Creation Science News – Adam and Eve

*note: instead of graphics, I’ve inserted a couple of episodes from Answers news and Creation Magazine Live covering the topics we’re discussing. Hope they help, beloved!*

Hello, and happy Monday friends! I’m sure you’ve heard, as the internet has been awash with buzz over the newest scientific research. Humans came from one man and one woman, according to our genetics. The same can be said for every animal kind included in the study (which actually isn’t all that new, but was released back in May. Why the media picking it up now? Just a guess, but articles with Christian names tend to sell more during the Christmas season). What was missing was any evidence of evolution whatsoever, instead we see an image of life appearing, then speciation happening over time. As we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of unbelievably complex DNA, I’m certain there will be much more information to follow. All this is fun and fascinating, but not surprising. So why are we discussing it? Many of you will be seeing family and friends in the next few weeks, and Science just gave you the best segue into the Gospel since mitochondrial Eve!

What about the couple hundred thousand year time table? Remember to keep an eye out for key words such as ‘possible’ , ‘could have’, or ‘might have’ when age is mentioned. While most of the media leaves these out today, scholarly articles do not. This is because geneticists have no idea how far back they’re looking, they’ve got to add assumptions and opinions, which all begin with the evolutionary bias. Another hitch is the fact that we’re looking at a Noah character not Adam, as the findings point to a catastrophic event that wiped everyone out but just a few creatures and people. That makes the media’s title pretty misleading, although we clearly came from Adam and Eve! The findings from scientists in this research suggest a ‘bottleneck’ or near extinction event that left very small populations of kinds. Like the ones we find on the Ark with Noah and his family.

So with those two thoughts in mind, how do we segue into the Gospel with this old turned new news? Ask your friends and relatives if they’ve heard of the new interesting research into human genes, and how they have proven we came from one man and one woman. If they have, great, if not give them a short rundown on how it relates to the flood. That can lead to you asking or discussing with them why God flooded the Earth to begin with. Or why Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden. If they see this as unfair, as almost every unsaved person does, give them the ‘good person’ test. Let them hear the bad news, that God wrote His Law and we’ve broken it, and will one day face Judgement. Then, give them the good news! That Christ came and died in our place, so that our sins can be forgiven! I can’t imagine a better gift to give than the Law and the Gospel.

Last year I wrote an article series about mutations in the genome you can find here. If you recall, we specifically discussed the mutation rate, and how detrimental it’s been to our genome. I hope that, as we better understand God’s creation, more brothers and sisters in Christ will grow bold enough to share their faith. I also wanted to remind you all that, as with any evidence, this research will not change the skeptics heart. That heart is deceitfully wicked, above all other members of the body. Only the Holy Spirit can change a dead man into a living one, so be sure to use this as means to an end, not the end itself. As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

16 thoughts on “Creation Science News – Adam and Eve”

  1. Sister, thanks for this post and the videos! It’s quite revealing that DNA science shows all humans have a common ancestor. Also revealing is the finding just last Spring that the great majority species began at the same time. Both findings run counter to evolutionary theory.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, brother! The tides of evolutionary theory have been shifting, unfortunately there’s always a rescuing device. It’s easy to explain away issues in imaginative theories when evidence comes, they just make something new up. Once they plug that new assumption into a computer model, even if the model is unsuccessful, they still claim the problems been solved. Throughout the research paper the writer kept referencing how they were discovering more about how evolution works, all the while their research goes directly against it. This is the sad state of the heart of man, suppress the truth in unrighteousness, none seek after God. If not for the grace of God, I’d be right there with them. I pray for these scientists, there’s so much pressure to protect the theory, they could lose funding or their jobs if they go against it.

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      1. RE: there’s so much pressure to protect the theory

        So true. A popular paradigm will be defended at all costs even in the face of irrefutable contradictory evidence.

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