Homeschooling Resources and Update – Encouragement for Lessons During Holidays

Hello dear ones! It’s snowing here again, just as the previous layer was nearly melted away. It’s so beautiful, and we even went sledding for the first time in our lives. So. Much. Fun. Boy, we really missed out on something special growing up in the south. I can not wait to go again this weekend! I had no intention of getting on the sled, however in demonstrating the safest way to propel my darling daughter down a hill, I found that gravity is still fully in effect, down an entire hill I went! What does this have to do with lessons? Everything! Inertia, gravity, traction, aerodynamics, to name a few. We’re actually not covering any of those topics in science currently, but what a great opportunity to review them. This is the encouragement I want to give all my homeschooling friends out there, everything is a teachable moment. I know it can seem like the last three months of the year are a difficult time to focus. There’s so much to distract! Especially snow. Snow! That even distracts me.

Don’t be discouraged if productivity slows down a bit. Now is a great time to prepare for next year, try remembering that the end of the year is full of fun activities so that you can work your lessons around them. We have a very odd style of homeschooling, we only do lessons when Daddy is at work. Hospital shifts are 12 hours, three to four days a weeks, which gives ample days for Kayliegh to blow off steam, and play in the snow. Everyones homeschooling is different, which is just a small part of what makes it so special, no one size fits all! We tried at the beginning of the year to do lessons for just 4 hours 5 days a week, but quickly remembered why we use daddies days off as our days off. Daddy is a jungle gym. He always has been. The moment he wakes up its time for play, so it was nearly impossible to focus. If you find that your little ones are struggling to focus, especially during this time of the year, switch things up. Find what works best for you, and for them. Flexibility is a very good thing!

I also wanted to update everyone on my first ever spreadsheet, it was a huge success. The entire month of November has gone so much smoother, I’m considering working out a spread sheet for all the varies subjects Kayliegh studies. I’ve never written her lesson plans out for an entire year before, I usually cover them monthly (mentally) and write them down weekly. I feel like my brain had fifty tabs open, and I closed them all by organizing it into excel. Again, this might not be the way you choose to homeschool, and thats ok! If you use a program, or order a curriculum, thats fantastic. I create Kayliegh’s because, well one I only have the one child which makes this task much easier. Secondly, Kayliegh is all over the place on grade range, with middle school science, fourth grade social studies, third grade math, and college level reading. Lastly, without my income as a working mom, it’s better for our finances that we stick to the ‘mostly free’ path. No one size fits all! What a blessing this is!

I mentioned in the last update that we were going to learn how, why, when, and where the Puritans came over to America, and why we were celebrating Thanksgiving. That was a huge success, and Monumental has become one of her favorite movies. We watched it in 10-15 minute increments each day, and she couldn’t wait to get to it. I’m preparing for December this week by back tracking with her, looking at brothers and sisters in Christ that make up the generations between the Reformation and the Puritans. Then, in December, we’re going to cover the Reformation. I found these AWESOME coloring pages and worksheets that discuss the five solas! They’re fantastic, and free, see link below.

In science, according to my handy dandy spreadsheet, we’re going to be dealing with anatomy, specifically the pathophysiology of each system. I’m really excited about this one! I hope we can really focus, although it will be difficult. Not only will we be making a drive across the country to visit family, we’ll also be packing up for an end of the year move. Like I mentioned above, some months, weeks, or days, as a homeschooling family are more productive than others. We have to celebrate the small victories, while learning and improving from the failures. The goal is not to jam as much information into one day, but to genuinely teach. I know the struggle is real, and some days it feels like you’re spinning your wheels. Just know, beloved, that you are the best person to teach your children. You are giving them the most valuable gift you can give, your time. I hope, and pray, that this post is an encouragement to you all. As always, dear brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Children Are Such a Blessing

Hello, and happy Monday, dear friends! Today is our series on Hydrodynamic which I will do in a separate post (rare two posts alert) as I need to get a little personal here. First, I have to apologize for missing that post two weeks in a row, this is a busy month with lots of birthdays in the family. I’m the unofficial birthday sign creator for all Hereford’s. This included my beautiful little girl, who you’re all familiar with by now I’m sure, Kayleigh who turned 8! 8? I don’t even know how that’s possible.

She wanted a Hawaiian themed party, which was a lot harder to pull off than I anticipated. Surprisingly, most stores don’t sell these items in the fall. The internet saved the day! So my little girl is now 8, and I have to give God the glory for giving us such a gift! What a blessing children are, I can’t fathom why our society has lowered to such a level that it treats them as inconvenient and disposable. Our children are given to us by God, made in His image. What higher responsibility is there in this world than caring for His little ones?

