Finally Feeling a Little Human Again

Hello dear ones, I hope this post finds you all doing well! As some of you may already know, if we follow one another on other social media platforms, my family and I have the Corona virus. I had hoped to write something at the beginning of the week, but was too sick to do so. I’m very thankful for others, like Brooke Bartz and Doreen Virtue who took to their own platforms and asked for prayer on our behalves. The out pouring of prayer, kindness, concern, and even requests to be able to help through an Amazon list was overwhelming. God is gracious to us, we never had to go without, and were able to have groceries/take-out delivered contactless through out the week.

If you don’t already know, because maybe you stumbled onto this blog somehow, my husband works as a traveling Respiratory Therapist. So, we’ve been exposed to the virus several times, self quarantining before the government even began to take precautions. This was for others sake, as it seemed likely we could be carrying the virus for a week or two without knowing it, while simultaneously spreading it. However, after having the virus I regret not taking better care. I’ve never felt anything quite like this particular week, and it’s certainly not something I would ever want to pass to others. While I am feeling better today, I’m struggling to type, so I won’t make this much longer. I just wanted to write out a thank you to all the readers, listeners, friends, and family who have checked on us daily. My family and I are so very grateful!

There won’t be a podcast episode on Monday, but Lord willing I’ll be back by Friday to do the MEGA List. As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.


Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

4 thoughts on “Finally Feeling a Little Human Again”

  1. Sister, I’m very sorry to hear that you and your family contracted the coronavirus. Argh. But I’m glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. I hope your husband and daughter are doing well? I pray for your full recovery. Thank you for letting us know so that we can pray for you.

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  2. Wow! So sorry to hear this but so happy you are on the way to recovery!! 🙌👍🏻🙏🏻
    My daughter is an ER nurse and she has lived in fear of spreading it even though she too takes a MANY precautions!
    God blessed you and your family to so graciously pull you all through! ❤️

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