Tulips & Honey’s First Episode – Yoga Q&A

Consider this the second season of the podcast, dear ones, a relaunched name and all the fun that goes with it! In this episode, Becca and I answered some of the questions we received about the original episode on Yoga. We talked about acupuncture, reiki, chiropractors, and Pilates. Included in the mix is a whole lot of fun stuff, including…and I’m not even joking…goat yoga, Area 51, zombie apocalypse, and the DC vs. Marvel debate.

I hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much as my co-host and I enjoyed recording it! If you have any more questions please feel free to send them our way, and we’ll answer them on future episodes. If you have any hate mail send that too, and I’ll be sure to forward it to Becca. You can hear the podcast at my host site, YouTube, Google, iTunes, Spotify, and more. All the links are neatly tucked into this tree here. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Hello dear ones, I pray this post has found you all well. I wanted to quickly remind all my homeschooling friends out there of this weekends unique learning opportunity. Also for my fellow parents, or lovers of Gods gorgeous creation, this event only happens once a year and its peaking this weekend. I haven’t seen Kayliegh this excited since, well, last years show! I am, of course, referring to the Perseid meteor shower, which is being harolded as the best one yet. This is due to the moon, and how perfectly the shower fell in regards to its phases. Rather than staying up late, we intend on having a very early morning picnic outside of town, to get a good show before dawn. Church starts 8:30, so this made more sense for us. However, if you’ve got a late service tomorrow, you can still get a great view of these astronomical particles flinging themselves into our atmosphere only to be burned up in bright flashes, starting around 11ish. This article gives some general weather information for the U.S. and some other neat facts about the Perseids.

For a really neat perspective, check this out here.

If you miss it tonight, never fear, there’s always tomorrow night. What an excellent opportunity to teach our little ones about comets, meteors, moon phases, and our atmosphere! It’s also another chance to reinforce Biblical creationism in our homes, as comets and meteors make a wonderful apologetic for a young universe. I briefly discussed this in our series on The Heavens Declare. This one snuck up on me, if I’m being honest, so I didn’t have time to prepare lessons. This is going to, essentially, be a homeschool field trip! I’ll be sure to add any pictures we take to this post, so there should be some updates. I’d love to hear from you, brethren, if you go to see them. Or if you have some homeschooling resources you’d like to share, that would also be wonderful. As always, friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Worksheets – The Sun

I didn’t realize that I had skipped over the Sun in other worksheets for this series, I’m so sorry about that brethren! Here I’ve attached a worksheet for the Sun along with a maze. There is also some scriptural copy work. Of course, if there’s anything specific that you would like to have so homeschooling, Sunday school classes, or other lessons, please feel free to ask.

The Sun


There is also a wonderful diagram with more information here. You can also find some excellent videos here for creation science for youngsters. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Heavens Declare – Everything Else

Well, friends, this brings us to the end of our series through the solar system. If I haven’t mentioned often enough throughout this series, Spike Psarries and Dr. Jason Lisle lectures on astronomy have been where much of the material we’ve covered has come from. I’m going to do this post differently than the last posts in the series. Rather than give you information, refutation, then my opinion of Gods purpose, I’m just going to give you all some quick facts to summarize and finish up our series.

Objects past Neptune, like poor Pluto, are referred to as TNO’s, or Trans Neptunian Objects. These objects have evidence of volcanic activity which is hard to account for. They’re too small and too far out from the Sun to maintain energy output for billions or even millions of years.

Comets have a lifespan, each time they pass the Sun they lose a little more material. Some comets run into planets, like the one I spoke briefly about in our talk on Jupiter. Due to this, secular scientists needed to find a way to renew comets in our Solar System so they could hold on to their deep time beliefs. How would they explain comets still existing after billions of years? The secular scientists created the fictitious Oort Cloud and the Kiper belt to explain how comets could continue to be seen when they last, at best, a couple thousand years. The problem with both the Oort Cloud and the Kiper belt is that they’ve been proven impossible over the last decade. I could do several posts on just this subject, but I’ll leave it to you, beloved, to look more into this if you find it interesting.

