To: The Christian Who Feels Like a Fraud

To: The Christian Who Feels Like a Fraud

A guest post by Emma from

Note from the writer: This amateur-ish poem was written in a moment of reflection upon a very real experience which I suspect many Christians have.

I do not normally write poetry. In fact, I used to detest the school assignments which required me to concoct a poem of my own.

This time, though, I needed to voice something through a slightly different medium. I hope it proves helpful to you, dear reader.

To the Christian who feels like a fraud,

I know how often you feel this way.

I see your doubtful thoughts every day.

You try to pretend and put on your best face,

But I know deep down, you’re scared that grace

Isn’t enough to cover over those sins.

No matter how many victorious wins

You achieve, you still find yourself wavering.

Though you would love to spend some time savouring

The various small blessings and reliefs,

Instead, you wind up in spiralling griefs,

Which threaten to steal your assurance

And nearly succeed in terminating your endurance.

It’s terrifying, isn’t it, to be rendered seemingly hopeless?

But then, you remember, Jesus’ power is not any less

Than those wretched sins you used to love.

And even though you now feel feeble as a dove,

Christ’s blood was the perfect payment.

You don’t have to muster up another atonement.

All that is required is a simple faith –

One which trusts fully in Jesus to be safe

From all condemnation, worry and fear.

This saving faith abides, knowing that He is near.

It does not question the efficacy of His sacrifice.

Rather, it relies securely on it to cover over every vice.

So, why do you remain unsure?

Has sin become too much of a lure?

Nonsense! You have been made new!

A softened heart has been established inside you,

Replacing the old, heavy, guilt-ridden heart of stone

You once bore as a sinner, not yet Christ’s own.

There is newness of life made possible now!

But you can only experience it when you humbly bow

Before the One Who has saved and redeemed your soul.

He bought you back, paying the due price for the whole

Of your sinfulness, your transgressions against God.

He already forgave you, so why you do still feel a fraud?

This is genuine – this repentance, this faith in Christ.

Therefore, cease this worrying, since it is He Who fights.

Your doubting is not helping anything.

Don’t waste another moment of your life, but cling —

Cling to the Messiah, the only Author of salvation.

Be done with all besides this solid Foundation,

Which promises to keep you forever, just as He planned.

The Lord will not fail you; you cannot fall from His hand.

Whether you feel like a fake, a phony, or not,

That will never cause His grace to be all for naught.

Remain in Him. Continue to trust in His sovereign will.

Be comforted that His perfect plans, He will fulfill.

You are safe and sound, though you fear the opposite is true.

Praise God that your salvation is not up to you!

For if that were the case, you would surely lose it.

Your words and deeds are important, yet they won’t acquit.

They are not what saves you, so stop putting your hope

In the evidence or lack thereof of sanctification. Nope!

That is not the way you are justified, rather

Christ Jesus must be the One to gather

His flock to Himself. You are not the Lord; He is.

Whatever your failures happen to be, they’re all His

To be cast into the depths of the sea,

Because Christ’s righteousness made you free.

I know you’re weary, looking for a place to rest.

Just lay yourself down at the Master’s feet without protest.

That’s all you must do to be rid of this cloud.

The doubt will fade as you trust God to do what He vowed.

It’s time to finally blockade your mind from entering that dark abyss.

By now, you’re wondering: how could I know all this?

Well, to be plain and honest, dear Christian who feels like a fraud,


This poem mentioned a key teaching of Christianity — the Good News of Jesus Christ. Click here to read more about the Gospel and learn how to be saved.

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