Twisted Tuesday – Does Scripture Support Abortion?

Today, dear friends, for Twisted Tuesday I’d like to address the verses many in the pro-abortion camp quote. To say that it is ironic to hear Scripture used out of context by those that claim Christians “cherry pick” the verses we like is an understatement. Regardless, these are all too often used to defend the needless murder of babies. Last month there was a popular meme on social media listing several verses claiming to support abortion. If you come across these arguments, my hope is to better equip you with proper context so that you can respond with truth, and love. The most loving thing we can do is tell the truth of God’s Word.

Exodus 21:22 is one of the verses that is used and is self contradictory to their point. Unfortunately, there is little to know teaching on how to think logically, or critically, today. Most who hear this and repeat it don’t realize what they’re saying is not what the verse is saying. The argument is that killing the baby in the womb only results in a fine, but killing the mother is the death penalty. Read it again, if any harm is done, to the mother or the baby, it’s the death penalty. Only if the baby lives, and comes out healthy, is there just a fine.

Leviticus 27:6, as seen above, is used to claim that the baby has no value to God until it’s one month old. This is the logical fallacy of Arguing from Silence. Not only are there many verses in Gods Word that proclaim God knew us while we were still being formed, but also about how we bare Gods image and thus are given specific dignity from conception. This verse does not say a new born, or not yet born, baby has no value.

From Numbers 3:15-16 it is argued that God does not count infants younger than a month to actually be human beings. As in the last verse we discussed, this is an argument from silence. It’s not stating that infants are less human, or not human at all, it’s not addressing that topic at all. To pull this out of its context is not arguing with honesty and integrity, nor does the argument follow logically.

Numbers 31:17 is used alongside a list of verses, none of which describe the murder of infants in the womb. However, the list includes the killing of enemy peoples during war. This particular verse is referring to the sons of those who fought against Israel, the killing of which we don’t understand today but was a common practice in war. Ironically, in any other circumstance, pro-abortion atheists would use such verses to accuse God of being evil. However, when they themselves want to take the throne and decide who lives and dies, these verses are cherry picked for their own purposes. Only God has the authority to give and to take life, He is the creator, the only true and living God.

I wanted to separate the verses in Hosea from that of Numbers because the context, and literary usage are completely different. Numbers is a historical narrative, Hosea includes prophetic judgment language. The idea of a barren womb was often used as judgement in the Old Testament. Likewise, being fruitful and multiplying was often used as a term for blessing on a people group. This is, yet again, not God approving of man murdering infants or the unborn. It’s judgement language is not outward, but inward to Israel. You can see the kindness of God in that, although Israel had forsaken God and worshipped idols, Hosea includes a promise of reconciliation.

This is the last one I want to deal with today. Numbers 5:27 is such a strange thing for the pro-aborts to use as a verse supporting abortion. There’s no indication that this is referring to a miscarriage, much less an abortion. The Hebrew root term translated thigh here, yarek, is most likely a euphemism for lady parts. There are other places where it’s translated loins. I’m really not sure how anyone could have taken this to mean abortion. What we do know is that the lost suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Using any of these verses to justify the pulling apart of an unborn image barer limb from limb, or poisoning them in ways more painful and cruel then we kill our worst criminals, simply adds one sin on top of another. Those that would misuse the Bible in this way need our prayers, and our steadfast, uncompromising stand of the truth of what Gods Word actually says. It’s not a mystery, beloved brethren, it’s a clear and inerrant Book. Share the Gospel with the lost, with those who promote death, with those who argue for the right to murder. Do not falter in this area, dear ones. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

5 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday – Does Scripture Support Abortion?”

  1. Thanks for sharing and examining these passages, sister. The lost twist Scripture to suit their grievous sin. I know a couple of Christians who were actually conflicted about abortion because they bought into some of the arguments about women were going to have abortions anyway so they needed a “safe” option, until they made abortions legal right up until the delivery date here in New York. Murder is murder whether it’s at the first month of the pregnancy or the last but somehow the new law made it crystal clear for them.

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    1. Thank you, brother! The recent law in NY certainly woke people up. It’s interesting how that starts the chain of thought, if it’s wrong at the end of the pregnancy why wouldn’t it be wrong in the middle or beginning? Believers will always come to the same conclusion, it’s wrong. My hubby’s team delivers babies premature all the time, and then cares for them as they grow. They’re so tiny, and beautiful, and they fight through so much and live. His youngest was born at 23 weeks, less than half a pound! Totally healthy now.

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