Friday Mega List – Recommendations, Reviews, & Suggestions

Hello, dear ones, I hope this post finds you all doing well. Before we get into the meat and potatoes I would just ask for prayer. Today at 2:00 pm Pacific time two more Mormons have scheduled to come and share their religion with me. I don’t have long left in this particular city, so hopefully I can spend what little time left I have sharing the Gospel with these boys. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I talk with them tomorrow. My weakness is great, but I have a God that is strong in my weakness. Thank you all for your prayers!

Next week is going to be a bit of a weird week for the podcast. Come Monday a very serious, and sobering discussion will drop regarding pornography. A close family friend, who is remaining anonymous, is joining me on the program to discuss her families trials with this issue. She details how her husbands addiction was brought about, how it effected their marriage, and what the church did to help, or what they did not do. She also gives some great advice for families in the midst of this battle, and some strategic plans for mortification of this sin. Thursday is a surprise episode with a big announcement so be on the lookout for that.


Becca Berean has some recommendations for you this week, starting with this awesome Instagram account here. Each of the posts come with a blog style description that will bless you! She also wanted to share this specific episode of Theology Gals which helped give a different perspective on Harry Potter and books like it, listen here. Another recommendation is this excellent video by Justin Peters that my wonderful co-host Becca Berean sent for this weeks list. In this brother Peters explains the recent video clip of Benny Hinn. I hope you will all join me in praying for Benny, that he would come to true repentance. Thank you Becca for all your help with this weeks MEGA List! My recommendation is that you check out this new blog, which has some great articles about using Scripture throughout your home, sort of like Susie did for Charles.

For book reviews, today for all the moms I’d like to review Risen MotherHood, which you can get here. This book is helpful for believing moms who feel overwhelmed. It would even be a great gift for pastors wives, or for husbands that want to understand the struggle their wives are going through. The publisher sent me a copy of the book for a giveaway, so all my readers who like this article will be unwittingly added to the drawing. You can get extra entries by going to my other social media pages and liking, sharing, and tagging. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Jonathan Edwards Quote

I have two suggestions for you today, friends, and both came from Becca Berean. The first is that you watch this video that has not aged well, and enjoy a little humor this Friday. The second is that you never buy this game, but that you bask in the knowledge that it does, in fact, exist. As does this one, which made me think immediately about our brother-in-Christ over at ExCatholicForChrist. Sometimes you just need a good laugh, yesterday was one of those days where everything was extra difficult, and I needed a good laugh. I hope this has provided that for you all. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

11 thoughts on “Friday Mega List – Recommendations, Reviews, & Suggestions”

      1. Thanks! It is relaxing compared to last weekend and during the week days. Thanks for that well wishes. In light of the evil discussed in this post it puts things we go through in perspective doesn’t it? Have a blessed day yourself and thank you for your ministry of sharing God’s truth.

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  1. Sister, thank you for this good collection! I was going to ask how the encounter with the Mormon missionaries went, but I see from the comments that they didn’t show up. I’m listening to Justin Peters’ video as I type this. I saw a news article yesterday that reported that Benny Hinn was already asking for “seed faith” contributions again. His “repentance” didn’t last very long. Thanks so much for pointing out the old (1962) Catholic board game, “Merit.” I wasn’t aware of that one. The game is so sadly comical, but quite revealing. Today, Catholics downplay “merit” as part of their salvation theology. They attribute their ability to successfully obey the Ten Commandments (impossible!) and hopefully merit salvation to sacramental grace. But back in the 1960s when I was in Catholic grammar school, there was no such embarrassment or obsfucation about “merit.” It was the foundation of our religious training. It’s obvious that much of the downplaying of “merit” these days is an accommodation to ecumenism. I plan on writing a post about this game so thank you for the information!

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    1. Brother, I wonder if that might be part of the reason why so many have no interest in learning more about their own faith. Like most Mormons today, most Catholics don’t actually know what their religion has taught historically. If my faith kept changing its mind, with authority of course since they speak for God, I’d check out to.

      I can’t wait to read your article about this game, my friend! Someone sent it to me on Twitter and I immediately thought “Tom needs to see this”!

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      1. RE: If my faith kept changing its mind…

        Thanks, sister. Catholicism is interesting in that it hasn’t really changed any of its basic doctrines since the Reformation, but it definitely has changed the window dressings. Today’s Catholics are aware that they must merit their salvation just as much as I did when I was in grammar school, but the RCC has put more emphasis on the sacramental grace that allegedly enables Catholics to hopefully merit their salvation. Sacramental grace was taught back in the day, too, but the current parlance definitely puts much more emphasis on (sacramental) grace. While this change in emphasis regarding grace and merit is definitely one of those window dressing changes, I don’t think it’s one that irks conservative Catholics. What really bothers them was the changing of the mass from Latin to the vernacular, switching from old Catholic hymns to CCM music with folk guitars, communion in the hand, “Protestant architecture, ecumenism/interfaith initiatives, etc. And now pope Francis has lifted the ban on communion for remarried divorcees and has opened the door to intercommunion with Protestants.

        Thanks again, sister, for the great post idea! I can write 600 words about that old game easily!

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