Let’s move on to the stars and galaxies.

There’s a major problem with our Sun, and all the stars in the universe. Like the gas planets in our Solar System, the stars shouldn’t exist.

Several theories have been postulated over how stars could form, unfortunately for the secular astrophysicists they all require stars to exist already. That seems strange doesn’t it, like the chicken and the egg debate, only galactic. You see, when we hear that nebulas are ‘star nurseries’ what is often not mentioned is that nebulas are formed from exploding stars. If stars are needed to create stars, what created stars? Another important thing to mention is that star formation from nebulas is impossible. Gravity is a weaker force than gas pressure, which forces the gas molecules in the nebulas to move apart.

How do astronomers solve this problem? Dark matter and dark energy are the fictitious, invisible, and untraceable, solutions to the problem. You have to have faith, brethren, in this unobservable and unprovable theory, for the secular models to work. This idea is referred to, by secular scientists, as the tooth fairy.

None of the information I’ve provided over the last couple months is going to convince an atheist to suddenly hate their sin and love God. Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart of stone. The purpose here is two-fold, firstly to encourage the body of Christ in the reliability of God’s Word, and secondly to tear down every high and lofty idea that sets itself up against the truth. This really all boils down to whether or not God is sovereign. If He is, and He sovereignly inspired His Word then we can trust what it says from Genesis to Revelation. If He is able to create, and uphold, the universe, then He is able to accurately inspire His people to write the truth. If you believe God is all powerful, how could you come to the conclusion that He allowed the story of creation to be written inaccurately? That is an illogical conclusion.

Beloved, you can trust God’s Word so be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Heavens Declare – Neptune

I’m so excited, beloved, to be near the end of the the Solar System series with you. Not because it’s ending, but because I saved the best for last! You’ll have to wait until next Monday for that though, today we’re going to discuss Neptune, the last planet in our Solar System sense Pluto was ‘pluto’d’.

Neptune is the last gas planet, and the furthest out from the Sun, so far out that it takes the Suns light four hours to reach it. It takes it 164.8 years to orbit once around the Sun. It’s called the sister planet of Uranus as it’s similar in size and matter. The main difference is the weather patterns on Neptune, which feature some of the highest winds in the Solar System, reaching 1,300 mph. That explains the giant dark spot seen on Neptune, which is often compared to the great red storm on Jupiter.

How does Neptune refute evolution? Neptune, like other gas giants, puts out more energy then it receives, twice as much. Neptune has a magnetic field, which is tilted like Uranus’, nether of which can be explained by secular models. In fact Neptune, like Uranus, can not exist according to the secular models. They’re too big to have formed so far from the Sun. Since 1972 astronomers have known that their models can not create a scenario that explains Neptune or Uranus. Rather then scratch the models, they have scratched their head, and continued teaching that they’ve got it all figured out. 

Beloved brethren, I know how Uranus and Neptune could be created so far from the Sun, the sovereign God created and upholds all things. Why would God create Neptune, a planet that’s not even viewable with the naked eye? I believe that Neptune was created for such a time as these, when men wise in their own conceit would claim to know how to world formed. No matter how they work it, they can not make their models fit Gods brilliance. 

One last thing, if you happened on this post and have been led to believe that ‘science’ has disproven God and the Bible I encourage you to read back through this series and see how very incorrect that is. Evolution is not science, it’s natural history filled with assumptions and guesswork. We can, and should, take God at His Word friends. And as always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Worksheets – Venus

Today over at abitoforange he interviewed a very cool creation science podcast for kids which I thought I’d mention here too, in case any parents want to put some of her awesome work to good use.



I also have some worksheets for you today. If you missed the last worksheets you can find them here, and if you’ve missed the Solar System series that I’m using to make these worksheets you can find Mercury here, and Venus here.

