Thursday Switch-A-Roo – Snatch Them From the Flames

Usually on Thursdays I do a book review, today I want to switch things up beloved. There is a resource available at Wretched.Org right now that is totally free, and very instructive. It’s called Snatch Them From the Flames, it’s a conversation between Todd Freakishly Tall Friel and the Doctor of Discernment himself, Justin Peters. In this discussion they cover everything from the attraction of the NAR, false doctrines taught in it, to lovingly snatching friends and family out of the movement. The conversation itself was filmed during a break in the Shepherds Conference, so it’s very impromptu.

As I mentioned before, it’s free, however you do need to give an email address so the link can be sent to you. You’ll be given an option to be sent a free DVD if that’s preferred, to download it, or to watch it in sections online. Many of you know I came out of the Charismatic Movement, God graciously saved me and snatched me out of the flames. I still have many friends and family members involved, so this was very helpful. As we see the movements toxic doctrines seep into solid churches, we’re more likely than ever to need this instruction. I hope you’ll all be as blessed by this as I was! As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Switch-A-Roo – Snatch Them From the Flames”

  1. Sister, just got done listening to the entire conversation and it was excellent! I could listen to Justin Peters and Todd Friel all day. Sadly many pastors play it safe regarding this NAR stuff (as well as on many other errors) rather than take a stand. At our church in regards to the continuation of the apostolic gifts they say they’re “open but skeptical,” kind of like Peters and Friel say with “open but cautious.” Why not just do the less discerning sheep a favor and take a stand on God’s Word and say “Not open to this nonsense!” but that would come across as “uncharitable” and divisive” and we can’t have that, therefore all kinds of error creeps in because “the pastor let it slide.”
    A minor point of disagreement but one worth noting: in session #4 from 1:45-3:35, Peters refers to those who are lost but still Christ’s sheep, they just haven’t accepted Christ yet. He refers to Costi Hinn having ALWAYS been a sheep even before he accepted Christ. This of course gets into Reformed theology with the elect and predestination, but I recoil from the thinking that someone is one of Christ’s sheep before they accept Him as Savior.

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    1. Thank you, brother! I’m so glad you enjoyed their discussion. I’m still trying to figure out the sheep stuff. I can see from an eternal perspective, with our names written. It’s just hard for my brain to understand!

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      1. RE: It’s just hard for my brain to understand!

        As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m in the middle of the Arminian-Calvinist debate and I’m content to remain there. But I would tend to think more in terms of goats – the unsaved – are transformed into sheep – the saved – when they accept Christ. Hearing Peters say the sheep are always sheep and the goats are always goats makes sense from Peter’s Reformed perspective so I understand why he felt comfortable saying that.

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