Tulips & Honey: Episode 10 – Interviewing James Ferguson of CityALight

Today, dear friends, we had a very special guest join us on the program. James Ferguson, guitarist for CityALight, was gracious enough to talk to us about how the band came together, what the band is up to, what they’ve got planned for the future, and a little about himself. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to CityALight, they have wonderfully Biblically sound, edifying, quality music available on YouTube. The conversation was encouraging, and entertaining. I hope that you’ll all enjoy the discussion.


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Also, don’t forget to check out the first ever episode of The Chuck & Lo Show, and the second ever episode of The Aquila and Priscilla Hour. These two new podcasts are such a blessing to me! You can continue to be updated on those podcasts by following their blogs if you’re not already doing so. Emily from the Aquila and Priscilla Hour blogs over at HeMadeUsAlive and Lo from The Chuck & Lo Show blogs over at RedeemedMamaSavedByGrace. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

18 thoughts on “Tulips & Honey: Episode 10 – Interviewing James Ferguson of CityALight”

  1. Sister, thanks to you and Becca for this interview with James! Being the worship leader at a church is not an easy responsibility these days with many temptations and pressures to compromise with error.

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    1. Thank you for listening! Yes, brother I often think back to how you had to address this in your church.

      This is off topic but have you seen the recent conference Begg has agreed to speak at? It’s concerning to me, since you recently posted about him.

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      1. Oh, I will always remember that video featuring the statues of a pope and Catholic saints, etc. playing on the screen and everyone just singing along. I nearly jumped through my skin!

        I haven’t heard about Begg speaking at an upcoming conference. I’m curious about your concerns? Thanks!

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      2. It’s a conference with Beth Moore. I wouldn’t be so concerned but I recall Chan going down a similarly slippery slope before deep diving off the cliff of orthodoxy. Makes my heart hurt.

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      3. Thanks, sister. I googled “Begg Beth Moore” and I see the conference is coming up next month. I noticed that Tony Evans is also a speaker and he propagates a few heterodox teachings as well and has touted Mother Teresa as an exemplary Christian.

        For a couple of years, I listened to Alistair as I drove into work in the morning. I really enjoyed his preaching. But his strong fondness for C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton grated on me until I finally stopped. Shortly after I began listening again came the Brother Lawrence recommendation. Given his fondness for Lewis, Chesterton, and B. Lawrence, it’s not surprising that Begg would be open to sitting on a platform with Moore and Evans. Very sad. Several of these Gospel Coalition guys are squishy on separation/ecumenism. Founder, Tim Keller, is quite upfront about his approval of Rome.

        As you can imagine, I have an initial test when it comes to any pastor or para-church leader that I have never heard of before: I want to know their views on the Roman Catholic church. If they teach/infer that Catholicism is a Christian entity, then I’m not interested in anything else they have to say. Begg, Moore, Evans, and Chan have all stated/inferred that the RCC is Christian. I know Moore’s close affiliation with WoF and the prosperity gospel is especially troubling for you with your background.

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      4. Wow, thank you for breaking this down for me brother! I didn’t know that about Tim Keller. I’m thankful for your steadfast research into these men. Ecumenical compromise is a clear violation of Scripture that simply can’t be ignored.

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    2. Tom, thank you so much for always being a source of encouragement. I always look forward to seeing you and others leave a comment on the blog. Many blessings to you! Is there a particular topic you want us to chat about?

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      1. Thanks, Becca! I have been enjoying all of the podcasts (even though I realize 63-year-old men aren’t your focus audience) and I appreciate all of the time and effort you and Lauren devote to this ministry. Many unbelievers out there conceive Christianity as a bunch of dour, judgmental old “church ladies” and you two are demonstrating that salvation in Christ is a joy! It’s too early (5:52 AM) to think of any topics…well, what about interviews with J. Mac and P. Washer? Just being facetious. I’ll let you know if I think of one. Thank you and many blessings to you!

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      2. Yeah, JMac would be an exciting interview as well as Paul Washer. Also, Phil Johnson (who runs the day-to-day stuff at Grace to You), Todd Friel, Steve Lawson, Justin Peters, Michael Kruger, and James White, just to name a few. I’m still amazed that you were able to interview Jason Lisle and Ray Comfort.

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