There’s a lot of nonsense today about women being equal to men. I simply can not comprehend why any woman wouldn’t find that offense! Equal? Yes, in Gods eyes all believers are equal, yet we were made for totally different things. Our roles are unique. I was able to carry this little miracle for 36 weeks while God knit her together. Meanwhile society tells women to give that up, and for what? A better paycheck? Equality? Nonsense. Motherhood is the greatest service to God a woman can do, we have just a few short years to cherish His little ones, such a small time to teach them His precepts upon precepts. It’s a role that should be held with esteem, not cast aside or ridiculed. Or worse, considered an imposition.

A child is a beautiful blessing, a tremendous gift from God. They teach us how to love beyond measure, how to be patient, how to forgive instantly, and how to make everything fun. They should be protected, especially when they are in a mother’s womb, at all cost. Our sons and our daughters, whether by birth, or spiritually through discipleship, are genuinely something to thank God for. Let us give to the one wholly deserving all the honor, praise, and glory. Stay tuned for a return to my normal posting material. 🙂 Pray for me, my dear friends, while I teach her to do the very thing I don’t want her to do, grow up into spiritual and physical adulthood.

Kayliegh’s Questions – Why?

If you have little ones in your life then you already know that ‘why’ is their favorite question. I love this about Kk! She asks so many questions throughout the day, always something different, sometimes funny and sometimes very serious. I hadn’t had time to sit down and write about them up until now, so I’ve been recording them for the opportune time.

Here are a select few from the past week…

1. “Is Satan why we sin, mommy?”

Answer: No, we sin because we inherited the sin nature from Adams fall in the garden. Satan does seek to kill, steal, and destroy. He is the accuser of the brethren. (Enter the Gospel, I always try to bring it back to the Gospel)

2. “Why did God create man if He knew we would sin? Why didn’t He just make us not to sin?”

Answer: You’ve had both a robotic dog and a real puppy. You loved the real puppy, the robotic dog ended up in a draw. This is because the real puppies affections had more value, they were genuine. The robot was programmed to pretend to love you, without any actual feelings. God could have created mankind as robots, but we’re to be a gift for His Son, a bride for the Bridegroom. What kind of gift would forced love be? Jesus said if we love Him we’ll obey His commandments.

(I’ll admit this one was tough for me beloved, and if I need correction here I would greatly appreciate you pointing this out Biblically!)

3. “Why does Jesus say His body is bread, and His blood is wine? We don’t really eat Him, do we?”

Oh, out of the mouths of babes!

Answer: This is a spiritual saying, like the second birth, the new birth of a believer is spiritual. The first time I was born was physical, the second time I was born was spiritual. We have physical bread we can eat when we get hungry, and it sustains life. Without food we would all parish. Likewise, for the spiritual life we need spiritual food and drink to be sustained. That is why Christ gave Himself on the cross, so that we might not see the second death.

Just as an aside…she also asked this week how kissing the bride after marriage makes the wife pregnant. Not sure how she came to this conclusion…but she’s seven so I told her, while that’s not how a wife becomes pregnant, the way that happens is something we’d talk about when she was older. She hates this response. At what age did you, dear friends, discuss these matters with your children? What do you think of these questions and answers? Any scriptures you’d like to bring to my attention? I so appreciate you all, and pray for you daily! Be good Berean’s, beloved, and study to show yourselves approved.

Kayliegh’s Question #1

Beloved, here it is again, the ever rare second post! I’ve been fielding extremely deep, over my head, questions from my daughter since the day I got saved. I’m not sure if the difference was her cognitive ability, as she was nearly five years old at the point of my salvation, or if the constant proclaiming of this great God continues to peak her interest. Either way, before salvation all the questions were warm and fuzzy such as “does God think jokes are funny too?” and now they are “If God is sovereign do we decide to move, or does He move us?”

Just as a side note, my favorite question from Kayliegh came shortly after Justin and I were saved. He was reading us the Ten Commandments and she was so confused. It went something like this…

Justin: “Though shalt not commit adultry…” polite interruption from Kayliegh…

Kayliegh: No adult trays? Just kid trays?

I’ll take that question ten times over the ones she usually asks!

I’m going to start writing down her questions and the responses we give her down and posting them for your advice on each matter. I’m also very curious as to whether or not any of you encounter similar questions from your little ones, and how you handle them. Some days she asks passing questions, and other days are filled with theological inquiries. Yesterday was the latter. It certainly keeps me on my toes! Here’s one of the questions she asked…

“If God knew Satan would tempt Adam and Eve and cause the fall of mankind, why did God create Satan?”

What do you think, beloved brethren, how would you have answered this question? What scriptures would you have gone too? Is this a question you’ve been asked, or asked yourself, before?