is grievous. Particularly in this part of the series, with the attack on marriage. Many of us have felt the sting of our parents divorcing, or perhaps were raised by a single parent. I have family members hurting right now because their spouse left them. Marriage is an unmistakably beautiful union, where God takes two people and makes them one. What God has joined together, let no man tear apart. In my last post in this series I explained that feminism can not coexist with Christianity, I hope this post further underlines that truth. I apologize in advance for the quotes, beloved, I’m sure they’ll grieve you as much as they have me.

When Jesus is questioned about divorce in Mark 10 He points to the very first marriage, quoting as He often did from Genesis. In the beginning God made them male and female and the two became one flesh. This is a beautiful thing, dear ones. Marriage is the only thing that God compares with Christ’s relationship to His Church. Husbands should love their wives like Christ loves the church. This alone has placed marriage on such a pedestal that we, as born again believers, must be willing to defend it. Unfortunately, in this case we have to defend Gods plan for marriage against feminism, which is currently creeping into the church. Feminist scholars, often teaching our children in universities, view marriage with as much hostility as they view Christianity.

The question I want to pose here is whether or not feminism should be in the church. You can clearly see my opinion on that question, as I’ve seen first hand the damage that is caused when marriages are destroyed. Every church, and believer, is going to have to answer this question for themselves. What we’ve seen so far this year is that a social gospel is being pushed throughout the Body of Christ, and with it comes feminism. How will we answer this movement? I hope this series will help you all in that regards.

Beloved, let us not forget that we stand on the completed Word of God. When the world tempts us to falter, to set aside, or to go against Scripture it’s time to take a stand. The ‘tolerant’ will slander and abuse you, but stand you must. This is not an option, friends, we have one book, the Bible, that we follow. When the fads and movements of the culture we live in turn away from the teaching therein, we are a peculiar people set aside for the glory of God, we do not follow the culture. So be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Series on Feminism in the Church – Part II

Beloved, last Friday we started a very serious series on a touchy topic, feminism in the church. Today I want to give you a quick review of the roots of this movement as it relates to the church. It’s important to know where these types of movements come from, to help understand what their goal truly is.

Most feminists claim their roots go as far back as the ancient pagan Greek civilization, while acknowledging three ‘waves’ in modern western culture. Some postulate that we’re in the fourth wave now, each ‘wave’ bringing a new generation into the feminist movement beginning in the early 20th century, late 19th century. On the surface spokeswomen have always said that their only goal is equality to men, currently in pay although previously in voting. Underneath the popular rhetoric is a stream of other goals, none of which hold to equality. Rather, what we often see is the desire for the woman to be over the man, not by his side. This puts feminism in direct objection to Christianity, which states women and men are equal, though they hold different roles within the church.

Many of the goals of the feminist movement oppose Biblical principles, such as the push for abortion. Women in this movement consider the murder of the unborn as a right, while denying the right of the father to keep his child alive. Often ignored are laws of double homicide in the case of a pregnant woman being murdered. The issue of children in the womb having a right to life is ignored, and the debate focusing on a woman’s right to her own body. We’ll discuss more of the underlining goals of feminism in further parts of this series.

The main thing I hope to show in this post is that feminism is not compatible with Christianity. In fact, it’s roots are in opposition to Biblical truths. As born again believers we must stand on the full counsel of Gods Word, and refute falsehoods whenever they creep in unawares. Pastors, elders, and leaders should warn their flock about these movements and their anti-Christian roots. Sisters in Christ should warn other sisters not to attach themselves to this movement. Next week we’ll dig a little deeper into just how opposed to Christianity feminism is by addressing their attack on the family. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Hymns from the Past – Come, My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare

Beloved, this beautiful hymn was such a blessing to me. This week marks the third year since I was saved by Gods grace alone, July 4th 2015! With that burden I begin, and the Lord removed this load of sin. What an unbelievably amazing grace! I pray this blesses you as well, dear ones. As always, friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Come, my soul, thy suit prepare,

Jesus loves to answer pray’r.

He Himself has bid thee pray,

rise and ask without delay.

Thou art coming to a King,

large petitions with thee bring,

for his grace and pow’r are such,

none can ever ask too much.

With my burden I begin,

Lord, remove this load of sin!

Let Thy blood, for sinners spilt,

set my conscience free from guilt.

Lord! I come to Thee for rest,

take possession of my breast;

there Thy blood-bought right maintain,

and without a rival reign.

While I am a pilgrim here,

let Thy love my spirit cheer;

as my Guide, my Guard, my Friend,

lead me to my journey’s end.

Show me what I have to do;

ev’ry hour my strength renew;

let me live a life of faith;

let me die Thy people’s death

John Newton

Hymns from the Past – By Grace I’m Saved

By grace I’m saved, grace free and bound-less;

My soul, be-lieve and doubt it not.

Why stag-ger at this word of prom-ise?

Has Scrip-ture ev-er false-hood taught?

No; then this word must true re-main:

By grace you too shall heav’n ob-tain.

By grace! None dare lay claim to mer-it;

Our works and con-duct have no worth.

God in His love sent our Re-deem-er,

Christ Je-sus, to this sin-ful earth;

His death did for our sins a-tone,

And we are saved by grace a-lone.

By grace! O mark this word of prom-ise

When you are by your sins op-pressed,

When Sa-tan plagues your trou-bled con-science,

And when your heart is seek-ing rest.

What rea-son can-not com-pre-hend

God by His grace to you will send.

By grace! This ground of faith is cer-tain;

So long as God is true, it stands.

What saints have penned by in-spi-ra-tion,

What in His Word our God com-mands,

What our whole faith must rest up-on,

Is grace a-lone, grace in His Son.

Christian L. Scheidt


I love Gods Word, I love Gods people, I love going before His throne in prayer, and I love the beautiful way God can use each of these things to chasten me.

I know that we live in a Christian culture today that sees no value in rebuke. How unloving, they say, a rebuke is. Can’t you just love me where I’m at? Pray for me if you think I’m wrong! Why is this the case? Why do so many calling themselves Christians bristle at a rebuke of a beloved member of the body of Christ, or the chastening of God Himself?

There are only two reasons;

1. They’re false converts.

2. They’re true converts who have spent too much time listening to false converts.

If 1. is the case than we must not begin or end with a rebuke, we must begin and end with the Gospel. To an unbeliever playing church being rebuked will either give them the opportunity to cry victim, or it will give them a chance to prove themselves a Pharisee indeed.

If 2. is the case we must remember that once saved, discernment will follow. Do rebuke this beloved brethren, if you win them over it’s a wonderful thing! If they become angry, continue to pray for them that God would work in them from grace to grace.

In both of these cases there is no fear of God. Gods Word tells us repeatedly, fear God. It says the fear of God is the beginning of wisedom. Pastors don’t preach on this subject anymore, everyone wants God to be their buddy, no one wants to hear of the wrath to come. 

I was chastened by Gods Word this morning. This is why I stress starting your day in prayer and study. The beautiful thing about being chastened by God is that His Word doesn’t just show us what not to do, but it tells us why as well. Then when we take it before Gods throne in prayer, the Holy Spirit strengthens us. Don’t fear chastening, beloved brethren, pray for it! God chastens those He loves

As always, dear brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.