These worksheets just have facts and are evolution free. I hope they’ll be a blessing to you, your children, or your Sunday school classes. Along with science worksheets, there are some scripture copy work pages.




I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend, brethren, and as always be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Heavens Declare – Uranus

Today, in continuing with our series through the Solar System, we’re going to discuss the odd ball in the neighborhood. Every family has one, and our Solar System is no different. Uranus is that crazy aunt who always does the exact opposite as everyone else in the family. When no one was looking, she slipped you chocolate before the turkey was done on Thanksgiving. We’re going to discuss what makes Uranus so strange, how it disputes evolutionism, and what God’s purpose was for creating it.

Unlike the other planets, Uranus has its poles on the side, not the north and south because it leans so far. Due to this tilt, Uranus is the only planet that doesn’t orbit the Sun like a spinning top, instead, it rolls around the Sun like a ball. It’s this tilt that makes Uranus such an odd ball, but there are other anomalies as well. All the other gas giants give out more energy than they take in, but not Uranus. It also has almost a perfect orbit around the Sun, and is the closest planet we have to taking a completely circular trip, taking a whopping 84 years. It has over two dozen moons, which all orbit around its equator, making their rotation just as strange as the planet itself.

How does Uranus create problems for the secular models of the Solar Systems creations? To start with, Uranus has a magnetic field. It’s strength was predicted two years before it was discovered, not by a secular model, (those were all way off) but by a bible believing physicist, Dr. Russel Humphreys.  Dr. Humphreys used the logic he found in the Bible to make his predictions, which shuts down any evolutionist who claims creation scientists do not make predictions. As I mentioned before it does not give out energy like the other gas giants, which is strange as they were all supposedly created at the same time out of the same material. Another way Uranus refuted evolutionary models is with its tilt, which can not be explained even by asteroids hitting it and turning it over. There are no models which can correctly explain Uranus’ strange behavior.  Uranus has the strangest moon in the Solar System as well, Miranda. It is a small moon, in fact, it is too small for the evolutionary models to suggest that it was hit by five separate asteroids. Most secularists admit that the problem with Uranus is it’s moons, Miranda included, as all the models used to explain why it is tilted, are disrupted by the orbits of its moons.

What was God’s point in creating Uranus? To show His creative genuis, and to throw a giant wrench in the evolutionary cogs. Uranus is a beautiful example of God’s sovereignty over all the universe. Beloved, God knows the end from the beginning, and He inspired men to write down the creation of the universe accurately. You can trust God’s

Word, so be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.


The Heavens Declare – Saturn

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In continuing with our series through the Solar System, today we’re going to talk about one of the most stunning creations in our night sky; Saturn. As before, we’ll talk briefly on the planet, how it refutes secular models, and God’s purpose in His creation.

Saturn is the second largest planet, and is completely gaseous like Jupiter, making it impossible to land on. One reason Saturn is such a beautiful sight to behold is the rings orbiting its equator. These rings are anything but ordinary, as some pieces in the rings are as small as dust and others are large boulders, and some are even braided. Wind speeds on Saturn can reach 500 m/s, and it takes a little over 10 hours to complete a rotation. It takes 29 and a half years, however, to make its way around the sun. There are 62 known moons orbiting Saturn, and they often give evolutionists more trouble than even the planet does, as we’ll discuss.


What problems does Saturn cause Evolutionism? Saturn and Jupiter cause the most problems to secular models by being impossible. Based on current models these two giants should have migrated into the sun within 100,000 years of creation, an issue labeled the ‘migration problem’. Now logic would reason that if two planets, holding 92% of the mass of our Solar System, disprove your model then your model is wrong. However, it gets worse for secular astronomers.  Saturn, like other gas giants, emits 2.5 times more energy than it receives from the Sun. Saturns magnetic field also disproves secular dynamo theories, by having an internal, symmetrical magnetic field. These two points show that Saturn can not be old, cold, and dead.  If Saturn was 4.5 billion years old it would no longer have a magnetic field, and it would no longer be able to put out so much energy. If that wasn’t enough, Saturns moons, like Jupiter’s moons, cause a great deal of trouble for secular models.

