Sunday Hymns of the Past: Blessed Redeemer, Graciously Hear Us

Dear ones, some days are better then others for my brain. Some days I feel sharp, like I can pay attention, remember things, avoid running into door knobs and counters (walls, furniture, anything and everything within a two foot radius) and accomplish everything I need to get done with ease. And then other days my brain goes into what I’ve termed “space cadet mode”. In space cadet mode I remember nothing, in fact I often wake up with bruises everywhere from all the things I ran into, only I can’t even remember running into anything. Unlike those kitchen counters, I don’t feel sharp. I can’t pay attention to anything, my thoughts race so fast that I can hardly put two of them together and form a sentence, and I accomplish very little. It can feel helpless, hopeless, and overwhelming.

These days are the days when I cherish the old hymns. They remind me that this is not my home, and that one day my brain will be restored, this sin cursed body will be raised anew, and I will never again struggle with these light afflictions. They remind me to be thankful in this short trial, often over as soon as it starts! And I am thankful to God for my Space Cadet Mode. It’s often in these modes that I let loose and have more fun with my daughter. I don’t strain myself to fit as much work as I possibly can into each second. It reminds me of my great need for God, and my need for prayer. And the bumps or bruises remind me to rejoice in Gods grace, that the pain is only momentary. God is good. Regardless of what I am going through, God is good. I hope this hymn will, likewise, bless you. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Blessed Redeemer, graciously hear us,
Breathing devotion like incense to Thee;
Tenderly shield us, lovingly cheer us,
Blessed Redeemer, Thy children are we.
While in Thy kingdom angels adore Thee,
Joyfully singing ever before Thee;
Grant our petition—hear, we implore Thee,
Voices now singing praises to Thee.
Tenderly shield us, lovingly cheer us,
Blessed Redeemer, Thy children are we.

Tranquilly fading, slowly declining,
Twilight is passing in beauty away;
Now on Thy bosom safely reclining,
Teach us, our Father, oh, teach us to pray.
Blessed Redeemer, leave us, oh never,
Till we have anchored over the river,
Till we shall praise Thee, singing forever,
Jesus, our Savior, glory to Thee.
Now on Thy bosom safely reclining,
Teach us, our Father, oh, teach us to pray.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Hymns of the Past: Blessed Redeemer, Graciously Hear Us”

  1. Another beautiful hymn. I am not familiar with this one. Fannie Crosby wrote so many and each one is so precious. It is amazing how God uses our lack of one thing to increase another. Our hearts are turned to Him in mysterious ways. I relate well to your space cadet mode and encourage you to appreciate the incredible way the Holy Spirit works even in our unawareness. Blessings for His plans for you this week.

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    1. Thank you, sister! I wasn’t sure at first that this was even a hymn, I thought perhaps it was just apart of Blessed Redeemer, but it’s listed separate and blessed me so much I was eager to share it.

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only space cadet, what a great God we serve that can take our weakest moments and use them for His glory! My heart is refreshed in the very thought. May He bless your week, sister!

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