There’s a Guest in our Home

Is there anything better, friends, than watching a baby? Of course not! But the only thing that’s close is watching a puppy! This is Apollo and I get to puppysit him, which is just way to exciting. I was going to write a review on one of Dr. Steve Lawson’s books but I’m afraid it’ll have to wait until next Thursday, Lord willing.

I hope you will all forgive me for being so distracted. I absolutely adore babies of all sorts, but I promise to be more focused when he’s gone. So, until tomorrow beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Children Are Such a Blessing

Hello, and happy Monday, dear friends! Today is our series on Hydrodynamic which I will do in a separate post (rare two posts alert) as I need to get a little personal here. First, I have to apologize for missing that post two weeks in a row, this is a busy month with lots of birthdays in the family. I’m the unofficial birthday sign creator for all Hereford’s. This included my beautiful little girl, who you’re all familiar with by now I’m sure, Kayleigh who turned 8! 8? I don’t even know how that’s possible.

She wanted a Hawaiian themed party, which was a lot harder to pull off than I anticipated. Surprisingly, most stores don’t sell these items in the fall. The internet saved the day! So my little girl is now 8, and I have to give God the glory for giving us such a gift! What a blessing children are, I can’t fathom why our society has lowered to such a level that it treats them as inconvenient and disposable. Our children are given to us by God, made in His image. What higher responsibility is there in this world than caring for His little ones?

There’s a lot of nonsense today about women being equal to men. I simply can not comprehend why any woman wouldn’t find that offense! Equal? Yes, in Gods eyes all believers are equal, yet we were made for totally different things. Our roles are unique. I was able to carry this little miracle for 36 weeks while God knit her together. Meanwhile society tells women to give that up, and for what? A better paycheck? Equality? Nonsense. Motherhood is the greatest service to God a woman can do, we have just a few short years to cherish His little ones, such a small time to teach them His precepts upon precepts. It’s a role that should be held with esteem, not cast aside or ridiculed. Or worse, considered an imposition.

A child is a beautiful blessing, a tremendous gift from God. They teach us how to love beyond measure, how to be patient, how to forgive instantly, and how to make everything fun. They should be protected, especially when they are in a mother’s womb, at all cost. Our sons and our daughters, whether by birth, or spiritually through discipleship, are genuinely something to thank God for. Let us give to the one wholly deserving all the honor, praise, and glory. Stay tuned for a return to my normal posting material. 🙂 Pray for me, my dear friends, while I teach her to do the very thing I don’t want her to do, grow up into spiritual and physical adulthood.

Friday Travels

Today, beloved brethren, we are driving the last 400 miles of our trip to the next assignment. As most of you know my husband is a traveling Respiratory Therapist, so we go where the hospitals need us. Each assignment can last anywhere from 8 weeks to 9 months. This time we’re heading to Colorado! It’s been a while since we’ve been in the mountains, although the badlands of North Dakota provided an excellent replacement.

This blog was never intended to be my outlet for the blessed life I live. However, every now and then I like to take a moment to invite you into closer fellowship with my family. When we are on the silent two lane highway I get to spend more time reading each of your blogs, and learning from the wisdom and knowledge you all have to offer. Every part of the busy life we live stops when the travel, there’s suddenly time to take it all in.

When we started traveling we were unsaved, and unsure of pretty much everything. Thankfully, due to the incomprehensible grace of God alone, in July 4th of 2015, waiting for corporate housing to come through, we repented of our sins in a hotel in Bismarck, put our faith in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation. Our journey from state to state hasn’t been nearly as exciting as our journey from grace to grace. Sanctification is one of God’s truly amazing graces He gives to His people. The evidence that you are truly saved is not just that you’ve been changed, but that you are continuing to be changed.

Dear friends, if you feel as though you’ve never experienced the new birth of the Christian faith, I implore you to work through your faith with fear and trembling. We must examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith. Gods mercy and love are just as real as His hatred of sin, and just nature on judgement day. He is an infinite God, thus when we live a rebellious, law breaking life, sinning against Him, the punishment befitting that crime is infinite. Eternity is real, heaven and hell are real, let us not take lightly that which should concern us the greatest.

As always, my dear, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Snow Days

Beloved brethren, I haven’t written in a couple days, usually when that happens it’s because something specific comes up with family. I normally don’t make excuses for myself, but this time I wanted to share it with you.

