MEGA List: Book Giveaways – Blog Recommendations – New Years Exercise

Hello, and happy Friday, dear friends. Welcome back to another MEGA list, I wish I had more information for you on the episodes for next weeks podcast. Unfortunately that’s still sort of up in the air at the moment, so we’ll just surprise you. One thing I also wanted to mention to you, especially if you follow me on social media, is that I’ve started a new project. I’m going to be taking books in the public domain and reading through them with my followers bit by bit each day. We’re currently reading through The Life and Diary of David Brainerd. I considered posting here each morning as well, I don’t particularly like to post more than once a day. Perhaps I could pick one day a week where I post what we’ve gone through so far? I’d love to hear what you all think, and what book you’d like to read through with me next. Speaking of books…Copy of Jonathan Edwards.PNG


Our partners over at P&R Publishers sent us over a book to review and giveaway. Everyday Prayer with John Calvin by Donald K. McKim, which uses Calvins writings and commentaries to discuss his views on prayer. These short readings include Calvin’s prayers, as well as questions and prayer points to help strengthen your own prayer life. It’s a beautiful little book, that I recommend to all at any age, and particularly to anyone currently reading through Calvin’s Institutes. The giveaway will be run throughout this weekend, starting today, with the winner announced on Monday. All my readers who like, or comment, here on the blog will automatically be entered into the contest. Below is a picture of the book, I promise most of my Christmas decorations have been put away now, but they made for a pretty backdrop before they went into storage.


Have you all put your trees away yet? I had a strange excitement as I was putting things away this year. For the first time since we’ve been traveling my hubby announced we would be keeping all our decorations from here on out. Usually we purchase a few little things, get a tree, and then donate it all at the end of the season. This year is, Lord willing, the last year we’ll be traveling as much as we have been. Due to that, we’re holding on to everything, including all the unique things we purchased at the Christmas resale/antique shop in town. As I packed them all away, carefully wrapping them, I felt much more excited, and far less sad, then I usually do at this time of year. Kayliegh announced this was the best Christmas yet, which made that all the more sweet.



As far as recommendations go, I have a blog series, a shop, and an instagram page to recommend. I’m sure you’re all well aware of Elizabeth Prata’s blog The End Times. Before the end of the year she wrote a series explaining why Jen Wilkins is such a dangerous teacher. I highly recommend this series, as its eye opening and informative. The shop I want to recommend today is Vintage Vinyl Kreations, where a dear sister-in-Christ is creating beautiful items, made to order. The last recommendation I have for you is an Instagrammer whose work as been featured at Kirklands. @Imperfectdust is her instagram handle, I hope you’ll be as blessed by her posts as Becca and I have been.



There is always a renewed interest in getting thin this time of year, well thin for women, buff for men. I’m always so frustrated to see the stores fill with pointless exercise equipment, overly priced work out clothes, and powdered protein. These are usually set near magazines with extremely edited figures wearing similar work out clothes. Can you call it clothes if it resembles the size and shape of under garments? Either way, my suggest is that you ignore all of that. If you want to get healthy take some small steps, manageable goals, change one bad habit, like our friend over at ExCatholic4Christ did last year. I hate to see so much money wasted on unachievable goals, which cause folks to become discouraged. Getting healthy is a great goal, the stores and magazines do not help, and I’ve tried those protein powders when I was young and in need of better nutrition, they’re awful. Thats it, thats my suggestion, I hope you’re all doing well in the New Year. If you missed it, Becca and I did a New Years special, you can catch it on Youtube here. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.