Titan is the second largest moon in our Solar System and is the only moon in it that has an atmosphere. Its atmosphere is made of nitrogen and methane, which caused secularists to assume the satellite would be covered in a global ocean of ethane and methane. This is because sunlight destroys methane, and if Titan is billions of years old it must have created a very large amount of ethane through that process. Unfortunately for secular models, there are only a few small lakes of ethane on Titan. Without a source of methane renewal, billions of years would render Titan old, cold, and dead. Evolutionists have speculated that the methane came from the unprovable, unobservable ‘Oort cloud’. We’ll talk more about the Oort Cloud when we get to the end of our Solar System. Enceladus is another moon of Saturn that has caused trouble for evolutionism. It has massive fountains on its south pole, which has sprayed the other moons around it with ice and snow. This activity would not be possible if this moon was 4.5 billion years old.

Saturn has a beautiful show of rings, dazzling all those who have seen it. What was God’s purpose in creating this masterpiece, its rings, and moons (which includes dancing moons that switch orbits with one another every four years)? The heavens declare God’s glory, Saturn is no exception.

I hope as this series continues, you all see a pattern of creation; that God has created the universe, and that secularists have no way of explaining creation without God. There are a lot of confident atheists today who claim ‘science’ has refuted the existence of God. When you shuffle through the facts and details of evolutionism you find something very different than whats being taught, you find assumption, opinions, and guesswork. Beloved you can trust Gods Word, so be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.



The Heavens Declare – Jupiter

#CreationScience #SolarSystem

Next in our series through the solar system is Jupiter, the king of the planets, and the first gas planet in our series.

Jupiter is five times further out from the sun! It’s the largest planet, and as such it’s only fitting that it has the biggest moon in our Solar System. Ganymede, one of Jupiters 69 known moons, is actually larger than Mercury. We could do a full series on just the moons of Jupiter, they are fascinating!

Jupiter is a gas planet and as such, theoretically, you could pass right through it without ever hitting land, although a minority of astronomers have suggested a rocky core. As big as it is, it still manages to spin rapidly, with a 10-hour rotation.

The clearest and most obvious fact about Jupiter that disputes the secular models for creation is its energy output. As I already mentioned, Jupiter is really far from the sun. However, it still puts out twice as much energy as it receives. If it were millions, or even billions of years old, it would be old, cold, and dead. It’s external heat, and energy output, make it impossible for Jupiter to be 4.5 billion years old. There is no model from evolutionism that can explain this enigma.

What was Gods purpose in creating Jupiter? I think we’ve been able to see in recent years that God’s sovereign purpose for creating this magnificent planet was for the protection of His people. Jupiter often catches comets in its orbit, as we’ve seen, effectively destroying objects that could be disastrous for life on Earth. It also shows Gods majesty, His creativity, and His sovereignty as Jupiter is a bright part of the sky that’s for signs, seasons, and times.

I hope you are still enjoying our trip through the Solar System, and as always beloved friends, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Saturday Worksheets – Mercury


Last Saturday I posted some Bible verse copy work Here. Today I’ve finished a worksheet for teaching on Mercury, along with a coloring page and some scripture copy work.

My goal was to make the worksheets fun and educational, without adding all the assumptions evolutionists often add to textbooks. I decided to start with Solar System worksheets because I’ve been doing a series every Monday on the subject. Most of what I’ve incorporated into the worksheet you can find over here Mercury


1 Corinthians 1-27

Mercury Coloring

I hope these worksheets are a blessing to all the homeschooling, Sunday school teachers, and parents who want to teach their little ones science without naturalism and evolutionism.