It’s snowing here! Snow! Real, soft, beautiful, extremely cold snow! Growing up in Dallas, Texas meant that ‘snow’ was usually sleet. I can count the number of times I saw real snow growing up on one hand. In our travels we have had several occasions now to see real snow. It seems like everything stops, everything slows down, when it snows.

I’m so thankful to God for these moments! I hope you’re winters will all be white, and safe, this year dear friends. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

A Hard Day

Today should be the Neptune portion of our series through the solar system but I’m afraid it will have to wait until next Monday.

On our way home from our vacation with family we picked up a little surprise for our daughter.

She was thrilled, and for a solid 24 hours it seemed like she was going to have a new best friend. I noticed the allergies in my daughter and my husband but thought it was from the traveling. After the night was over, and after a couple asthma attacks, it became obvious that our hypoallergenic pup was not hypoallergenic enough.

We have to find her a new home. It’s a sad day in the Hereford home today, most of all for our daughter. I hope you won’t mind, brethren, if I spend today comforting her, and return tomorrow with the Good News. As always beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Hymns from the Past – Puritan Hymns

#Puritans #Hymns

All praise to God Who reigns above, The God of all cre-a-tion,

The God of power, the God of love,

The God of our sal-va-tion.

With heal-ing balm my soul is filled

And ev-ery faith-less mur-mur stilled:

To God all praise and glo-ry.

What God’s al-might-y power hath made

His gra-cious mer-cy keep-eth,

By morn-ing glow or eve-ning shade

His watch-ful eye ne’er sleep-eth;

With-in the king-dom of His might,

Lo! all is just and all is right:

To God all praise and glo-ry.
The Lord is nev-er far a-way,

But through all grief dis-tres-sing,

An ev-er pres-ent help and stay,

Our peace and joy and bles-sing.

As with a moth-er’s ten-der hand,

God gent-ly leads the cho-sen band:

To God all praise and glo-ry.
Thus, all my toil-some way a-long,

I sing a-loud Thy prais-es,

That earth may hear the grate-ful song

My voice un-wear-ied rais-es.

Be joy-ful in the Lord, my heart,

Both soul and bo-dy bear your part:

To God all praise and glo-ry.
Let all who name Christ’s ho-ly Name

Give God all praise and glo-ry;

Let all who own His power

Pro-claim a-loud the won-drous sto-ry!

Cast each false i-dol from its throne,

For Christ is Lord, and Christ a-lone:

To God all praise and glo-ry.

Puritan Hymns

Soft Tissue Fossils

Fossils, fossils, fossils!


There is just something about fossils that captivate the imagination. We make movies about them, write books about them, and search deep into the earth to find them. The most obvious, and exciting, fossil to find is a dinosaur. However, dinosaur fossils make up a very small fraction of the fossils found.

So today I’m going to talk about a completely different type of fossil. Soft tissue fossils! Not the soft tissue found inside dinosaurs, although I would love to go over that with you friends, perhaps next Fossil Friday. Today I want to talk about the type of soft tissue fossils that leave behind the patterns, and even on some occasions color pigmentations, of the creature fossilized.

A Little Skin: A largely intact dinosaur mummy, named Dakota, was found in the Hell Creek Formation of the Western U.S. in 2007. Some soft tissue from the long-necked hadrosaur was quickly preserved as fossil, such as the scales from its forearm shown here.

The soft tissue of an animal, once dead, is the quickest part to decay. For these fossils to have been preserved the creatures must have been rapidly buried. Why is this a problem? Evolutionism needs the layers in the rock to have been laid down slowly, this is the basis for the belief in millions of years. In the places where we see these soft tissue fossils, the layers can not have taken hundreds, or thousands, of years to accumulate over the dead animals. If that was the case, we would expect to never find soft tissue, jellyfish, octopus, or squids fossilized.

Many secular scientists are now admitting that fossilization does not take millions of years and that fossils need to be buried quickly. These secularists are usually referred to as ‘neo-catastrophists’. The assumption then is that rather than one big flood, there were many small floods that created the fossils we see today. In this, the debate between evolutionism and creationism has the same evidence, a similar conclusion, but a difference in world views.

This is one of the reasons I wrote about Dr. Jason Lisle’s excellent book to help the Christian understand how to debate the world views. You can check that blog out HERE. I hope that you are blessed by these small examples of how we can confidently stand on Gods Word, even in a 2 Peter 3 world. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.