Wednesday Testimony – Highlighting Heartcry Missionary Society: Abu the Imam

Below is an article written by Lucas A over at HeartCry Missionary Society. You can see the original article here. As we join together to pray for the work Paul Washer and his team are doing all over the world, remember that you can support them every time you make a purchase on Amazon by choosing them as your “Smile” charity. The same can be done with selling and buying on EBay. I hope this testimony will bless you, beloved brethren, as always be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

My name is ‘Abu’ and I am from the northern mountains. When I was growing up, my family wanted me to become a religious teacher (Imam) and help our people by guiding them in the right path. I studied Islamic Rituals (theology) for 18 years and then I became a lead Imam in the community. Our area has 700 households and I was the spiritual leader, teaching them from the Quran and leading them in prayers and all religious matters. Since I couldn’t reach all the houses, I trained a group of disciples who helped me in overseeing them and performing all religious matters. 

About 18 months ago, the radical Islamic militia came and took control of our place. After some time, they invited me to discuss some rituals. But our discussion turned into a debate, and when they lost the debate, they started beating me very badly and I could not move. Some of my friends helped me to come to the capital of the province for medical treatment. 

I was reading the Bible and comparing it with the Quran, then I found out the Bible is better than the Quran.

‘Abu’ – former Imam

I had no place to go but I heard there was a home where I could stay. I came to them and stayed for a month, and they served me with joy and love. They washed my hands and I was wondering why he is doing that, then I asked him ‘Why are you serving me?’  That man said because he is a follower of Jesus. I was amazed that the leader of Christians is serving people instead of people serving him. It was new for me, because I was not serving my people as an Imam but people were serving me.  Then I asked for a Bible and they gave me a Bible.

I was reading the Bible and comparing it with the Quran, then I found out the Bible is better than the Quran. The love of the believers toward one another touched my heart, and I trusted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. When I was in need and wounded by Muslims, the Christians took care of me and helped me to start my life again.

I went back to my home and I shared the good news with my people, and around 60 people gave their lives to Jesus.  They want me to help and teach them to grow in their faith so they can help others. I took 5 of them to back to the capital of the province for the training. We had a great time in learning the word of God, worshiping, and prayers. Now I want to train the other 60 people people in our area. 

I have the heart now to share the love of God with my people and help them to know the love of God in Christ. This is the work of the Holy Spirit and comes from the seeds of many who have labored, given sacrificially, prayed, and taken great risk to bring the gospel to my country. All glory to God!” 

Yours prayers are appreciated for these persecuted brothers and sisters!

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Testimony – Highlighting Heartcry Missionary Society: Abu the Imam”

  1. Sister, thank you for this brother’s testimony! Praise God that he came out of Islam and trusted in Christ! I couldn’t help but ponder that while Heartcry is reaching out into the world with the Gospel, many Christians in America are devoting their time and energy to national politics and are even inclined to look down on this brother because he is not an American.

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    1. I’ve seen several sisters-in-Christ lamenting this sad truth, brother, over on FB. Similar to how you and I both feel about the cult like churches we left, we both know the sinister nature of politics as an idol. Anyone who wasn’t in the RCC might not know how heretical they are, and anyone who hasn’t worshipped at the feet of nationalism won’t see how sinful it is. Keep warning, my friend, even though it makes so many angry! Some are unbelievers that are false converts, but some are genuinely apart of our adopted family and they just need a little perspective. We shoutout your blog in today’s episode, brother, because we believe your writing will help those who read it! Also…I’m praying for you. Nationalism and Catholicism are not popular to speak out against today!

      I’m in continual prayer for your oldest son as well, specifically, although I pray for your sons and your sisters. I hope that the recent tragedy you wrote about will continue to impress upon him the need to consider eternity.

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      1. Thanks, sister! Yup, nationalism was such an ingrained part of the American church’s message for 400 years that people are VERY offended if anyone speaks against it. Yes, as you point out, acceptance of ecumenism with Rome has now become the “mainstream evangelical” view and critics are not tolerated.

        Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement, sister! I really appreciate it. I’m praying for you and yours as well. This Kobe accident has really shaken people up, especially sports fans, and I will be using it as a Gospel lead-in with our sons. I was able to do that with our youngest son over the phone Tuesday night. But our oldest son is going to hear it, too! Thanks ahead of time for your shoutout! I always enjoy listening to the T&H podcasts and I’m mindful of the work you and Becca put in to make it all happen. It’s a resource that’s VERY MUCH needed today with Christian women mostly getting fluff tending toward error or outright heresy.

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