Friday Mega List: Recommendations, Reviews, and Suggestions – October 25th, 2019

Welcome, dear ones, to another MEGA list! Before we get into it let me give you a quick rundown of what to expect from the Podcast next week. Monday, Lord willing, we’ll be dropping an episode covering the topic of Social Media. After the now infamous “Go Home” comment I was deeply disturbed by the response. To say it was unbiblical would be an understatement. So, Becca and I set about researching and discussing how we, as believers, should be acting online. On Thursday we’ll be dropping an interview with Anchored North. I’ve shared a lot of their work, but their newest project is absolutely brilliant!

If you missed this weeks episodes we had a brand new team join the Hub! The Chuck & Lo Show! We also had a very encouraging second episode of The Aquila & Priscilla Hour regarding evangelism. You can also get to know Chuck and Lo in this Monday’s episode as well as check out our interview with CityALight guitarist that dropped yesterday.

Ok, so you’re all caught up now. I have several recommendations for today, hopefully they’ll all bless you as much as they blessed me. First in the list is a blog Becca sent me through Instagram. The Chorus in The Chaos blog has been such a blessing to me, as well as their Instagram. This awesome Instagramer whose paintings are as beautiful as the messages she shares with them. Becca wrote up her testimony over at RedeemedMamaSavedByGrace blog and it’s so encouraging!

For review today I want to talk about Kanye West. That’s a big topic right now, and to be honest I blew it off at first. Famous people are always proclaiming these types of things. My heart was certainly convicted by this episode of Apologia where the guys interviewed the very pastor that Mr. West had turned to. I think it’s something we should continue in prayer for, particularly because he is such a public figure. The baby years of Christianity are difficult, and as they discuss in the interview, I wouldn’t want those few years on display either. I hope that he genuinely is saved, and I hope that many who have now heard this particular pastor preach the Gospel will also be granted the gift of repentance and faith. What do you think, friends? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Suggestions! I love thinking of these random suggestions. This weekend I suggest we all spend some time considering how we interact with one another online. Certainly we can always find room for being more gracious. But perhaps some of us have room for being more courageous? As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

10 thoughts on “Friday Mega List: Recommendations, Reviews, and Suggestions – October 25th, 2019”

  1. Thanks for all of the good info, sister! I’m always looking forward to the podcasts! For some reason podbean keeps stalling on my iPhone (same with pastor SlimJim’s sermons at Sermon Audio) which is disconcerting while walking with earpods. YouTube, too! Grrr!

    Great J.Mac-Beth Moore meme!

    Yeah, who can tell about these Hollywood conversions. We hope K. West genuinely accepted Christ, but I think back to the very public faux conversion of Bob Dylan. I’m going to pray for Kanye today.

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    1. You’ve got a lot of other, far more important things happening, brother! Please, my friend, don’t worry about this. I’ve been led several times a day to pray for you, for your work there, and for your safe arrival at home. My heart will rejoice to hear all about your trip! I was the youngest in the family, I never really got to be a big sister, but I suspect this is what it might feel like. I’m very thankful God is using you, brother, and I’m proud of your diligence. But I’m also ready to hear you’ve safely landed and are with your sweet family again. And are getting some much needed rest! That’s the big sister part maybe? Not sure. But I’m in daily prayer for you and your family. Also I might even not be older then you 😂 so maybe this is just the love of Christ we have been given.

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      1. Aww thanks sister that meant a lot as the only way I can preach 24 times in 3 and a half days with no microphone and standing up with ten minutes break in between is by the prayers of the saints! I’m 36 by the way if it helps as reference lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That does seem something not humanly possible, my friend! You’re going to develope lungs like Whitfield! I’m just 31…you’ve got me beat 😂 I bet we still watched the same Power Rangers as kids though.

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